In this book you will find the basics of probability theory and statistics. Leanpub -- Advanced High School Statistics PDF. Toggle navigation Starnes, Statistics and Probability with Applications, 3e | Student Resources By Chapter. This Teaching Guide was collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges, and universities. Useful note taking tool or way to quiz yourself for AP Stats, Useful new distribution for inference for means, Covers confidence intervals and hypothesis tests, Points of high leverage and influential points, Using the t-distribution for inference in regression, Playlist of a collection of worked exercises, Custom activities aligned with the AHSS textbook, Custom visualizations aligned with the AHSS textbook, Covers the normal, t, and chi-square distributions, Free course software, OpenIntro course templates are available, Course templates exist for some OpenIntro books, For use with Advanced High School Statistics textbook, Available to Verified Teachers, click here to register, There are two main types of data scientists: Analysis and Building, Lessons motivated by relevant and real world data. The links below go to the places where these other authors posted their books for free for anyone. by writing a review of the textbook, Available to Resellers and Qualifying Schools. Ivana Seric, college basketball player becomes a data scientist, Real case study with a surprising finding, Thoughtful data collection is critical if we want to learn anything, Different ways to sample from a population, Google Slides version, can export to Powerpoint, Software lines: R (Base), R (Tidyverse), Rguroo, SAS, Stata, Mean, standard deviation, histograms, box plots, and more, Table proportions, bar graphs, mosaic plots, and more, Early inference ideas: testing using randomization, Worked textbook exercises with full solution, Software lines: R (Base), R (Tidyverse), Rguroo, Python, SAS, Stata, Basic ideas about how and when to use weighting, A useful technique for some binomial situations, Online tool for normal distribution calculations, Reporting a range, not just a point estimate. AHSS is designed to align with the AP® Statistics curriculum and is widely used in high school and 2 year colleges, Access to all editions, option to "buy" for free, Available on Amazon and in select bookstores, Some resources are public, others restricted to Verified Teachers, What we hope students will learn from these resources, Playlist covering all intro statistics topics for this calculator, Playlist for all intro statistics topics for both calculators, Written guide covering intro statistics functionality, We appreciate feedback, both positive and negative, List of data sets and the option to download files, Content, prices, and availability details, Help others (and us!) Related publisher title: Linear Models with R, An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study, Techniques for when the success-failure condition fails, Supplemental section on power in the one-sample scenario, How we determine which groups are different, CIs for slope, prediction intervals, and CIs for mean response, What happens when a straight line doesn't make sense, How to determine which variables to keep in the model, Several key graphs to assessing a multiple regression model, When 2+ predictors relate with the response is intertwined. Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6; Chapter 7; Chapter 8; Chapter 9; Chapter 10; Student Resources By Chapter You can also view resources by … Statistics and probability are fascinating fields, tightly interwoven with the context of the problems which have to be modelled. Inquiring minds want to know -- let's explore! We encourage teachers and other education stakeholders to email their feedback, comments, and recommendations to Computers have brought many changes in statistics. Access to all editions, option to "buy" for free ... For use with Advanced High School Statistics textbook AP® Multiple Choice Index and AHSS2 Alignment ... CK-12 Probability and Statistics.


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