/C2_0 278 0 R The barrister’s appointment follows the signing of a ‘Heads of Agreement’ document by both the golf course land owner and local residents group Save North Lakes Golf Course. North Lakes Resort Golf Club announced its plans of selling the course to The Village Retirement Group due to financial losses. Members of the group have been rallying Council members to support their cause. /Contents 2 0 R ]4��eU'���e� d�/����*����d�~������TvzΎc�,D�#RV"T�4�"��Y�)�����b��Q���&eJ;�F9�N�l�l�e'����v��f�b�*'^�Ǫ2j�u^��I�.��)S�)�p��C�i\�VZh�&���TZ���&j)Y��~��"+f-|ӌl�x����?� aCT!��k��]� There are a multitude of viable options instead of selling off the land to developers that would see the golf course maintained. /Filter/FlateDecode The plan is to create a corridor of koala habitat through the site. We believe the creation of North Lakes Common will ensure that North Lakes continues to offer a great lifestyle for residents. The development’s indicative timeline shows that the developer will consider community feedback and lodge the development application in the last quarter of 2018. /Filter/FlateDecode The project team is now seeking more detailed input regarding the possibilities for public open space. Save the North Lakes Golf Club insist the land must be used for sport and recreation. It provides an essential environmental buffer zone through the central corridor of our community. ��\5c�ɬk jm3��W���׋�&� ���"eL��x���C���l_1o⡘e�.�����֓���N���-)#C�֟�5 �õ�j_�P����0�3��{���Mh���w� �v�| H��|nR���K���44�Aú�A���@_�p*Ys���–�^�Z�� ���M!�-op�WX-i]�z�����E����EtG��!����: /Font /CropBox[0 0 595 842] /ExtGState No development application has been submitted to the Council yet. The local community is particularly concerned about the implications of the development on the environment. There is expected to be a small reduction of traffic on Saturday on both roads while on Sunday there is expected to be an increase of 40 vehicles per day on Bridgeport Drive and 20 vehicles per day on Copeland Drive. << /C2_3 136 0 R /CS/DeviceRGB TVRG is prepared to explore partnerships with community groups, the Queensland Government or Moreton Bay Regional Council to ensure it is preserved. VRG may not stop at 15%. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. << >> These contributions were made and declared by TVRG in accordance with the relevant legislation at the time of the donation. Currently the golf course only offers amenity for golfers and neighbours. H�ԗY��6������U�����鷰,a� ���@�~T��a�ݽ3�%��;nYG�W�~���_�x|�0�(���q�a�Q���8��������8�۫�Zx�)-,��h!�މϿ�1��:�I /Group 4 0 obj In a letter sent to Sandra Nicholls from the Save North Lakes Golf Course group, Mr Constance said, “Should the proposer of this application decided to proceed it is possible that it will likely require Public Notification.”, “Public notification is required for certain development applications to ensure that the public is aware of the development and they have the opportunity to make submissions about it. /C2_2 288 0 R President of Save North Lakes Golf Course Andrew Cathcart, the community group fighting against development of the site, said the proposal raised more questions than it answered. Traffic volume associated with the completed retirement village is expected to increase by 210 vehicles per day on Bridgeport Drive and 90 vehicles per day on Copeland Drive on weekdays. What about jobs in the future if the proposal goes ahead? ��(�M��W2Gm�6@�=9�!���s���u��� �0,���o0F��M����ǨdЄS�����i�=����#o�\5S��m�&n��0��/�l ��ݵ��Fp�g8?���G� �� %���� Thousands of homes around all sides of the Golf course have been have been sold at inflated premium rates, as they have golf course views whether they back on to the course or face the course. The Village Retirement Group has a plan to maintain the land and most properties with golf course frontage will continue to have green vistas. /Font >> /C2_0 278 0 R Some residents commenting on Facebook raised potential issues such as who would pay for the development in the common, and who will pay for its ongoing maintenance? >> What earthwork fill will be needed to deal with the floodplains? The group currently have more than 3,500 members who are fighting the proposed development. endobj Make a Donation & Ways to Support Your Radio. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. The proposal includes soccer fields and clubhouse, an indoor sport and fitness centre, a swim centre with waterplay area, netball courts, and adventure playground and an events lawn with a performance stage. What road changes and new car parks are proposed? >> This is contributing to water quality problems, especially in Lake Eden. The closure of North Lakes Resort Golf Club on 11 August 2019 provides an opportunity to create North Lakes Common - 57 hectares of open space in the heart of the community. << But it would be better for everyone if the bulk of it was public land. >> << /C2_1 283 0 R << What’s happening to the course equipment, fixtures and fittings? Will you do the same? endstream According to the closure statement released by the golf club, it will cease operations at the end of 2019. The project team understands that the golf course contributes to the community amenity and views for neighbouring properties. Will North Lakes Common go ahead without Council approval of the planned development? This public park, “North Lakes Common”, would be 57 hectares of publicly accessible open space in the heart of North Lakes. The North Lakes Common is the excess land, totalling 56ha, that would remain on the site should the company be successful in establishing the retirement village and aged care facility. If we had been in a position to close it sooner, we would have. The majority were opposed to any development on the course with concerns ranging from a reduction in property values, increased traffic, the scale of the proposed development and wildlife. /StructParents 4 THE Jandakot Residents and Ratepayers Association have opened up an avenue for financial contributions as they ramp up their fight against the redevelopment of the former Glen Iris Golf Course. It would also welcome a covenant being placed on the land to guarantee it remains a public asset. Play soon and find out why the best Brisbane golf course keeps getting better and better. Why was the closure scheduled so soon after the SLNGC fund raising day? Barrister to Determine Eligibility of North Lakes Golf Course Redevelopment By 96five Monday 31 Aug 2020 The question of whether it’s possible to lodge an application to redevelop part of the former North Lakes Golf Course as a retirement village or aged care facility will … “The next step is to go to the council and present this information in order to get some direction on where to go from here,” a TVRG spokesman said. The purpose of this group is to OPPOSE and DEFEAT the closure of North Lakes golf course. >> “Both parties have agreed to work collaboratively and in good faith, I certainly hope that will occur.”. /Contents 6 0 R media_camera The objective is that North Lakes Common will provide exceptional community amenity and assist with neighbouring property values. Get more news like this delivered straight to your inbox! >> >> /CS/DeviceRGB /Parent 256 0 R VRG plans to dedicate 85% or 57 hectares of the land to open space, environmental protection, and possible future sport and recreation use.


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