Single Male Red Factor Canary $ 260.00 $ 189.25. Red Factor Canaries. Beautiful vivid color canaries,ready for new homes.We ship to your door.PayPal welcome. I have several beautiful red males in front and Intensive, They are from good blood lines, I have show and pet quality. In modern times, the red coloring is maintained through selective breeding of canaries that possess the red color genes. Large black cage slanted roof top. The term 'Red Factor' refers to the gene that the birds carry, that reacts to Canthaxanthin and Beta-Carotene, and causes their feathers to go a red … He is a young, beautiful and healthy bird, and a … They all are... A few Canaries For Sale Red factor canaries for sale. Below are photos of Ivory Frosted Red Factor Canaries. I have numerous young, male and female, clear and variegated, red element canaries for sale. I have about 6 pairs for sale. (Many thanks to Monty for this information). The male canaries are... Red factor canaries for sale. How do I choose a roommate for my red factor canary? We ship anywhere in Continental US.PayPal welcome. The photos are... a few red-factor, breeding-pairs are available. The mix of warmth and moisture makes it more difficult to fight off disease though. Red Factor Canary Classifieds by, part of the, LLC group of websites. I have assorted colors of canary's. Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total), What you need to know about Red Factor Canaries, This topic has 17 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated. They are in perfect condition. This cage was never used. Liquid colour enhancers that are mixed with the bird’s drinking water are also available but are rarely recommended by breeders. The red factor canary is a popular pet bird, kept for the novelty of their vivid red plumage. Within reason, yes. Easy clean up. We have frosted red factors, variegated red factors, crested red factors and a brown crested. They are social and will sing and dance with each other and with you. Stafford canaries are a cross between a red factor and a Gloster canary. Canaries are an investment that brings beauty of the senses into your home. If you end up with a Color canary it will probably be the red. Your choice only $60.00 each Will ship anywhere in USA. This is for about fifty feeding hens. So the correct answer is “a bit of both.”. Owning a canary is like possessing a ray of sunshine. They are from show quality blood lines. Another thing, my canary was lying on the floor of the cage with his wings outspread, in the end I sprayed him with water and he recovered, was it heatstroke? Carrots, broccoli, kale, and other red bird-safe fruits and veggies are commonly given. I have Red Factor and Yellow Canary's., and Blue Canary's. Both are young and healthy birds, in beautiful color and great... Mishawaka Indiana Pets and Animals 85 $ View pictures. Stunning birds. Great singers. Check out our blog for pictures and prices of our birds at - - these are healthy canaries raised in flight cages and fed a diverse diet with … I could be wrong, but I believe the color factor gene is recessive while the color intensity/melanin genes are dominant. In modern times, the red coloring is maintained through selective breeding of canaries that possess the red color genes. Red siskins are no longer required, and after generations of outbreeding, red canaries possess very little siskin DNA. This is a perfect example of the red bronze from the red factor line of singing canaries. We have many colors, from reds, bronze reds (great singer), frosted bronze (great singer), mosaics, intense yellows, and whites. One is intense and one is frosted. Canaries are an investment that bring beauty of the senses into your home. Paper rolls under each cage. Copyright © 2005-2020, LLC. I have a few of this years nestlings of Canaries now that are ready to find new homes. They are really enjoyable and enjoying dogs. I have 2 canaries for sale, just around a year old. $... Cockatiels, handfed, just weaned.


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