Tam, generally speaking in a hammock we are more concerned with heat loss from below more so than on top. Which is normal since I suspect i'm not in a steady state condition. I know that if it gets wet, it will lose its insulation. The idea of sleeping with a mylar sheet inside a bag does not appeal to meat all. 4.5 out of 5 stars 236. Space blankets really work best when close to the skin and not very well after that. But once both bags have “warmed up” they will radiate heat with equal speed. Temp rating with midweight thermals : 14 F, temp rating with midweight thermals and VBL liners : 6 F. temp rating with midweight thermals and Emergency sleeping bag : lower than 2F. I think that using one like a quilt on your sleeping bag might be a good option as long as you hung your bag out to dry after sleeping in it. One of the author claims that using a good space blanket (it was more a space sleeping bag) can add several degrees to a sleeping bag rating by preventing radiative heat loss. I have to produce more heat than normal. You may feel some effect on top of the bag as some heat is lost but it is much more efficient if the space blanket is just next to the heat source (you). Although; at the moment, I can't think of another name. Franco. The space blanket stops thermal radiation (IR lightwaves). Get it Wednesday, Aug 12. I may not be eloquent in describing the physics, but my prior statement is generally true. My opinion (here it is an opinion) but I may be wrong, is that a space blanket used to wrap your sleeping bag has no more effectiveness than a bivy bag + a space blanket underneath your sleeping bag. What about a big space blanket on the outside of the sleeping bag. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. If you use it to wrap your sleeping bag it will still have some effectiveness. So it is highly improbable that down, primaloft and all other insulator used in sleeping bags are perfect infra red transmitter. fire, it can be freezing cold outside but you'll fill the heat of the fire. You just have to take precautions like having a good tent and storing the bag in a plastic bag when hiking. Measuring seven by five feet, these blankets are 23 percent larger than regular foil blankets, and because of its size, all you need is a little tape and paracord to transform your versatile blankets into a sleeping bag or even an emergency tent. Moreover the flakes in contact with each other will evacuate heat by conduction. Bag stayed dry and everything else dried after a couple hours by the fire. American surge protector and adapter for Georgia /Sakartvelo. It had polyester or nylon cover inside and out, sandwiching a layer of mylar and a minimum layer of insulation. I still have that thing. I knew I was too cold so i changed again for the space blanket. But you don't start to cook up. Google told me exactly what that was. cool report. Down is the best for compressibility, loft and warmth. And i think that sleeping inside a plastic bag be uncomortable. The point here is the net heat balance. You made a (false) statement about the fact that the retained heat will ultimately destroy yourself. It's probably why you sweated. You could survive with it but it would not be very warm or comfortable, imo. Well its a cheap way of adding a vapor barrio to you sleeping system great in dry very cold conditions other wise tends to be wet and cold. I feel the term, "SPACE-Blanket" is a misnomer. Let's first talk about absorption (this is also an answer to the argument of infinite heating mentionned by whomeworry) : It is true that radiative heat will heat the inside of the sleeping bag. It may not look fancy but it works a treat and if it gets lost or damaged no big deal. With thermal radiation it is exactly the same thing. Here's my space blanket story--many years ago when I was a Boy Scout I took the Wilderness Survival class. I read a book about hypothermia recently : Hypothermia, Frostbite, and Other Cold Injuries: Prevention, Survival, Rescue, and Treatment : http://www.amazon.ca/Hypothermia-Frostbite-Other-Cold-Injuries/dp/0898868920/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331052755&sr=8-1. I wanted to put that claim to the test and did it last night. Thermal radiation is a kind of light. Should have 'Googled it', as most here probably have. © 2001-2020 MacLeay Interactive Design, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But think about this one : If the radiation that goes trhough the sleeping bag doesn't depend on the thickness of the insulation it means that your sleeping bag act like a window (glass) but for infrared light, i.e. The difference between bags is a high R factor means it takes longer for heat to radiate through to the outside of a polar bag. Like the 1$ ones from the dollar store. The heat reflected back to you will heat the molecules of your skin. Never used 'em. The container was labeled in arabic for the middle eastern market. but i just covered my legs. But I suspect this gain to be less with high loft sleeping bag. All the thermal radiation is reflected back to you. This is true, this is the conservation of energy. Also have one in each vehicle. There is 3 way thermal radiation can interact with matter. If you want a space blanket that will keep you fully covered without blowing free in the wind, try the Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Sleeping Bag With Hood. This is not the case with an expedition sleeping bag. I felt asleep and woke up in the morning. As it happens, I did Googled the info on the space blanket but only because I already knew that there was a connection with NASA. Answer 1 of 20: Read campers hint on a way to stay warm in cooler climate They bought a space blanket which the slip into their silk liner which then went into sleeping bag --see those space blankets aren’t too expensive Has any camping person tried it ?? It is not quite true if you use a bivy bag or any kind of shelter, But outside your shelter it is a true thermostat (at least at night). If its in a warm(er) environment where it wont make a difference and the bag will keep dry or dry out, no biggie. Let's now talk about reflexion : The thermal radiation can be reflected completely to you. Long story short I didn't freeze to death, but I think I should have kept my coat. They also work great adding them into other sleep systems, then add about 10-15F or so i would guess, the same as a space blanket but more comfy and don't make all the crinkling noise. Once I fell in the water with my full pack. Well you can say but thermal radiation has a different wave length. the infra red light is transmitted accross the sleeping bag. If you put a light bulb (flash light or head lamp) inside a summer sleeping bag you will see the light  through it. You may feel some effect on top of the bag as some heat is lost but it is much more efficient if the space blanket is just next to the heat source (you). Backpack Travel Patches/Badges - Good or Bad? I have used mine in both winter in the mountains and summer on the beach.


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