The antibacterial ability of the oil can restrain infectious bacteria and may prevent acne break-outs. Topical application of palm oil for skin will act as a sunscreen with SPF15. Also known as red palm oil, it earned the attention of scientific researchers due to its high concentration of saturated fat. Vitamin A and carotenes packed in this oil penetrate deep into the skin to improve the elasticity of the skin. Cleansing property of this oil can help to remove impurities and dead cells piled over the skin and hair. Essential vitamins supply the needed strength for your skin to function normally; when you fail to give necessary nutrients it becomes dry and prone to ailments. You can also use palm kernel oil for skin by slightly heating the oil. Palm kernel oil makes hair look shiny and feel incredibly soft, which is why many people with naturally coarse hair tend to use it in a form of conditioner or hair mask. Now, let’s dwell into uses of red palm oil for skin. 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Red palm oil can be used in cooking, to moisturize skin, biofuel, as a sunscreen lotion, to enhance taste, n personal care products and as a dietary supplement. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Whether it is black soap or any other product, the vitamins A and E that are contained in the oil work great for lessening skin … Don’t confuse with palm kernel oil used for cooking, which is derived from kernel seed of oil palm, whereas red palm oil is extracted from oil palm fruit. Vitamin E, A and carotenes housed in this tropical oil can help to treat various health and skin ailments. Vitamin A and E residing in this tropical oil can nourish skin and dry scalp. Tocotrienol, which is a form of vitamin E present in red palm oil help to improve blood circulation, heal minor burns, avoid wrinkles, cell regeneration and lighten the appearance of dark spots. Virtue Digest is more than just an online magazine, it is a community of sisters who share the same struggles and are on a collective journey to personal discovery and self-mastery, rejoicing in one another’s victories and relishing each moment along the way. The Rich concentration of vitamin E in the oil enhances overall functioning of the skin, hair, and brain. Posted by Blog Manager | Nov 30, 2017 | Health & Nutrition | 0 |. Antioxidant activity exhibited by palm oil can help to thwart free radicals that can boost the immune system, postpone wrinkles and protect cell membrane. A lot of skin care products use palm kernel oil for skin lightening. Observation has also shown that the use of palm kernel oil does not only prevent fine lines, it helps delay sagging and wrinkled skin. Re-fattening agents in palm oil help to restore lost natural moisture over the skin and hair. Benefits of palm oil for skin can’t be ignored because of its nutritional ability. Moisturize your dry and sensitive skin. Oleic acid – According to researchers, red palm oil contains 50% of saturated fat, majority of which contains oleic acid. Amazing Benefits of Palm Oil for Skin and Hair. Tocotrienol, which is a form of vitamin E present in red palm oil help to improve blood circulation, heal minor burns, avoid wrinkles, cell regeneration and lighten the appearance of dark spots. Oil palm kernel have many benefit for skincare are numerous, the product is widely used in the manufacturing of whitening skin soaps, … Most skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and stretch marks can be prevented by hydrating your skin. It can seal the moisture over the skin. If you choose to use it as a hot oil treatment, palm kernel oil … Processed or refined palm oil will be colorless or can be called white palm oil, which lacks nutritional ability. Palm kernel oil is known as an excellent product for lightening skin. Source: Skin … And according to research findings, palm kernel oil … You can also use palm kernel oil for skin by slightly heating the oil. For instance, one of the most popular cosmetic products that utilise this characteristic of palm kernel oil is African black soap. Due to rich in nutrients and balance between saturated and monounsaturated fatty acid, palm oil can help to improve cardiovascular health. Researchers state that palm oil has been consumed by the indigenous population for over 5000 years.


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