Looking for the best dinner recipes? One medium Pacific oyster (about 50 grams), cooked, has 41 calories, 1.2 grams of fat and 2.5 grams of carbohydrates. How? Hold the opened oyster over a bowl to catch the juices, and then cut the muscle that holds the shell together. Add fried oysters, of course! These same six medium Eastern wild oysters breaded and fried will cost you 175 calories, 11 grams of fat and 10 carb grams. Peggy Trowbridge Filippone is a writer who develops approachable recipes for home cooks. If you have live oysters to be used in a cooked dish, rather than for eating raw, you can steam a few seconds or microwave them about 30 to 60 seconds on high depending on the oven wattage, just until the shells open. First discard any oysters with open shells—they have died and are not fit to eat. Toss in some boiled and cubed potatoes, and some bacon crumbs if you like. See this recipe: Oyster Stew with Garlic Toasts. As with many foods, size and age make a difference -- smaller and younger oysters will most likely be more tender. Top oysters on the half shell with barbecue sauce and grill in the shell over high heat. Scrub the shells of the remaining oysters, and rinse under cold running water. Herbs that pair well with oysters include. 2. There are many variations on this rich concoction of oysters, artichokes, mushrooms and butter, but, The Best Oyster Cookbooks for Seafood Lovers. Add precooked shucked oysters to an omelet. People are talking about football. The Oyster Obsession Facebook group’s love of Drago’s charbroiled oysters is well-established. All the Best Oyster Recipes and Half-Shell Toppings! If you want them breaded and fried, you might need to put the calories out of your mind. Privacy Policy Your Oyster Recipe of the Day: Crab and Oyster Bisque. This keeps the oyster shells out of landfills and gets them back into the water where baby oysters need them to grow. 7. Few foods are better than a cold, creamy, freshly shucked raw oyster. Raw oysters on the half shell are a briny delicacy, but not to everyone’s taste. Oysters are salty by nature, so most recipes using oysters will not need to be salted. I challenge you to tell the difference between them and freshly shucked a soup, stew, casserole, or sauce. Thinly sliced, buttered pumpernickel or crisp thin crackers complete the raw oyster-eating experience. Advertising Policy Six medium Eastern wild oysters (about 84 grams) have 43 calories, 1.4 grams of fat and 2.3 carb grams, about the same as one medium Pacific oyster. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to also enjoy cooked oysters. Now we’re talking about my kind of spaghetti sauce! It is used in many Chinese recipes.Oyster connoisseurs claim that cooking an oyster is blasphemy, preferring to eat them raw on the half-shell in their own liquor with nothing to overpower the delicate flavor. Shucking oysters is easier if you have the right tools. Your Oyster Recipe of the Day: Shrimp and Oyster Etouffee. Strain the oyster liquor before using it in recipes to remove any broken bits of shell. These also provide more than a day's worth of vitamin B12. Fry for about 1-2 minutes per side depending on the oysters size until they turn golden brown. Remove the top shell. Giada De, Dinnertime inspiration! Ramekins are filled with spinach and bacon goodness, Your Oyster Recipe of the Day: Artichoke and Oyster Casserole. starts with, Your Oyster Recipe of the Day: Roasted Oysters Decadence from Sunset Magazine lives up to its name. Flavor the liquid with herbs, if you like. Can I Eat Shrimp as Part of a Low-Fat Diet? Find pints of fresh, pre-shucked oysters at your favorite seafood shop or at the seafood counter in your supermarket. These numbers are about the same whether the oysters are eaten raw or are cooked dry or moist.


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