Bontei arrangements of bonsai chrysanthemums. The Imperial Seal is also used on the standards of the Imperial Family. In Japanese, kiku has completely contrast meanings, both purity, truth and grief at the same time. The Imperial Seal of Japan, also called the Chrysanthemum Seal (菊紋, kikumon), Chrysanthemum Flower Seal (菊花紋, 菊花紋章, kikukamon, kikukamonshō) or Imperial chrysanthemum emblem (菊の御紋, kikunogomon), is one of the national seals and a crest (mon) used by the Emperor of Japan and members of the Imperial Family. Therefore, each member of the Imperial family used a slightly modified version of the seal. The chrysanthemum is also the flower representing the royal family of the Emperor of Japan. Chrysanthemum or mum for short is originated from China but has long been a symbol of Japan, especially for Imperial Family. A rear set of 16 petals are half staggered in relation to the front set and are visible at the edges of the flower. Actually, though, the “official” Japanese flower is the 16-petal chrysanthemum used for the imperial seal. Chrysanthemums originated in China and were imported into Japan as a medicinal plant in the Nara period (710–94). Also a popular cut flower, this gorgeous bloom has a humble appearance, but powerful symbolic meaning. Yet it is also one of the cut flowers most used today for bouquets the national flower of Japan is Chrysanthemum buttonholes. It is also the symbol of autumn, harvest and goodwill. Prizes are awarded at the Kiku Matsuri. The Victorians considered it strictly as a flower of friendship and comfort for those in need of rest. One of our objectives is to preserve traditional varieties, so we also look at how well a flower meets the criteria for its variety. The Kiku Matsuri, held each November at Tokyo’s Yushima Tenmangū shrine, is a gorgeous festival of chrysanthemum blossoms. Negative points are given for the presence of bugs, signs of disease, or fallen leaves.”. Those developed in Japan are known as wagiku to distinguish them from overseas varieties. For the large ōgiku, the classic arrangement is three blossom-tipped branches from one stem, known as sanbon-jitate. Having noble connotation, kiku has been on the Japanese Imperial Family’s crest for generations. Like many flowers used in floral arrangements, chrysanthemum was first grown from wildflowers by the Chinese. The garden and exhibition plants are surprisingly rigid, allowing the arrangers to create unusual topiary designs with this plant. “We grow our chrysanthemums from seed, shoots, and sometimes bud cuttings, but just because you get good results this year doesn’t mean the same technique will work next year,” he continues. Chrysanthemums reflect your very soul; you have to grow them with dedicated love and care.”. Japan has no legally defined national flower or seal, but you will see the imperial seal on the cover of Japanese passports, on some Japanese coins, and over the doors of Japanese diplomatic facilities overseas. The way the flowers are timed to blossom simultaneously—and just in time for the festival—is an amazing technical feat. Pink Rose (Pinku no bara, ピンクの薔薇) A single ippon-jitate variety under 40 centimeters known as fukusuke-zukuri. The festival attracts as many as 100,000 visitors every year. Tokyo Remember to honor the cycle of life, either when it ends or when it renews itself. Speaking of pesticides, organic pyre-thrum’s are extracted from this plant and used to keep insects away from people, animals and plants. Access: 8 min walk from Okachimachi Station on the JR Yamanote and Keihin Tōhoku lines; 2 min walk from Exit 3 of Yushima Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line; 5 min walk from Ueno-hirokōji Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line; 10 min walk from Hongō-sanchōme Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line; 5 min walk from Ueno-okachimachi Station on the Toei Subway Ōedo Line. Sanbon-jitate specimens no more than 60 centimeters tall, known as daruma. Banner photo: Thick clusters of atsumono chrysanthemums. As a flower of great importance, chrysanthemum symbolizes concepts such as: The chrysanthemum is much more versatile than many other decorative flowers.


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