For interior plants, relative humidity below 20 percent is considered low, 40 percent – 50 percent is medium, and above 50 percent is high. Leaves are tender, flat and flexible in structure. Webs form as a means of dispersal. Soil moisture: The amount of water already present in the growing medium will also affect your watering frequency. Users agree that automated translations may not effectively convert the intended design, meaning, and/or context of the website, may not translate images or PDF content, and may not take into account regional language differences. Discard these plants and do not place them in your compost pile. It is important to begin with good quality, healthy, pest-free plants. The leaves of different plants vary widely in size, shape, and color. Low light and over-watering create favorable environments for soil-borne diseases indoors. Add 2 ounces (dry weight) of dolomitic limestone to 4 gallons (½ bushel) of soil mix, 2 ounces (by weight) of bonemeal, and ½ ounce of superphosphate. Light is measured in units called foot candles. Leaves produce food for the plant through a process called photosynthesis . For example, Cast Iron Plant, Aspidistra, and ferns actually grow better with cooler temperatures (72°F), while other tropical plants grow best if the temperatures are 90 degrees F – 95 degrees F. Such temperatures are rarely allowed indoors. The secret to fertilizing plants indoors is to apply small amounts of fertilizer as the plant grows. This extends the number of hours during which plants receive light. When is the best time to prune? Knowing flowers and plants by the characteristics of their leaves is a very reliable way to identify various foliage because you can't always count on a plant having flowers, fruit, or berries year-round. We spend about 90 percent of our time indoors. 1978. Dust on lower leaf surfaces may clog stomata (specialized cells involved in water transpiration), inhibiting gas exchange within the leaf. The amount of tissue the plant “decides” to expose to the environment is called Leaf Area. Acclimatization is generally done in the greenhouse or the nursery. Scales are ⅛ inch to ⅓ inch long with various colors, depending upon the species. If the soil is still moist, no further water is needed. Learn as much as possible about the extent of acclimatization of the chosen plants. Leaves with thick, shiny cuticles (Croton, Ficus, Peace Lily, Bromeliads) should be cleaned with a damp sponge. Discard any water that had drained in the saucer after irrigation, and apply large quantities of water to the soil to leach the accumulated soluble salts. If the overall plant color becomes lighter green, fertilize every two weeks. Largeleaf brunnera is one of the first perennials to leaf out in spring and one of the last to become dormant in fall. Add 1 tablespoon of a 6-6-6 or similarly balanced fertilizer to each ½ bushel of soil mix. Green leaves contain chlorophyll, which is not only how the leaves get their green color but also a major ingredient in the photosynthesis process. If the plant is not producing sufficient sugars (as under low light), then high temperatures may break down what little sugars are made, leaving little to none for growth. Both the formation of leaves and their shedding is also essential for the plant. Next, moisten the mixture and place it in the oven. Scales suck plant juices from leaves and stems, causing stunting, leaf discoloration, and death of the tissue. For example, leaf scalds occur when water droplets on the leaves act as lenses and focus excessive light in one spot, bleaching the chlorophyll and killing the underlying tissue. For example, when the plant is growing rapidly and you want to maintain a certain size, prune lightly and frequently, removing shoots or shoot tips when they are small. As a result of their feeding, sticky “honeydew” (digested plant sap) is excreted (the exception is armored scales). Sterilize the container by placing it in a 10 percent bleach solution and rinse well. Use a shallow container filled with water and lava rocks or gravel, which will provide evaporation from a large surface area and increase relative humidity.


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