Would the Greenes have been able to achieve such notoriety had they not found such capable craftsmen like the Halls to bring their grandiose designs to life? And if you’ve already been to the Gamble House, leave a comment below – I’d love to hear about your experience there! The third floor is a single room and was originally intended to be used as a billiards room, but the Gambles really only used it as a storage attic. It’d be easy to imagine dozing off in an easy chair or sleeping under the stars out there on a warm summer night. Dark wooden decking, garden furniture and decor inspiration to help you to make your outside living space an extension of your home. Railway Train XXL Set . Down the hall, “Aunt Julia’s Room” (below) mostly features simple wicker furniture and an unpretentious brass framed bed. The Gamble House was designed in 1908 by architects Greene & Greene. Once a month, Gamble House (gamblehouse.org) offers a three-hour Details and Joinery Tour, led by renowned furniture maker James Ipekjian. £76.50. But it’s a cozy room that is perfectly proportioned for its purposes. Looking back at the front door through the entry hall, you can catch a glimpse of the custom piano in the living room (above on the left, and below on the right) that was designed by the Greenes and built by the Halls, then shipped to Cincinnati, Ohio to be outfitted by the Baldwin Piano Company, before finally being shipped back to the Gamble House. See more ideas about Craftsman interior, Gamble house, Craftsman bungalows. In the context of the rest of the house, the room itself is quite small. More than a dozen wood species can be found in this home. A walk in pantry makeover. If you follow along on Instagram then you know we recently became parents for the first time to one sweet little girl. See more ideas about House, House interior, House design. The Gamble House is like no other home I’ve ever seen. Touring the upstairs of the home affords another opportunity to appreciate the amazing staircase that I spoke of earlier. As a result I now have collected much of the furniture pieces that I fell in love with. How about washed your hair with Pantene shampoo? A tsuba is the guard between the handle and the blade of traditional Japanese swords. It all began when David and Mary Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble family packed up their belongings and moved from … It’s a must for woodworkers. Lifestyle & Motherhood Blog by Wendy Correen Smith. The conservation of Greene & Greene’s famed Gamble House in Pasadena, CA, was concerned mainly with exterior wood elements. The final room of the tour takes you through is Mr. Gamble’s private study. The upstairs hallway is wide and long and lit by a large bank of windows that looks out over the front lawn. See more ideas about House, House interior, House design. In my previous post, A Pilgrimage to The Gamble House: Part I, I walked you through the many breathtaking vantage points that abound on the exterior of The Gamble House. Attached to Aunt Julia’s room is the another sleeping porch and this one is part of the tour. Our site may contain links to our affiliate partners (like Etsy, Amazon and eBay), and if purchases are made through these links, we may receive a small commission (at no cost to you, of course) which we use to maintain and improve our site. Around much of the perimeter of the room, subtle wood-carved friezes (below) depict many of the natural elements that are prevalent in the surrounding Arroyo Seco Valley and San Gabriel Mountains. The tables, chairs, cabinetry, stained glass, even light fixtures and switches were all part of the design package. Once inside the entry hall, you’re attention is immediately seized by the cascading stairway that rises on your right. You first see the guest bedroom which is modestly furnished with original furniture from Gustav Stickley. From its grand exterior presence to its subtle esoteric interior details, the house is enthralling. Exterior | Interior | Restoration. I have done my best to describe the feelings and emotions that I felt as I toured the home, but if you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend visiting and experiencing it for yourself. A large range with an enormous hood sits in the far corner of the room, with an island situated in the middle. Jun 6, 2020 - Explore Ashley Gamble's board "Gamble House", followed by 199 people on Pinterest. Because so many of the windows are shaded by the large overhanging eaves on the roof, the house for the most part is relatively dim, relying on filtered natural light and warm amber stained glass fixtures to provide light. I’ve admired dried orange garlands for years but for our own home felt they always looked a little too muted and yellow. The Gamble House is currently not offering interior tours. The kitchen, not meant to be showed off and rarely even seen by the Gambles or their guests, is the most utilitarian space in the house. Designed in 1908 by the architectural firm of brothers Charles and Henry Greene, The Gamble House embodies the Greenes at the absolute pinnacle of their creative prowess and has been referred to by many as the one of the finest examples of Arts & Crafts architecture anywhere in the world. Architectural and design topics focusing on historic restoration and landmark homes of the early 20th century, from the perspective of an Arts & Crafts, Craftsman and Bungalow Home Enthusiast. Bij de verbouwing van hun 84 jaar oude woning volgen Rob en Irene niet de trends van de moderne tijd, maar luisteren ze naar hun gevoel. The Gamble House, which was built by the Greene Brothers for the Proctor and Gamble family in 1908, is known as one of the most authentic and well-preserved examples of the Arts and Crafts movement that spread like a wildfire in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Pasadena. Little Dutch. Clocks & Mirrors. The Gamble House is like no other home I’ve ever seen. While the exterior of the house is spectacular – with its incongruity often highlighted and celebrated – it is gracefully contrasted by the interior’s rigorous attention to precision and detail. It is truly a life changing experience to visit this beautiful home. When first built, the floor was linoleum, and the floor you see today is actually the original subfloor. Oak, redwood, Douglas fir, teak, cedar and other species were formed into timber beams, rafter tails, wall shakes and interior elements. Something fun we decided to try this year is dried grapefruit. The third floor was planned as a billiard room but was used as an attic by the Gamble family. Sep 20, 2020 - Explore Ashley Gamble's board "Gamble House", followed by 200 people on Pinterest.


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