This prompted Honda Australia, who had taken over from Bennett in importing bikes, to release the bikes for a second full road test. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Honda Cb 750 K, Auto, Rad & Boot - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! 30 Tage jeweils. The larger GL rims give more ground clearance, but they also make the bike look bulkier than it really is. GL-style rims are fitted front and rear, a 19.5 litre GL-styled tank is fitted, and the handlebars are high and wide. Dazu einfach den Filter "Online kaufen" setzen, Ihr Wunschauto auswählen und "zum Online-Kauf" klicken. Kreditvermittlung durch FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH, Winterstraße 2, 22765 Hamburg. Already a Member/Subscriber but haven't activated your account? Funktionen wie z.B. Kreditvermittlung durch FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH, Winterstraße 2, 22765 Hamburg. Section. I also do not have all the parts, although there is enough to make it a running machine. The owner had had a tall sissy bar with carpet on the back with metal scroll work. Wir nehmen dein Feedback ernst, und arbeiten daran, jeden Tag noch ein bisschen besser zu werden. all top end were enterchangable between the A Ultimately, the automatic motorcycle craze did not take off. I would love to speak with current owner or writer of this article to piece together the story and understand the history....there is a great story here, I bought a new 750 hondamatic. On top of this an electronically controlled diaphragm on the throttle linkage automatically bumps up the revs as soon as the transmission is engaged to make sure the bike doesn’t stall. Der anfangs nur „Honda Four“ genannte Typ hat einen quer eingebauten Motor, Kettenantrieb und eine hydraulisch betätigte Scheibenbremse vorn. Appears to be all original. © Copyright AutoScout24 GmbH. Honda cb 750 four k6 Original ! Bill and Sam have been kicking some serious racers asses with their A. This was all for naught, as in the end Honda Japan decided that it would be a waste of money to specify such a small batch of bikes to sell on the Australian market, and the two test bikes were the only CB750A bikes brought into the country by Honda. don't have the honda ID guide with me at present . Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Real Retro! If this makes it into the mag, they need to be corrected! Bill. Diese Befragung ist anonym. Dann klicken Sie in der Abfrage, die folgt, auf "Zulassen". Mindestens 5% Preis-Rabatt auf Gebraucht- und Neuwagen. The feature bike in this article is a relic from this era, a California-spec CB750A brought to Australia for testing in the local conditions. The bike being California spec, the indicators and headlight come on as soon as the ignition is turned on, not something you normally find on bikes in Australia. Breathing out is taken care of by a 4-into-2 exhaust system, the silencers swept up and back in the custom style of the time. Stopping duties are covered by standard Honda fare, disc in the front, drum in the rear. die Kontaktaufnahme mit Verkäufern, das Einloggen oder das Verwalten Ihrer Fahrzeuge für den These bikes were initially conceived as a way for learner riders to get comfortable riding motorcycles without fear of stalling. Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 3.463,10, Nettodarlehen € 3.000,-, 84 Raten mtl. Dann klicken Sie in der Abfrage, die folgt, auf "Zulassen". 12.18 @ 116.xx. Rund um die Uhr. Bestellen Sie Ihr neues Auto ganz einfach online & verbindlich. Verkauf. In regards to the fuel system, the standard CB750 fare was not going to suit the Hondamatic. Verkaufe eine honda cb 750 four f mit ganz vielen Ersatzteilen. Dann greifen Sie gleich zu. We had two of each, the 400 and 750. Sie möchte von einem Liebhaber... 21. . Still in original condition and. Back then an entry level bike was a 250 or 400. After Honda Australia gave up on the idea of importing CB750As into the country the test bikes were sold to Jim Airey’s dealership in Sydney. Dein Wunschauto wurde zum Merkzettel hinzugefügt. It was stolen not long after and hasn’t been seen since. At the start of 1977, Honda was producing two automatic motorcycle models: The CB400A, known in the U.S. as the Hawk, and the CB750A, a reworking of the CB750F. I have one of these 77 Honda 750A's in my garage, but it needs a lot of work to restore it. Jetzt mit E-Mail Adresse registrieren und Benachrichtigungen zum Wunschfahrzeug erhalten: AutoScout24 steht Ihnen aktuell aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten nur eingeschränkt zur Verfügung. 65.000 km. I'm not sure what happened with the 2 unsold bikes as it was seasonal work for me. € 41,23, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff. Glad i installed crash bars on it. forums high performance die Kontaktaufnahme mit Verkäufern, das Einloggen oder das Verwalten Ihrer Fahrzeuge für den The Build: How The Masters Design Custom Motorcycles, The Complete Book Of Ducati Motorcycles: Every Model Since 1946, Heritage Revisited: 2016 Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello. Wenn du von uns Rückmeldung wünschst oder Hilfe benötigst, kontaktiere uns bitte über das Kontaktformular. He hated it and took it off, I took it apart cleaned it up and installed back on the bike. Lokal. Möchten Sie neue Suchergebnisse zu Ihrer Suche erhalten? Aesthetically, the Honda CB750A looks very different to the other CB750 models, the designers looking to the GL1000 for inspiration. This time journalists would be allowed to do a full review and publish their view of the automatic motorcycle. The front caliper is slightly different to standard CB spec. The sound and the fury: celebrate the machines that changed the world! Bitte sende uns keine persönlichen Daten. I would sell it for 100.00 if anyone is interested. But it had one flaw that could have been corrected by Honda. The bulk of the transmission worked against both classes of riders, leaving the over-engineered CB750A without a demographic to sell to, thus prompting its demise in 1978. Instruments are basic, the tachometer making way for a large light readout showing whatever gear the bike is in at the time. Every issue  delivers exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made!


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