Godrej ChotuKool: A Cooling Solution for Mass Markets Q.1. Is this the world’s cheapest refrigerator? 7000 existed for a refrigerator in India Low running costs and lower capacity is required by rural customers The product was priced at Rs. Operating temperature range. Developing countries as well as places like the US - *WE* need appliances that minimize electrical use - the US uses a disproportionate amount of the worlds energy and needs to reduce the usage. Review: AndaSeat Fnatic Edition treats your butt like a pro gamer's, Hydroelectric Bluetooth speaker is powered by the shower, Kitchen gadget converts food scraps to compost in a claimed 48 hours, Google's new Nest Thermostat is simpler and cheaper, Perseverance rover to create oxygen on the surface of Mars, Discovery of mechanism that switches off fat production after eating, Australian eVTOL prototype debuts a new spin on the tilt rotor, Brain-reading hearing aid tech homes in on speakers' voices. Well done on trying to help the lives of the poor- But I can’t see too much innovation in this- it uses a peltier- and looks like products that one can get readily from China- please can someone tell me why this is \"so good\' -and the price! Godrej has been a pioneer in the refrigeration space since 1958, when it launched the first Indian refrigerator. Price : Rs. No compressors, No moving … Chotukool The Journey The need for a market below Rs. I am involved in the design,demonstration,dissemination of (3D approach) many innovative gadgets like Simple Solar Drier, Vertical and Cylindrical Solar Water Heater, Pedal operated washing machine, Hand operated battery charger,Savonius Wind rotor with concentrator for battery charging, Solar Disinfection unit for safe drinking water,Microhydro device for low heads, Air-cum-water cooler, Cap to beat heat, Fireproof apron,etc., What is more I have not taken any patents on my innovative devices. INTRODUCTION Godrej & Boyce (G&B) to launch a new innovative product Chotukool-a small refrigerator. Godrej Chotukool - Manufacturing The system consisted of thermoelectric chips on one side with heat sink and the other side with heat transfer aluminum finned block The product was made out of plastic … It looks like a 43 litre cool box, which is loaded from the top, and can run on battery. The portable, top-opening unit weighs only 7.8kg, uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power and consumes half the energy used by regular refrigerators. This new distribution ecosystem is just one of the unique experiments that Godrej is trying out to make a splash in the bottom of the pyramid refrigerator market. INTRODUCTION Godrej & Boyce (G&B) to launch a new innovative product Chotukool-a small refrigerator. Effective refrigeration in rural areas can help people extend their access to not only food, but also essential drugs. Price : Rs. Way to high for a person earning $5 USD a day. "It’s a reverse engineering of sorts,” says G. Sunderraman, Vice President of Corporate Development at Godrej & Boyce. Sunderraman says the idea to target the bottom of the pyramid customers was given shape at a workshop with Clayton M. Christensen, the Harvard University professor, best known for his ideas on disruptive innovation. India hosts the world’s largest population deprived of electricity. GET UPTO 25% OFF ON PRE-BOOKING!! The ChotuKool has undergone several alterations after every little detail, including pricing and color (red and blue were the clear winners) was discussed with a select group of villagers and micro-finance institutions. This is a product that has crossed several technological barriers and is designed to cross several social barriers as well.


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