Search. Price gouging manipulators of the highest level! This parcel arrived first and I was very pleased with everything I bought. Planet Organic. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything else we can do to help. We have made it mandatory for our staff to wear face coverings unless they are exempt, in which case they will be wearing a lanyard indicating this. Our Organic Bananas are naturally grown in a way that supports sustainable farming and preserves the ... so it's better for you and the planet. Am I supposed to pay more if I want to limit my use of plastic?I love Planet Organic but this is very unfair. FOOD Discover the difference with Woolies Foods, the kind of food you’ll love sharing with family and friends. Ultimate Protein 1 kg Powder. Their excuse was the high demand but it's been over two weeks and no one has responded to any of my emails and I've yet to see my parcel.Their excuse is high demand but it looks like from the reviews below, they cant supply a service at any time of the year. Raw Living Peru Cacao Powder 250g £6.99. Well packaged but one jar had been opened costing 5£ so will have to chuck it as the paper seal was torn! We have also contacted you directly regarding this. Total $ 0.00 Checkout. Protein is a key building block for your muscles and vital to support recovery and growth. Woolworths has expanded its range of meat alternatives and plant-based ready meals to meet consumer demand. Awful customer service, I ordered 50 pound worth of stuff from these guys and I never received it. Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding as we are only just aware of it. Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. Best, Team Planet Organic. Dairy Free - contains no ingredients made from the milk of any animal, whether cow, goat or sheep. They probably store fridge items in room temperature. Total $ 0.00 Checkout. We are very sorry to hear this. 14 results Sort by: Categories. £8.99! This place sells apples for £1.00 each and loaves of bread for £5.00!Stay clear of these devious and manipulative price gougers! Best, Team Planet Organic. Like many other costumers I believe that buying loose products limits the use of plastic and saves you some money. I wish I'd read the reviews first. Not risking it! They were one of the few people delivering when demand peaked during corona-crisis, and they delivered on time and without issues. Thank you for your feedback. They ignore emails and items take a week to come 2nd class. ADD TO BASKET. Please let us know if you have not received our email or if there’s anything more we can do. Home; Shop; Our Story; News; FAQ; Contact Us. Discover Planet Organic’s extensive range of protein powders. Our certified organic cinnamon zeylanicum ( true cinnamon ) from Sri Lanka is a mild spice used to flavour spiced cakes and biscuits. Thank you for getting in touch and we’re very sorry to hear your feedback. Get natural protein delivered to your door now. Discover Planet Organic’s extensive range of protein powders. We keep our footprint light, with reduced packaging, no envelopes, staples, tags or string attached. We use cookies to give you a better service. Received this message from planet organic in response to my trust pilot review ......we’d really like to be able to contact you so that we can restore your faith in us. Dirty. They have taken advantage of the Coronavirus situation to hike up the price of the hand sanitizers to eye-wateringly expensive levels. You can find out more about our covid policy at . Created by herbalists, with pure, certified organic ingredients, our teas are blended to soothe, excite or inspire. Seating area in Tottenham Ct Road dirty and filled with dirty leftovers. We do not prohibit suppliers from using GM feed in the production of our non-organic meat, eggs and milk but we do offer customers an organic range. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Brilliant service- had an issue with a delivery and it was sorted promptly by the E- Commerce team!Amazing products with brilliant people!Well done! Shop our range of organic groceries at Planet Organic. Take care of yourself, your family and the environment with our organic drinks and groceries at Planet Organic. ADD TO BASKET . We're so sorry about the delays you experienced to your order. We did not increase our prices, but worked hard to ensure that we had in demand items available for the benefit of our customers. So instead of helping people to use hand sanitisers and avoid the killer virus they've decided to manipulate the situation to rake in huge amounts of money for themselves!Planet Organic have always been exorbitantly priced and only suitable for rich and stupid people - those same foolish hipsters who gladly pay 300% more for items here than elsewhere and then, when the Coronavirus or any situation occurs they don't have more than a few quid in savings left and want bailouts from the taxpayer. Wow. Planet Organic. Raw Living Bee Pollen 250g £10.99. You have no items in your cart . We're very glad we've been able to contact you directly to resolve this, and would like to assure you that our Standard UK Deliveries normally arrive within an estimated 5 working days and many are now arriving sooner. DF GF O V+ V WF. We do genuinely want to make up for your poor experience and would be grateful for the opportunity to restore your faith in us. Return to Product Details. Please could you email us at so we can be in touch. 0. No response to my emails either. Overpriced products, pretentious "ethical" advertising. Protein is a key building block for your muscles and vital to support recovery and growth. Why wait? During recent months, when hand sanitisers have been in short supply, we sourced new sanitisers from some of our skincare brands based on organic grain alcohol and essential oils. Slow. Organic - certified by one of the internationally recognised organic certifying bodies, such as the Soil Association. Ingredients. in your basket. Your feedback has been shared with the store team to re-iterate our policies and please do ask to talk to a manager in store if you have any concerns. Whether you’re looking for organic whey protein powder, vegetarian protein powder or dairy-free protein powder, we’ll have the perfect product for you, in a variety of different flavours. These are for tiny bottles. Explore our range of flavour sensations. Vegan - contains no ingredients of animal origin, including meat and fish as well as dairy products, eggs and honey. Extremely slow service. Planet Organic also write this in its website: "Saves you money – the loose products are better value". This applies to foods that are naturally gluten free such as olive oil or almond butter, but which have not been tested. Woolworths is now selling a new range of ready made plant-based meals across Australian supermarkets in partnership with Fable Food Co. We will notify you on events like Low stock, Restock, Price drop or general reminder so that you don’t miss the deal.


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