Until you can get home and begin addressing the problem, make sure your first step is to stop taking steps. Return to play with ankle brace 1-2 weeks “Moderate” or Grade 2 ankle sprain: Brace 2 weeks. Grade 3 symptoms. Thanks for the info. Ankle sprains are among the most common joint injuries seen by orthopaedists. Rehab and conditioning 2 weeks. Loss of function- All weight bearing is painful, so the patient cannot run and has a gait with a very short stance phase on the affected foot. Minor bruising and swelling may develop, either immediately, or over the following 48 hours. In case of a more severe ankle sprain, this mean number rises to approximately 28 days of absence. One ankle sprain myth and treatment method which has been perpetuated for decades is that you should move your ankle right away after you sprain it. Ankle sprain- goals of treatment. The rule of thumb is to return to running when you are pain-free, have full range of motion, and the strength in the injured ankle is equal to that in your uninjured side. Physical examination reveals mild swelling in grade 1 sprains and moderate to severe swelling in a diffuse pattern in grade 2 and 3 sprains. You can probably go back to playing sport within eight to 12 weeks. Believe it or not there is some scientific basis and reason to think this “early mobilization treatment” is a good idea. Your ankle will feel stiff and may feel unstable. You may be able to fully move your ankle without any pain within six to eight weeks. Treatment and rehabilitation of an ankle sprain can begin after the initial ankle sprain diagnosis. If your sprained ankle is moderate (a grade 2 sprain), it may take you two to three months to recover. If your sprained ankle is mild (a grade 1 sprain), you may be able to walk within the first two weeks after your injury. There are a number of treatment goals and objective measurements which will guide the speed and intensity of the treatment/rehabilitation plan. Ankle sprains are injuries to one or more ligaments surrounding the ankle joints. Recovery time for moderate grade 2 ankle sprains is usually between 4 and 8 weeks. You will be unable to continue running and will probably find it very difficult to walk. Full return to training 4-5 weeks after injury “Severe” or Grade 3 ankle sprain: Boot or brace 3 weeks . I sprained my ankle by walking and slipping on ice. Ligament injury can range from mild (merely stretched), to moderate (partially torn), to severe (completely severed). In elite football, the ankle sprain represents 10 to 17% of all related ankle injuries [5, 8, 9]. Physical examination of Ankle. This is because of torn ligament fibres. I was training for the Boston marathon. Rehab and conditioning 4-6 weeks. […] Mel February 26, 2014 At 2:39 pm. “Mild” or Grade 1 ankle sprain: Brace or Ace wrap for 3-5 days. In terms of overall mean time loss, this represents an average of 16–24 calendar days for every ankle sprain [1, 3, 5, 9]. Yet, continuing to run after an ankle sprain or similar sports injury can cause additional damage.


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