Congrats Matt, you deserved this one. Pausing to take the scene in, and possibly being reminded of her own failings in saving her brother Josu, Liliana then turned the Dreadhorde on Nicol Bolas, stopping their attack on Gideon (but not before one harvested Dack Fayden's spark). When Nicol Bolas planeswalked, he disappeared in a golden light. The spells that maintained the corruption would be maintained by Bontu, who hoped to be rewarded by Bolas later. On Esper, he infiltrated a group of mages called the Seekers of Carmot, leading them to warn Esperites about dwindling supplies of etherium, and creating a fervent demand for an otherworldly red stone called carmot. Ultimately, the artificer's mission was to delay the rise of a central leader for as long as possible, a task that was doomed to fail. After luring dozens of planeswalkers to Ravnica with the Interplanar Beacon, Bolas trapped them there through the use of the Immortal Sun. [25] In addition Kaya was hired to assassinate the Ghost Council, and was placed in control of the Orzhov Syndicate. Bant's spellcasters have known for centuries that multicolor spells are potent, but now all Alarans have learned that a battle strategy gets even more powerful by focusing exclusively on these select, color-blended spells. Whereas every other Elder Dragon egg spawned only one dragon, Nicol and Ugin woke together, named themselves together, and touched the soil of Dominaria at the same instant. He was also known as the Second Sun,2 the Forever Serpent, the Horned One, the God-Pharaoh of Amonkhet, and after the War of the Spark he was stripped of all names and titles by Ugin.1 He is dead to the … He then left for an unknown destination, likely Amonkhet. But it will take countless machinations and maneuverings, even for the oldest and most powerful planeswalker of all. The waves ran on and on, washing far beyond the bounds of the Meditation Realm into the web of connection that links the planes and the Blind Eternities. At an undisclosed point directly after leaving Dominaria shortly, but before the Mending, Bolas turned his attention to Amonkhet, drawn to the strange metal named Lazotep and its reaction with necromancy. [19] The theology of this religion were kept in the Accounting of Hours. From his armor to the movement given to his clutching claws to the sparks surrounding his body, Matt has created a true Magic masterpiece here: I’ve gotten to know Matt fairly well over the last few years—I bought my first Magic sketch from him, built my first Vintage Artist Constructed deck using his cards, and got to officially preview one of his other War of the Spark cards a few weeks ago. The fight lasted a month, reduced Madara to a third of its original size, and created the first temporal rift. At some point, Nicol Bolas took notice of the volatile nature of Zendikar. These agents have subtly, secretly sown the seeds of dissent on each shard, creating chaos and conflict. He investigated the Eye of Ugin and left after studying it. [7] After Palladia-Mors mocked their size and their hunting techniques, the twins spent years perfecting various techniques for hunting in tandem. Bolas's brutal cross-shard war has served as a crucible, burning away the scrawniest spells, forcing all of Alara to forge the deadliest magical arsenal possible, and to wield these multicolor weapons on the field of battle. This mental shock caused Ugin's planeswalker's spark to ignite. Domri Rade had taken control of the Gruul, and was counted upon to choose Bolas' side. As a result, he became unable to physically manifest on Dominaria without anchoring himself to local mana lines, lest his presence overwhelms the plane and crack its foundation. Because Bolas had lost his spark, he was grievously wounded even with Ugin's protection, and it took him weeks before he regained consciousness and months to start recovering. Bolas activates Liliana's contract after the necromancer's betrayal. It is the first Planeswalker card painted by the artist. Ugin told him that it was his world even before Bolas became a planeswalker and that he had helped Niv-Mizzet to be reborn. -Nicol Bolas (Rakka Mar), Nicol Bolas doesn't distinguish between servants and victims. Sometime after the Mending, Bolas founded an interplanar consortium which was usurped by Tezzeret in a bloody coup d'état. [26] Meanwhile, Tezzeret prepared to deploy the Planar Bridge for the approaching battle. Inspired by the sun - who he described as bright and fearless - and by his success in killing one of the hounds, Bolas acquired the notion that this multiverse is a place of "hunters and the hunted". [12][13] First above the wide waters of the Meditation Realm and then on a wild pummeling path through the planes, they struggled for days, years, generations. -Nicol Bolas (Blood Reckoning), "Where will you run when I punish you with the very ground you flee on?" Matt Stewart has painted over 160 Magic cards in his twelve-year Magic career, from basic lands to creatures to some of the game’s most notable Legends. At the end of Jace's struggles, after he defeated Tezzeret in a duel and crushed the artificer's mind, it was revealed that this was all a plan Bolas agreed to in order to regain his consortium.


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