I get to be a little whimsical. And you can also tell your paper if you want the colors to move in a certain direction, it's going a bit more blue at the bottom. So don't be afraid to add water because it will make your painting look more fluid. And then okay, it just read so nice. See? You can add different colors if you want. You can also add a little bit of yellow on this part. It's just used her brush, just move it. 6. You're going to create a loop. I will try to tell this so you can see the reflection. So this is the color candy and going to drop some pain straight on the paper. Um, so we are going to pain some petals using just clean water, but because it's difficult to see it on the paper, I'm going to put a little bit of pain to my water just so you can see the strokes that I will be doing. So this is truth. This is cold pressed, and I also chose the thinner version so that it's cheaper. Okay, so you're done. I have crayola and they broke into crumbles. Okay, So I think I'm just gonna use this and I'm gonna put a lot off water because I want to really peachy pink color. Okay, so we're just creating that cop, and then it's just closed this one up with some quick strokes. Thank you so much!! So I guess I can try to zoom it in so you can see it better. Um, I think I'm just gonna adjust the shape later. So I'm going to use the art philosophy. And going to spread it the little. I'm just a little drop off black color. Okay. What is Liquid Watercolor: So before we had onto painting, let's talk about what a liquid watercolor iss. I hope that you have enjoyed watching this class. There’s definitely some white settling in my containers too! Okay, so we just have to be careful when you're doing this, because it can get all over the place. Do you have learned and apply it to simple projects? Ah, space An untouched space at the center. Next up, we need a jar of clean water, a ceramic palette, and this is where we will make our liquid watercolor. Sometimes it's the fault after paper, and sometimes the sweet, great paper just cannot handle a lot off water. You can also use permanent rose or mix it with a little bit of opera. But if you're ready to paint this, make sure that you're using just clean water. So you're just going to create thin lines by, um, doing this? Pretty happy with this. I love this idea, especially because it sounds easy and frugal. Create unique pieces of artwork by pulling strings across a... Test out a new watercolor technique by painting with bubbles! Katie has spent 17 combined years in the Early Childhood field as a teacher, preschool owner, and educational writer. Be sure to make fresh batches each time do this for your kids. It is child and preschool friendly, and your options with it are limitless. We're just going to pull it. And just to show you that you can paint with your regular water cooler, I just find it easier to use the liquid water cooler for this with unwed technique. Okay. So as you can see, you get the go round shape. So this is the fourth, um, feather. So I'm just adding water, just letting it flow. So now I'm just filling it in. 11. This is the color called Bora Bora, and it doesn't look like a Torquay's color. I’ve not tried it on canvas, but I would put several oval cakes in and try it ahead of time just in case. Hi Deanna! It's a little similar to the Opara cooler if you have the regular paint, so let me just watch this so she can see we can create a nice, vibrant color because it's not. Don't train a diverse well, so I'm just speeding like a ring off color outside the black paint. Watercolor confections. And I also wanted to show you guys my reference photo, and I'm going to put the link in the project. Just a little bit of black. So as you can see, there's a darker part over here, so that's just add a more pigmented pink. So we are done. We just need to paid on, um, on the paper with clean water so we can start with a leather, see, just paint like the outline off the umbrella that we just tell this so I can see the reflection. I have uploaded all the photos off the class projects that we did in this class in the Projects and Resources section. The risk of staining with liquid watercolor is less just because it’s watered down. Okay, So when there is my brush so that the weather here is clean, you're gonna top the excess water, and you're just going to create some wispy strokes. You'll talk about materials that you need, and you will learn the simple techniques using liquid brother color. And sometimes when you're disappointed with your painting, it's not being your fault. Any color crayon will work in wax-resist painting, but a white crayon allows children to write “secret” messages. Okay, so that's not either stem. And I also added in sometime during an orange red, you can also add a bit of yellow later. Then you did, and later on I will show you what it looks like. So I'm just gonna clean my brush. How is the washability of these watercolors? Okay, so let's just wet this part right here. And if you go and add a bit, it's a bit more blue just to add a pop of color. Okay, we're almost done. Um, it looks like so I wanted to show you the difference between the two other colors. So I guess I'll just grab this truth color. Okay, Okay. You can use your regular watercolor, which I will demonstrate a feather number four project to learn more about whether color you can also watch my class cold from loves the booms. Okay, so now let's move on to the wet on the technique. So all the pain in this area just came from the mean feather. Can they use the color cafe. As you can see, it looks a little patching because I painted on student grade paper and I just wanted to show you guys that the paper really matters. This is orange and side a tear. Okay. Okay, so that's dropping some yellow can just let it spread. That doesn't have water. Experiment with water and rubbing alcohol to create beautiful paper with interesting patterns and textures! And then, if you want a more softer color, we can add some water to your paint, and then you'll be able to create a soft green color just like your regular watercolor painting can also makes their liquid watercolor. So putting colors means that there's just a very concentrated color on paper, and you are going to pull it using water. So this one has clean water and gonna dab it, and that's just fixed some areas and lift some of the colors that we don't really want. And one more card that I love are being to jellyfish isjust a little bit of green. Just let the colors flow. This is the color candy. You can go into different directions. […], […] of different recipes out there for making your own liquid watercolors (See Happy Hooligans and Preschool Inspirations) but I was never able to use their recipes because I didn’t have the right supplies. It doesn't look too overwhelming then. It has completely revolutionized our liquid watercolor activities. Okay, so now I see that this white space is too big. My girls don’t like the cake watercolors all that much but love liquid watercolors. Is that the brand you are using? This project is a fun way to... Watercolors on paper towels come out so beautiful, almost like tie dye. One left, Another one there. Then you've been the grabs of yellow. Can I add a bit more color so that you can see it? We're just water. I hope you all love it as much as we do!! Or, uh, And if we're gonna add this color clarity just to make it more interesting Okay, I think I like that to fix This looks very pretty. I'm adding a bit of blue and just let it flow, and you want this to be so fluid and we can do that. I will be the first to admit that I LOVE liquid watercolors! So it's just the same technique. I'm going to use the arch is 100% cotton paper. Happy painting. So I think we are done. We only dyed rice with it, and that was quite awhile ago. But it doesn't have a hard edge because the surface underneath iss wet so it the paint just disperses and you get a very soft edge. But if you don't want to use your pencil, it's OK, and the first step is to just scrap some water. So don't worry. Okay, so he kind of lost the separation for petal here. Okay, so I will try to leave a space that doesn't have what there so that I can leave a white space like this. And then it's tried to drop in some orange and then some pink. Key. It's add some back over here, and then I feel like I want to add a bit of yellow, so you can actually put the paint straight on the paper. Okay, so let me just tell the paper, and then that's just rinse our brush to get clean water. Okay, so now I'm gonna add the details right here. Okay. I can also tell your, um, paper is to let the colors, you know, and then we're gonna add to Finn right here and now it zoom out. Martin’s and Royal Talens Ecoline.


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