No, Function meets aesthetic with the new collab betwe, What better way to show how important your favouri, Make your countdown to Christmas even more excitin. Glencadam certainly fit this trend, with an under the radar single malt presence which pales in comparison to the Ballantine's blended whisky it historically featured in. This amber whiskey may be 21-years-old, but it was finished in 30-year-old port pipes that give it an elegant flare. Typical (and much enjoyed) notes of Caol Ila lemon zest, minerality and brine/seaweed. Prior to 2014, official releases of Craigellachie as a single malt were not common, which if this and the 13 are anything to go by is a tragedy. Nose: Quite similar to its non cask strength sibling, with freshly cut Granny Smith apple, honeycomb, lavender, freshly boiled bagels(!) To find a Dalmore at a wallet-friendly price point is already fantastic, but what more an expression like the Luceo, a former travel retail exclusive that is a blend of whiskies finished in first-fill Apostle sherry casks. Let’s be real: lots of dads enjoy a glass of whisky or three, and quite a fair number extend their love past a nightcap, into full-on collector’s territory. Smoke and buttery cocoa finish off this classic Scottish beverage, which has become a favorite of whiskey connoisseurs. Some more subtle fruit influence, prunes and salted peaches. Definitely for serious peat heads. A relative newcomer on the Australian whisky scene, Spring Bay was established in 2015 but is already making a name for itself with some cracking releases. Palate: Waxier and smokier than expected from the nose (but by no means a seriously smoky whisky) with the most pineapple I've found in a whisky so far, followed by a (weirdly) complementary BBQ meatiness (pretty much like a Brazilian BBQ/Churrasco main and desert). Nose: Pretty much the gold standard for a modern sherried whisky 'done right'. Your palate may also pick up oak, cherry blossom, cocoa, and honeydew melon. You get so much ripe cherries and bitter, aromatic coffee on the tongue, closing off with cocoa on the finish, that the Luceo just drinks like dessert. Spring Bay Bourbon Cask - Australian Single Malt Whisky. "over 5 reviews" "from $175 to $225" "sort by rating descending", The Whisky Hub Whisky Buying Guide Top 10 $50 Top 10 $100 Top 10 $150 Top 10 $200. Lingering behind is a touch of plum wine and malt loaf that rounds off the delicious flavors of Bruichladdich’s distillery. The golden amber 21-year-old Glenlivet not only looks appealing, but its three-time International Wine & Spirit Competition award-winning flavor is its most notable trait. Distilled in the Highlands of Scotland, Alexander III boasts a winter berry and orange zest rounded off by a noticeable spice. Each release is drawn from a single cask. We have analysed over 50.000 whisky tasting notes and 150.000 whisky ratings, only to present you ten of the best peated, smokey whiskies under €200 . $65, 94 points. The Tomatin 18 Oloroso Sherry Cask is bottled at 46% and is a first fill Oloroso Sherry cask finish whisky (presumably a mix of ex bourbon barrel and oloroso cask maturation prior). Bottle at cask strength and rich with brine and peat, this single malt is an exercise in brightness as notes of citrus and pepper give light to every salty mouthful. A very poorly hidden secret here at The Whisky List is that I am a tiny bit enamoured of Diageo's Islay workhorse distillery. Palate: Much more forward than the nose was suggesting, delivering lemon zest, smoked trout, salted caramel and a Springbank minerality in a decently oily way. We already have a guide that charts wallet-friendly whiskies below S$100, but if you’re in the mood to bump up your budget and get your father a bottle worth putting on the top shelf this Father’s Day, then let us take you through our picks of the best whiskies below S$200. The older child of the Balvenie Doublewood collection may not get as much airtime as its 12 Year Old sibling, but this is no mark against its quality. Here are a few of our favourites that quite easily make the cut! The bourbon cask matured expression (Batch 1) we are trying today has been bottled at 46%, 700ml and has no colouring added and has not been chill filtered. Features Editor. Craigellachie (crag-eleck-ie) is a relatively unknown Speyside distillery owned by John Dewars & Sons and is typically used in Dewar's blends. Matured in smaller 20L Makers Mark casks. The golden amber hue; the sweet, smoky