A young boy was inspired by the two and entered LINK VRAINS but only to find the experience was more intense then he had expected. As Specter controls a Plant Normal Monster, he Special Summons "Sunseed Shadow" (0/???) Ghost Gal checked her equipment and it showed that she should go right. anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! He banishes "Armatos Legio Galea", "Armatos Legio Magica Alcum", and "Armatos Lex". Blue Maiden realizes that this was a trap, and Aqua adds that Lightning must have done this. Lightning sets "Gladius" and "Decurion" at the top-center Link Arrow of "Judgment Arrows" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Pilus Prior" (2000/↑↘) to the zone the top-left Link Arrow of "Judgment Arrows" points to. Lightning sighs and acquiesces, agreeing that it will be advantageous if they can break their confidence (in the dub, Lightning agrees more readily, but is concerned over broadcasting the Duels). He clenches his fists as he claims that free will is most important, and the Ignis acquired it through trial and error and struggle. Pior to this, Ghost Gal had sent a Duel offer to Playmaker with the stakes saying that if Playmaker won, Ghost Gal would give him the "backdoor" to SOL Technologies Data Bank and that if Ghost Gal won, she would obtain Ai. Lightning activates the effect of "Pilus Prior", targeting a Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster in his GY to Special Summon it[Notes 2]. As himself, The Gore Dueled Playmaker but suffered defeat. It is also possible to have duplicate Avatars, as seen when multiple individuals copied Playmaker's appearance to impersonate him, and when Emma Bessho assumed Blue Angel's appearance to lure Playmaker into LINK VRAINS. Ai overpowers Playmaker with the power of his LINK 6 monster, forcing Playmaker to desperately fight back. During this Duel, Varis tried to use his Skill Storm Access but was unable to, Kogami appeared and gave his last strength to Varis to fulfill the Knight's mission. [30]. Mocking the idea of humans and AI working together, he unleashes his ace monster. VRAINS anime. Aso asks if it's from Kolter, and Clarissa notes that Playmaker's ally deals with problems quickly, while Genome agrees that Kolter is a skilled hacker. [24], Spectre begun to mock Blue Angel as they Dueled despite Blue Angel trying to understand Spectre through their Duel. As "Thrasher" was Special Summoned, Specter activates its effect, targeting a "Sunavalon" Link Monster that points to it and increasing its ATK equal to that monster's Link Rating times 800. can do that, and Specter asks if he's sure. With his lifepoints nearly down to zero, Playmaker was able to win the Duel and free all from the tower with it also collapsing. The Data Storm disappeared five years prior to the beginning of the story, and reappeared under unknown circumstances when Playmaker challenged a Knight of Hanoi to a Duel. It emerged that the tower was connected to the underground erasing plant, which in return would allow Hanoi to erase the entire internet which would have catastrophic results around the world. In LINK VRAINS, Jin has short hair and wears a more ornate outfit. Yusaku is left to face Bohman, now with the power of all six Ignis. Inside she used her various gadgets to locate a entrance to the LINK VRAINS "sewer" where unnecessary data went including "fireflies" which scanned the network. brother, Haru. [20][21], The official news was that the Knights had left the network but according to Akira who spoke to Emma, each division of SOL Technologies needed more operators and programmers. Genome appeared and knew The Gore was hiding under the disguise which made The Gore reveal himself.[15]. [6], Blue Angel was quickly able to reduce Playmaker's LP thanks to her Trickstar deck, however as the Duel continued after she drew "Dark Angel", Hanoi's influence tried to take over, only for Blue Angel to resist several times. Specter activates the Continuous Spell "Sunvine Cross Breed" and activates its effect, Tributing a Link Monster to Special Summon a Plant monster from his GY, but its effects are negated. again, declaring that the Summoning condition is one Plant Normal Monster and Link Summoning the Link-1 "Sunvine Thrasher". He explains that the Summoning conditions are two "Armatos Legio" monsters, including a Link Monster, and he sets "Sica" and "Centurion" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Armatos Legio Primi Ordines". Ai asks if Playmaker just called him a part of himself, and Playmaker claims that he didn't. Playmaker has made up his mind to fight against Ai, regardless of the past they have together. Lightning states that he doesn't care for Specter's probing, and Specter politely apologizes, then notes that while he took "Judgment Arrows" from Lightning, it didn't leave the field, so unfortunately Lightning's Link Monsters won't be destroyed, but now his Extra Link has been broken and Specter can Link Summon without using the Extra Monster Zone. Akira agreed and freed Playmaker. Varis mocked Playmaker before departing. Genome tells Specter that they're counting on him, and Aso and Clarissa watch silently. Spectre beat Kitamura and despite his pleas, Spectre turned Kitamura into data. Voiced by: Masaaki Yano (Japanese); Michael Liscio Jr. (English), Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Yu-Gi-Oh! As they fight, Lightning continues to explain his plan to unite the Ignis and Bohman's role in that plan. and sets "Gladius" to Link Summon another Link-1 "Decurion". Once again, Lightning chants "Come forth! They begun to attack users which resulted in accounts being deleted. As a Link Monster "Judgment Arrows" points to is battling, its effect makes that monster's ATK become double its current ATK during damage calculation only ("Thrasher": 2400 → 4800 ATK). They quickly dispatched the army. Lightning comments that he didn't expect Varis's minion to think a lot about A.I., and Specter states that he doesn't accept their existence, but he felt an emptiness form inside him when the Ignis created from him vanished, and he remembers crying when Earth was dissected. Soulburner and Varis also attack with "Salamangreat Heatleo" and "Borrelguard Dragon" respectively, and as the BitBoot he is fighting is defeated, Bit and Boot blame one another for their loss. Specter chants "Appear! The real LINK VRAINS is also quaking, and as the users cry out nervously, Zaizen, who has joined Ghost Gal atop a rooftop, asks if something is still happening.


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