I will still consider Ikea. I REALLY need to do the closets in my kids shared room. I read far and wide before I purchased my Pax system but would say yours is the best detailed article I found. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Marie Kondo launches £30 virtual tidying course, 20 stylish storage baskets for an organised home, EYNTK: Get Organised with The Home Edit on Netflix, 20 small kitchen storage solutions on Amazon, 6 cooking experts on how to organise your kitchen, Top tops for responsible decluttering at home. Thanks Chris a lot. We’re really lacking in storage space but low on budget so the PAX has been the main contender for a wall of closet space. Speaking of future home, we will not hesitate to add IKEA Pax to our next home. I’ve learned so much and wow !! Great post. However, it is available in Europe, where a system similar to the wardrobes above costs Eur330 – that’s around £295. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Under a sloping ceiling or along an entire wall. We had them without sliding doors and with the sliding doors since they were actually in the bedroom as opposed to inside a walk-in closet. How do you like the glass front drawers. You can build high or low. Something like a bondo filler that will really allow the screw to re-grip the material. I was wondering if I could add on another unit now a few years later? HI Kris! When we installed our closet, the units had to go in a particular spot so we weren’t able to position them where they would line up with the studs. Kris, your closet and bath look soooo good! 'It's very simple, it's very basic, with no jewellery inserts or trays. 'The PLATSA in stores is the foundation, it's the base and the backbone that we will carry on with for quite a while but there are more interesting things in the pipeline – more display, incorporating sleep in different ways, moving a bit into architecture – so there are interesting times ahead with PLATSA. The wedge dowel is an idea that was developed in the Prototype Shop and tested as early as 2014. Very informative and well done! But what about “hubby” Is he a nudist? Take good care. Hi Alyssa! In Australia, the Pax I have would sell for about $1000 before delivery. , Thanks again for this review. It's ok to change your mind! We added drawer pulls as well and like that it adds a more custom look since there is so much flat white. Provides the privacy that you would want in a room, as well as, the needed storage that does not currently exist. I found the IKEA planning tool cumbersome and it was always tricky trying to make it back to my plan at the website (yes I did have a log in and account). The black/brown finish in our old PAX closet didn’t scuff at all. And you’re saving the planet. Adjustable feet make it possible to compensate any irregularities in the floor. I look forward to reading more of your blog. We just purchased ours and the lady who helped said that you can add doors after but you need to consider which kind first. PAX wardrobes are all about matching your style and interior settings, but PLATSA boasts flexibility and easy assembly. Just make sure you have all the wood bits and pull-out rails. Thanks for your post. I haven’t seen the new wire baskets yet but will look at them the next time I’m at IKEA and add some info to this post! Do you recommend using furring strips that would be anchored to wall and then frames mounted to strips? Ready to check it out? Our closet is HUGE, like I am talking 8ft x 10ft, or some crazy thing and spending the money on the container store, and other highend places was not going to happen. You have of all 8 possible products to compare. It's exactly what you need when you need it so that it really lasts over time. Don’t you want to spend all your time in it now? I too priced California Closet and wow, the price tag is 3K for Ikea and 15 K for California Closets. can you tell me the tilt angle (or how many holes the end part is high than the front part of the shoe shelf)? We have 6 family members and a dog. out first and then assembled it all We have 9’ceilings so there is plenty of room above the frames for whatever. But I want them to look like wardrobes with hinged doors. So we really want to get a sense of the quality beforehand. I really never had a problem with my clothes getting dusty when I had a similar set up in our old closet. Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner. Have had them for 5 years. I’ve expanded my search thanks to your article and am having a closet built and will be taking the two hour trip to IKEA. You said the drawers do not fully extend. . If you did home modeling I’d ask you to come to ours – it’s an organizational NIGHTMARE!!!!! I was planning to have a contractor do a custom closet for me, but in his delay getting back with me, I found PAX. Thank you IKEA. Not only are we promised that it’s budget friendly, it can also be used in any room of the house. They look great, i can’t wait to measure my closet and put together a beautiful closet that will last years to come. So glad to discover your blog today! Interior accessories that help you organise inside your wardrobe are sold separately. And no, I had no problems with the carpet! PLATSA is a storage system that can follow you on all the roads of life. Your walk-in is amazing and the photos are beautiful. Great article and thorough. Freddy goes on to explain why assembling or taking frames apart easily is an important detail. Thanks for sharing. "Even the exterior can be used. 1. 'If you assembly yourself you can do it in one fifth of the time compared to another system,' says Henrik Elm, purchasing and logistics manager at Ikea Range and Supply. Price and range may vary between online & store. The finished closet system has an attractive, custom, high-end look, especially if you add the simple detail of crown molding along the top. We just moved to a different house with a walk-in closet that has built in shelves, etc and I’m really missing my PAX closets because now I’m going to have to buy a dresser so I can have some drawers storage space! Once you’ve sussed out the Pax size and color/doors you want, and have an idea as to how you want to organise the interior, check your local classifieds – craigslist in America, gumtree in Australia, and maybe ebay local pickup items. The 29″ ones are plenty strong for the yard chemicals, spray paints, etc., I have on them, so I suspect 39″ ones would be strong enough for clothes and stuff. I wanted to have Ikea folks assemble the wardrobe for us however, they said that for them to wall mount the wardrobe, the baseboards should be removed (so that the wardrobe can line up perfectly against the wall). I’ll ask more questions as I think of them. Can you please let me know where you got the white weaved baskets, they look great, also the carpet, is it a large rug or a carpet that you meed to install it


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