notes; that lingering spice – it’s the perfect combination for a warming sip or as a compliment to a mix of beverages. This particular bottling at 54%. From now to 31 Dece, If you're looking for an exceptional spot with foo, If you haven't already heard, Culture Cartel, aka, Prepping your presents for Christmas this year? A nose of smoke, blueberry, and honeycomb accompany the citrus while your palate is bound to pick up smoked dates, lemon curd, porridge, and poached pear. One of the most well-known and storied Highland distilleries, Glenmorangie (Glen-moran-gee) are renowned for producing some of the most iconic expressions with the Glenmorangie 10 being cited frequently as an industry standard. Aged in sherry casks, a single mouthful is rife with warm spice and bold, juicy autumn fruits. Tomatin distillery is located in the Tomatin village, in the Highlands region which is roughly 30 minutes south of Inverness. Bakery Hill Classic Cask Strength (500ml). Palate: Rich treacle/burnt brown sugar upfront with spices like nutmeg and white pepper growing more intense with repeated sips. Related | Timeless Cocktails: 35 Best Whiskey Drink Recipes. At tShe end of this Speyside whiskey is a finish of oaky sweetness. and a hint of cinnamon sugar and cardamom. Pleasing warmth, chewy body and sweetness  give way to a dry wood finish. But if you know what's good (and what you like), there are plenty of great options out there for whisky that is well worth the money in this price range! Bottle at cask strength and rich with brine and peat, this single malt is an exercise in brightness as notes of citrus and pepper give light to every salty mouthful. Nose: Cadbury chocolate coated sultanas, pancakes smothered in butter and gold syrup. Nose: The smoke is here in spades but is a more gentle, salty, floral smouldering, lingering intensity say vs a young and feisty Laphroaig. The smoke builds over repeated tastings but never becomes overbearing, with the heathery smoke, ash, tar and burnt seaweed flavours slowly infiltrating the back palate and the finish. $200, 93 points. Palate: Honey and malt take the for here, wonderfully balanced by a backbone of Christmas cake, milk chocolate and gingerbread spice. 100 Wines Under $15 of 2020; 100 Best Wines to Cellar of 2020; ... Compass Box The Peat Monster Summer 2019 Scotch. Released at 46% ABV (other details surprisingly hard to come by, but the whisky does a pretty good job of speaking for itself). At the end of each sip is a finish of oak and dried grass. Pop the top and enjoy a white peach aroma kissed with a hint of smoke. If you’re for a citrus-infused peated … The Glenmorangie Signet is a unique expression from Glenmorangie, featuring malt spirit produced using two uncommon variations of malted barley (for a Scotch at least) being malted chocolate barley (more commonly found in darker beers) and Cadboll barley (said to impart a creaminess into the spirit and from a single estate). The Whisky List offers no guarantee on accuracy or availability. Situated on the picturesque east coast of Tasmania (to be fair what part of Tasmania isn't stunning?) The very light, golden color of Macallan’s 18-year Scotch whiskey certainly isn’t indicative of its flavor profile. Craigellachie 17 (alongside 3 other single malt expressions) showed up in 2014 (and we are still thankful today!) Sign up for our newsletters to have the latest stories delivered straight to your inbox every week. Find out more at If you’re for a citrus-infused peated malt, Port Charlotte’s 12-year-old Islay whiskey is an absolute must. Lagavulin is borderline religion for lovers of Islay whiskies, and while the 12 Year Old is one of its most popular expressions, the 16 Year Old is a cut above. Bakery Hill in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne definitely buck this trend, in the best of ways. From the Highlands of Scotland, GlenDronach’s 21-year-old distilled malt is a light, golden whiskey with touches of smoke and lemon juice that are heightened by apple peel, date and walnuts, espresso, and cedar wood. If you really want to keep with the Father’s Day theme for your whisky purchase, then the John Walker & Sons XR is a bottle that carries the backstory through. Also has one of the coolest (and heaviest) stoppers I've seen. Copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The prices listed on this site are correct to the best of our knowledge.


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