Crown reduction -- the removal of large branches at the top of tree -- controls the plant height, shape and canopy. Any kind of pruning stresses a plant. Depending on cultivar and variety, plum trees grown in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 10 and other areas of the world feature brightly colored leaves, pink or white flowers and berrylike or pitted fruits. The plum is not very pretentious to the vegetation factors, valorising very well the soils from the hill area. This begins with the same formative pruning as apples and pears but, importantly, is carried out in early spring. Sharpen and oil your pruning tools at the end of each season. Most flowering plums don't require regular pruning, although certain circumstances may require pruning. Fortunately, plums are among the easiest stone fruit trees to propagate from cuttings and produce identical trees. Purple-leaf plum trees are easy to grow spring flowering trees, valuable for their purplish pink flowers that contrast with the dark bark of the branches. Pruning an ornamental plum tree encourages flower bud and fruit growth, but also maintains the plant’s size and shape, especially in hedges and landscapes. Inspect for pruning needs annually. Plum trees can be prone to silver leaf disease if pruned in winter, so cut them back in summer to encourage the development of bushy growth, which stops them becoming too large and unmanageable. Cutting back to a bud, lateral branch or the main trunk allows the wound to heal quickly. Removing small, weak drupes allows growing plums more room to soak up the sunlight. Prune out any branches that are rubbing other branches, those that are growing at an upright, narrow angle from the main trunk, and those that are growing inward. The profusion of blooms is what has solidified most ornamental Prunus species as staples in the landscape. When your tree is dug up from our fields to be shipped to you, the root ball loses many of its tiny feeder roots, which are needed to absorb moisture and nutrients. The Vase Training Method presented here produces a vase-shaped tree consisting of 3 or 4 scaffolds (main branches) of equal lengths … In addition, keeping fruit trees well pruned protects against both disease and pest infestations. The New Sunset Western Garden Book: Kathleen Norris Brenzel, ed. Plum trees don’t fruit until they … While pruning, cut right in front of the branch bark ridge and the branch collar, while leaving the branch ridge and collar intact. Summertime-blooming plum trees must be pruned the following winter or early spring. Stone fruits such as plums, peaches, nectarines and cherries must be thinned between early April to mid May, depending on their time of harvest. Once the plum tree reaches the height you want it to stay at, head the leader back (so that it can't exceed that height) and do not allow a new leader to form. It is usually selected for its abundant and stunning display of pink flowers and lush reddish-purple leaves. Three basic ways to prune are pinching, thinning and crown reduction. Because these trees bloom early in spring, they bloom on the previous year's growth. How Long Does It Take for a Kousa Sapling to Flower? Prune in summer as needed to keep the canopy from getting overcrowded. The Prunus genus contains flowering cherries, plums and almonds, not to mention the fruit-bearing varieties. It is a deciduous tree growing to around 5m (15′) tall, with slender, arching branches, purple leaves, and double mauve-pink flowers from mid August to mid September. Routine pruning of dead or dying branches can be done at any time. Prune away the water sprouts and the stems that grow from the bottom of the trunk and the roots. To prevent removing any flower buds, prune just after flowering, in spring or early summer. Kelly's background also includes childcare, and animal rescue and care. Most plum trees sold in plant nurseries are hybrid cultivars, and the seeds don't produce trees that are identical to their parents. If you prune while the tree is trying to actively grow in the spring, it is even more of a burden. Three main types of plum trees are grown in home gardens: the American plum, European plum and Japanese plum, which is the type most commonly grown for its fruits. Most ornamental flowering plums have an acceptable and desirable shape as is, although you may notice branches growing the wrong way. Prune at the right time. Do not plant where the tree will be shaded or has competition with other tree roots for resources. Pruning while the tree is dormant encourages vibrant growth come spring, and it's less likely to cause damage to the tree than summer pruning. Removing diseased fruits keeps fungi or brown rot, for examples, from spreading to mature plums. Foliage – deciduous Flowering – March-April Harvest – July to September. Plum tree is magnificent from spring to fall, and offers abundant harvests of plums.. Main Plum tree facts. Step 2. Learning to prune - Pruning specific fruit tree types Almonds - Almond renewal system Apricots - Managing apricot sprigs Apples and Pears - Spur maintenance Cherries Plums Peaches and Nectarines Deciduous flowering trees - When to prune a flowering tree - Pollarding flowering trees Deciduous ornamental trees - Pollarding deciduous ornamental trees Clippers for smaller tree branches include scissor-action pruners with sharp blades that slide into thicker blades, and straight-anvil shears which contain a sharp blade that slices against an acute, broadened edge. Because of this, you DO N… Pruning is an important practice for maintaining the health, size, form and vigor of trees and shrubs in the landscape. Ornamental garden trees require minimal maintenance, but a little sensible pruning can ensure the tree remains healthy and safe and grows in an attractive shape. Cutting back weak offshoots, dead, crossed or broken branches and lower limbs during the plant’s dormancy widens and strengthens the center stem. How to Prune Purple Leaf Plum Trees Step 1.


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