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Afterwards, when I wanted to sleep, they brought in a bed that had been made specially for my stay. The word Mosalman (Persian: مسلمان‎, alternatively Mussalman) is a common equivalent for Muslim used in Central and South Asia. Muslims consider the Quran, their holy book, to be the verbatim word of God as revealed to the Islamic prophet and messenger Muhammad. The invisible petticoat and the flesh colored tights gave the impression of nudity but were probably only worn by the more dashing married women Like Lady Caroline Lamb. Yet as one weaver pointed out wryly, he could earn twice as much in a factory, so “being a weaver makes little sense. I do not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. neglecta, known locally as phuti karpas, was spun to create threads that maintained tensile strength at counts higher than any other cotton species. Today, designers use muslin as a test garment for cutting and draping a design before creating the final dress from more expensive fabrics. [82][83] A female adherent is a muslima (Arabic: مسلمة‎) (also transliterated as "Muslimah"[84] ). About the year 1780 James Monteith, the father of Henry Monteith, the founder of the great printworks at Barrowfield, and of the spinning and weaving mills at Blantyre, warped a muslin web, the first attempted in Scotland; and he set himself resolutely to try to imitate or excel the famous products of Dacca and other Indian muslin-producing centres. Image @Cathy Decker, Posted in jane austen, Jane Austen's World, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Regency Life, Regency Period, Regency World | Tagged muslin fabrics, muslin gowns, Regency fabric, Regency Fashion, regency muslin | 36 Comments. It was impossibly backbreaking, mind-numbing labor, supported fore and aft by large groups of farmers, washers, cleaners, dyers, sewers, embroiderers and balers, all organized, in typically Indian fashion, by religion and caste. Click on this link. Thriving only along riverbanks near Dhaka and to its south, Gossypium arboreum var. They became a staple export commodity to the Roman Empire, and they expanded in volume in the Middle Ages with the growth of the “maritime Silk Road” in the Indian Ocean. Topics include Regency fashion, historic foods, Jane Austen societies, British sites, related topics. The British East India Company traded in Indian cotton, silk fabrics, and Dacca (Dhaka or modern-day Bangladesh) muslins. Suzan and TF, I have often thought of the problem of wrinkling, especially in regard to shinier fabrics like satin and silk. Muslin today has come to mean almost any lightweight, gauzy, mostly inexpensive, machine-milled cotton cloth. I have to agree with Carey here in that they did not do as much as we do today. A wonderful post, and I wonder if the final chapter might make a good post, about the fate of handloomers after machine looming. Twirling and spinning in the dark air, their motion replicated the action of cotton yarn being soaked in the flowing waters of Bengal’s rivers. With about 1.8 billion followers (2019), almost a quarter of earth's population,[94] Islam is the second-largest and the fastest-growing religion in the world. It is made by passing each filling yarn over and under each warp yarn, with each row alternating, producing a high number of intersections. Only jamdani, known as “figured muslin” due to the flower and abstract motifs woven on it, survived to the present times. Vic, The muslins available in fabric stores today are not at all like Regency-era fine muslin. The word has lost all connection to the handwoven fabric that once came exclusively from Bengal. A search for origins points toward the Indus Valley and China. Thinking about the way light reflects of the satin dresses in 18th and 19th century portraits of women, those dresses were finely wrinkled, much like Princess Diana’s wedding dress was when she emerged from the limousine at the church steps. A morning dress, travel attire, the evening gowns, they even changed for meals. (Yes, I am fallible. Dhaka by any measure is the most crowded city in the world, a metropolis lightyears removed from the small town I had known when I first heard of muslin as a boy. My grandfather was born in 1875 and my grandmother, his second wife, born in 1905. Jute grows in tropical wetlands worldwide but nowhere as organic and plentiful as the deltas of Bangladesh and India, where its golden-hued fibers are inspiring a new generation of biodegradable products from carpets to car seats, clothing to “bioplastic” grocery bags.


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