Of the roughly 180,000 Bronze Stars awarded during Iraq and Afghanistan, less than 3% were awarded for valor. These army, air force, and other military heroes showed extreme bravery in dire combat situations, thus earning an award for their service. Vietnam Campaign Medal Unit Citations 1. Was the first African American commissioned officer to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Army members have been awarded the medal since the award was created in 1944, which means there have been medal winners since World War Two, up through the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq. Furthermore, to my knowledge, most times a Bronze Star with V device was not issued with a specific citation (instead being issued for a specific battle, as opposed to say the Navy Cross that was awarded for specific actions detailed in the citation). The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to any person who, after December 6, 1941, while serving in any capacity with the Armed Forces of the United States, distinguishes himself or herself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving participation in aerial flight. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! Sacrificed his life to save several fellow Marines by diving on a grenade and absorbing the explosion with his body, His actions resulted in 14 confirmed Viet Cong killed in action and possibly 25 more, the capture of 20 prisoners, 15 weapons, and the rescue of the 14 United States and free world civilians. Thr bronze star is one of the higher military decorations that a soldier can be awarded. Men in vietnam were given bronze stars for savingtheir fellow soldiers under direct enemy contact. Killed by enemy gunfire after assisting in the defeat of an attacking enemy force, Killed after rescuing several wounded, assisting in destroying an enemy gun emplacement and resupplying ammunition to his unit. The Bronze Star was established in 1944 and was designed by Rudolf Freund. "HEROIC OR MERITORIOUS ACHIEVEMENT" is engraved on the reverse side. It may be awarded for individual acts of heroism, merit or meritorious service in a combat zone. The problem is that there were probably thousands of Bronze Medals awarded in Vietnam and many with a V for valor device. The recipients must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. It is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. Repeatedly risked his life to rescue wounded soldiers and attack groups of enemy soldiers, clearing multiple bunkers and houses sometimes single-handed. Although losing his arm and repeatedly losing consciousness from loss of blood after the helicopter he was on was shot down he fought back an enemy gun emplacement and assisted in the rescue of a fallen officer. Personnel are authorized one bronze campaign star for each qualifying campaign with a silver star worn in lieu of five bronze stars. No, there is no by name list maintained. Rescued and administered first aid to several wounded soldiers and led a group to defeat an enemy force causing them to retreat leaving behind 54 of their dead, many weapons, and grenades. Sacrificed his life to direct fire at the enemy at point blank range. Refused medical treatment or evacuation until after action and his men were settled. Vietnam Staff Service Medal 3. For falling on a grenade to save his comrades. Due to the nature of this medal it is commonly presented after the recipient has been killed (posthumously). The Bronze Star has been awarded since 1944 and can be given for acts of merit, heroism or meritorious service in combat that doesn't involve flight. Vietnam Service Medal; Type: Campaign medal: Awarded for: Service in geographical theater areas of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia from 4 July 1965 through 28 March 1973 and the evacuation of Saigon (USN, USMC, and USAF) from 29–30 April 1975. Zabitosky directed the defense until rescue helicopters arrived, and when the helicopter that was to extract him from the battlefield crashed, he ignored his own injuries to save the downed craft's pilot. The second- through fourth-award CIB awards were indicated with silver five-point stars, one to three stars centered, at badge's top, between the tips of the oak-leaf wreath; the fifth- through eighth-awards of the CIB were indicated with gold stars. Despite being wounded after his unit was attacked, he assumed command of the unit when the company commander was killed, organized the defense, and helped arrange a helicopter evacuation of the wounded. Although wounded multiple times he continued to fight and refused medical aid until the enemy attack was over, Risked his life attempting to save the lives of his entrapped comrades and commanding officer, Threw himself between enemy fire and an injured fellow Marine, Covered a grenade with his helmet and body, saving eight men, Risked his life by repeatedly leading groups of men in fighting back an enemy attack.


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