How to Make Labneh (Creamy Yogurt Cheese) - Marilena's Kitchen Labneh is a staple in the middle east and is usually used as a spread on bread or as a dip. Labneh is a versatile ingredient that’s best compared to … Labneh is made by simply stirring in some salt into plain yogurt and then allowing the yogurt to strain through a filter. Gently squeeze out any excess liquid; discard liquid in bowl (yogurt will be very thick and resemble … The longer you let the yogurt drain, the firmer the resulting Labneh will be. How do you use Labneh? Common in Middle Eastern cuisine, labneh is a thick, creamy, and tangy spread made from full-fat yogurt that has been strained overnight. The best way to really describe labneh is that it is a strained yogurt or yogurt cheese and it is best known for its slightly tart flavor which you normally get from regular yogurt. What equipment do you need to make yogurt cheese? About half the calories and fat of cream cheese, labneh is relatively low calorie and light.


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