an Wintering Henslow’s Sparrows are mostly associated with Longleaf Pine savannas, a fire-dependent habitat. (2002). Wilson Bulletin 106:35-45. These birds forage on the ground, mainly eating insects and seeds. This species has also been observed in winter in other habitats such as grassy swales, marsh borders, utility line rights-of-way, roadsides, unmowed fields, and saline prairie. The Henslow’s Sparrow is . Recovery and Interstate Commerce Likewise, the South Dakotan population formerly known as P. h. occidentalis has been synonymized with the nominate. Habitat management activities are well underway on the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Grand Bay Land Acquisition and Habitat Management Project. The content below has been tagged with the term “Henslows Sparrow.”, December 17, 2019 | 2 Photo by USFWS. minute read. Peterson (1983) found them in large, ungrazed fields with a variety of moisture regimes and without woody invasion. Status of habitat selection of the Henslow's Sparrow in Illinois. Henslow's sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) is a passerine bird in the Passerellidae family. Tweet this page on Twitter or It was originally classified in the genus Emberiza and called Henslow's bunting.[2]. ABSTRACT.--Henslow's Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) is one of several grassland bird species that has declined during the last several decades. (1999). It was named by John James Audubon in honor of John Stevens Henslow. Start typing to search for web content...Visit the reading room to search for documents. Henslow's sparrow (Centronyx henslowii) is a passerine bird in the family Passerellidae. It was considered a distinct subspecies (P. h. houstonensis: Arnold, 1983) but is today considered to fall into the range of variation of the nominate subspecies (Browning, 1990). They migrate to marshes and open pine woods in the southeastern United States. Habitat Habitat. Herkert, J. R. 1994. Wet grasslands are also used. Habitat . Hanson, L. G. 1994. (2001). 39 pp. The Texas population was solely known from a 105-acre (0.42 km2) brushfield near Houston and disappeared after devegetation due to industrial development in the 1980s. Winter habitats of Henslow's sparrow are similar to breeding habitats, in that they are dominated by dense groundcover. Carrie NR, Robert OW, Kenneth RM, Jeffrey CS & et al. [4] The nest is a well-concealed open cup on or close to the ground in a grassy location; these birds often nest in small colonies. Their song is a quick se-lick. Applegate RD, Flock BE & Horak GJ. The Henslow’s Sparrow nests in natural grasslands and pastures in the midwestern and eastern U.S. and Canada. M.S. follow @USFWSsoutheast. The Henslow's Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) of Minnesota: population status and breeding habitat analysis. Share this page on Facebook or Thatcher BS, Krementz DG & Woodrey MS. (2006). Habitat loss may be partially attributed to the decline, although Henslow’s sparrows remain absent from numerous traditional locales where apparently suitable habitat still exists. December 17, 2019 | 2 minute read. Biological Resources Division’s Breeding Bird Survey data and other studies, the Henslow’s Sparrow has steadily declined in abundance and distribution during the … Thesis, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Description. It was named by John James Audubon in honor of John Stevens Henslow. Sheldon P, Nicholas RH & Geoffrey EH. The content below has been tagged with the term “Henslows Sparrow.” Articles. Photo by USFWS. follow USFWSsoutheast. (2002). The Henslow's Sparrow is a grassland species, preferring tall, dense, grassy fields without woody vegetation. As evidenced by U.S.G.S. It was originally classified in the genus Emberiza and called Henslow's bunting. This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 19:33. However, it has heavily benefited from the Conservation Reserve Program formed by the United States Department of Agriculture, which has helped to stabilize its population. The only remaining subspecies generally (but not universally) accepted are the eastern Henslow's sparrow and the western Henslow's sparrow, whose ranges are for the most part separated by the Appalachian Mountains. Adults have streaked brown upperparts with a light brown breast with streaks, a white belly and a white throat. Reach out to a regional spokesperson. Reinking DL, Wiedenfeld DA, Wolfe DH & Rohrbaugh RW, Jr. (2000). Robb AB, Travis LD, Peter ES & Steven LL. Herkert, J. R., P. D. Vickery, and D. E. Kroodsma. Permits, Waterfowl Although several studies have char- acterized the habitat requirements of breeding Henslow's Sparrows, winter habitat require- ments for the species remain poorly known. Their breeding habitat is shrubby fields, often wet, in southern Canada, the northeastern United States, and the midwestern United States.


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