All rights reserved. However, when he killed Iris (another big shock), he turned the Flash into a whiny, moody child for the rest of the season, which no one found engaging. DC Future State's Black Mask And Scarecrow Revealed. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Can I be in your task force? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. However, knowing this show and how it likes to totally emotionally destroy us, we can surmise that the person under that mask is probably someone we know and love, or at least someone who has the face of someone we know and love. Yep. At this point, viewers were just getting tired of watching Barry run around for a bit, get upset, run around a bit more and then do something really quickly that saves the day. "They just highlighted the worst parts of who you already were.". Unfortunately, both Patty and Barry were keeping secrets from each other, and viewers knew that Patty only existed to keep Barry and Iris apart. Directed by Jesse Warn. The two were quite cute together, and dated for a fairly long time. However, this coupling just seemed totally forced and it was severely lacking in any kind of chemistry. © 2020 E! And thanks after-the-fact for introducing Patty Spivot to the universe I live in. Viewers never saw Julian arrive, so perhaps that was why they never really warmed up to him in the first place. NEXT: Flash: 10 Surprising Facts About The Flash Family. Instead of dying, he got sucked into the speed force and realized how screwed over he had been by all the other speedsters, so he vowed to become the fastest of them all. Sure, she may want to be part of the anti-metahuman task force, but she just wants to take down the bad guys. Who could have seen that one coming...? When she wasn't afraid to represent how qualified she is. Even the main villain was pretty lame. However, Patty remained persistent and eventually she became Joe's partner. Another Harrison Wells, this time from Earth-2, came to our world to help Zoom steal Barry's speed. Patty Spivot Character » Patty Spivot appears in 131 issues . Patty Spivot, standing up for the every-person. And can we get a mutli-episode arc that has Iris, Caitlin, and Patty working together to solve a crime while also discussing their latest read in the feminist science fiction book club they started? Once she had been rescued by Team Flash, Jesse stayed on Earth-1 for a while, striking up a relationship with Wally West. At first, we all had sympathy for her because, through no fault of her own, she had been captured by Zoom to encourage her father, Harrison Wells 2.0 (who, incidentally, was also fairly irritating), to steal the Flash's speed. Hunter Zolomon (also known as Zoom) was the primary antagonist of Season 2. Sure, Jay Garrick is a total babe who is probably going to help Team Flash save multiple universes — but Patty falls into that category, too. If it weren't for her heroic actions during what has come to be known as the 'Reach Apocalypse', I would not be standing here today, honored to be officiating the union of the two best people the world has ever given the rest of us." It's Julian's inability to properly connect with the main cast that lands him a spot on this list. There were a lot of storylines that took too long to play out, and the resolutions to those plot points were not particularly satisfying. We've barely met him, and we don't care enough about him yet. Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and ​celebrity gossip. Many fans love the Arrowverse's depiction of this big gorilla, but we honestly find the episodes drop in quality whenever he appears. The latter was reluctant, as his old partner, Eddie, had only recently died and he didn't want to put anyone else in danger unless it was strictly necessary. Related: Flash Villain Trickster Creates His Own Evil Dave and Buster’s. Sure, Patty was straight-up terrified when kidnapped by Sand Demon (as any rational person would be). Sherloque was one of the more recent doppelgängers of Harrison Wells to have appeared on our screens, but for some reason, fans just didn't warm to him as they had the others.


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