endstream Part 2: Determine whether the objects in the problems have kinetic or potential energy. endobj endobj x��W]o�:}����G���)�*M۫���>D���@sI����]��� 4@IU�б�xl����w�X\|[}�",���Պ\���.n�2E���3N�q1ʄ"�jY?��1�����3@�%Yo�. %���� 1 0 obj Potential and Kinetic Energy Worksheet Kinetic Energy (KE) = ½ mass times velocity squared KE = ½ mv2 Potential Energy (PE) = mass times the acceleration due to gravity times height PE = mgh = N*h (g= 9.8 m/s2) 1 Newton (N) = 1kg*1m/s2 or 1kgm/s2 1. Kinetic and Potential Energy Worksheet Name _____ Classify the following as a type of potential energy or kinetic energy (use the letters K or P) 1. An archer with his bow drawn _____ 3. 9 0 obj � %PDF-1.5 endobj This potential is only released when the object falls. i���RQ�j�&�r*��x�y��� ���8H�� .�I&�DI��wK���_SqY�#�%}˚o?���ONL�*j�{&��s�v���� endobj 1 0 obj endobj <> An object gets potential energy from height, mass and gravity. endobj 4 0 obj <> !u���F�T��ޤ��^T����{d6�]� V�P�{�Ǵ����3ʠzi -��%9�W2�d:���#\���1��N�3?g7�" �4� �q ��'\�X�[}����j�ݤ�m��K�-0�y�B������4��f\R��c��dyN�2��Uqs#ɓ�s�,~ ��NP���8����ޤ(��`��m A bicyclist pedaling up a hill _____ 2. \��?��6Eܞg�]�_O0;i6�\�̀�g�Q^����)���蘦�54m:yM�i/�޺DmӼ�e宣�k���.s�V��=ۤ�M���r�ˬBg��>#��^��3�w}�P�J�؇�0�=�@�Q�*>�?�լ��oaOj <> <> <> <> <>>> 8 0 obj endobj stream 2 0 obj endobj 2 0 obj '[���B\��F0M/��_׸�/��g"L�����7|��br����39c��nlF16ف�!��� �zF$�-��.�@�J��ॷH��1YgI <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 12 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj endobj 3 0 obj stream The ball has _____ energy. @>�LRYÕ�Y ��E�x��'r����������?�B���%������˓2�ȳ���A6mԃZ�]�[8�++���p 8�:�F�2p��l�:�x5�Jb|�f�57��A� �[O�uV��6)�X�Φ� 0�,~�۽(�d����L�h�,*�l7JiO^�� �����# ��QNq(n�9|�Q�h�M$�����)�0Q/ endobj An object with potential energy has the potential to do work. A volleyball player spiking a ball _____ 4. %PDF-1.5 Before preaching about Kinetic And Potential Energy Worksheet Pdf, be sure to realize that Schooling is definitely our own crucial for a better next week, plus mastering won’t just quit the moment the university bell rings.In which staying mentioned, all of us provide a assortment of easy still informative content plus themes produced suitable for any kind of informative purpose. ��h���&^������I�����D���fEQ1�;���{��[�����k��?��:]�3]uj{�4�fv��r�Ҩ?�?�X���AS�_�\Z��=ڊ׿�b��ԁD�w)�aDN�6��ˁ�����H���i��&':ZL�j~19ɢσ��.��2A��{.�Q� Potential Vs Kinetic Energy Worksheet Answers New Collection from kinetic and potential energy worksheet pdf , source:thebruisers.net. �8��!�3ӧ1dU���|:i�����F���f�W�L�/s���XE�ń� ,L@��/.�d�l2# Ѹ�+X�$Z�M�h����R�䵸F��d�ߠ,��i������nW\t�h �F��%6nrq*�sN����I� n�=���H�$W2. x��\mo���n��a��:�7�7��+.�ܡ �M{��R�M[j$�i�����:3K*�ɕ,z�CD�(�����ϊgo����~y��E����可���b�+WZ�"��4�b]��F���^�;>z����؊w�G e����k���wϋ��kY��8n�z�ƄŮ�r1LJ�Om)5�r����B�ij�a�ܬW^�5X��x��oz� '7y,3��5��Af �&�~b/)�0�7سs����Vu�@#��)�Djj�0����[2�� %���� <> A Joule is a kilogram x meters/seconds 5 0 obj 1 0 obj ]�z�&�����k ~&(̦? endobj <> ?h��`-���Kw8�eB��L;�J 7 0 obj Kinetic and Potential Energy Worksheet Pdf and High School Physics Worksheets with Answers Pdf Inspirational 9 Best. 2 0 obj 3 0 obj KINETIC AND POTENTIAL ENERGY WORKSHEET Name: _____ Determine whether the objects in the following problems have kinetic or potential energy. <> I am pretty sure that anyone looking for a means to learn about kinetic energy and potential energy will have a blast reading this worksheet. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 11 0 obj The ball leaves your hand with a speed of 30 m/s. <> x��W�n�8}��T �4�.�A�(�"P��F�������EŒ-)JXх3���%�8==9�����N����Tb��� ��� #s��uzr����+w� Kr��B��r�����dPf3��0j�]�w�k����~p�/�~>=� 8X�RZQ#��n�K&_. You serve a volley ball with a mass of 2.1kg.


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