The editor-in-chief and creator of Command Beacon. Hope that helps! It can sort of be a win condition on its own in the late game if you've built up a sizeable enough hand that a Windfall might just mill everyone out, but for that, you'll need to have Jace, Wielder of Mysteries or Laboratory Maniac to win when you draw out. It's so much fun because you have so much synergies in the deck! He’s like TNN in that a control deck will use him towards the end of the match to clean up an opponent. Psychosis triggers, dealing 1 damage, pay 1 with a creature to Nadir Kraken, put a Tentacle onto the battlefield. Play Arcane Adaptation naming Saproling, then with all the cards on the field, draw a card, probably through Sage of the Falls. Otherwise with our deck, if you don't specifically know about the Smothering Tithe+Prosperity combo, you could search our whole deck and have no idea what our win condition is, it just looks like a pile of friendly group hug cards and some removal and counterspells. Casual:  . Terms of Use | Lemme know if you have any other cards you're considering, I've probably thought about them to, and I'm happy to share my thoughts! We’re going back to Theros with all of its monsters that live there, so let’s do a little combo with Nadir Kraken. You’ll probably do really well if you put him in a UB or UW (especially if you follow it up with Dream Trawler!) There's a lot of similar affects so theres a lot of routes to go. Limited: 4.75 Hey no worries OatmealBear, happy to help! This site © 2020, LLC Pirates Card of the Day – Over 800 Reviews! style deck at your FNM Draft. The only fall-back instant spell that does not add to the mill theme is Bubble Snare which could freeze out a creature that might become problematic. Constructed:  In Constructed, while I like the krakalakin, I don’t think he’s up to snuff for the consistency and aggressive nature of Pioneer, he might do well in Standard as a sideboard card but I don’t seem him in the main 60 since even with his low mana cost you’re going to be spending resources to protect him where as a more resilient finisher like Dream Trawler will just demand your excess lands. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. I think a card draw/mill deck is definitely doable, but you're probably better off going with Bruvac the Grandiloquent or Kami of the Crescent Moon and hard committing to the strategy. While TNN doesn’t require protection, it also doesn’t provide any bonuses outside of being an unblockable 3/1. This card reminds me of True-Name Nemesis, not in terms of power but in that it’s a low cmc threat that Control Decks can use to finish out the game. If you're just using if for the card draw, we have enough strictly better options that don't make us discard so we don't really need it, and I don't think we have enough artifact spells to capitalize off of making Myr tokens or enough atifacts to be able to get enough artifacts into our grave for the alternate win condition. Commander: 3.75. Sage of the Falls triggers, drawing a card. Discord Server | Privacy statement | 1 is bad. by Dragon25262, Flying Scrying (Budget) Hello everyone and welcome to Pojo’s Card of the Day! Cube 3/5 – I think he’ll do pretty well here, I have him in for testing and I am eager to see how it turns out. Sorry, but I see no reason to spend 5 mana on a 3/3 flier that has no mill effect, no card draw effect and is not unblockable - the value is just not there. EDH/Commander: 4/5. A good way to commence the Tentacling or Re-Tentacling, Nadir Kraken reminds me a fair bit of Magic 2015‘s Chasm Skulker, where card draw gives you more benefit. As for Mirrodin Besieged, you'd have to play a lot more artifacts to make it work. Originally I was making a mill deck with Kami of the Crescent Moon and all of those kinds of cards, but I think thats its own dedicated strategy, not really a group hug thing. Feeds | In the current meta, there are 2 mill mechanisms - 1) Teferi's Tutelage which causes your opponent to mill each time that you draw a card, and 2) Ruin Crab which causes your opponent to mill each time that you play a land. Assuming Nadir Kraken stays in play, you’re pretty much guaranteed one +1/+1 counter and one token per turn, and even more when your Commander table starts casting their Howling Mine and Wheel of Fate variants. by DarkRepulsor, Thrasios's Expedition They started playing Magic during the Scars of Mirrodin block and hasn’t been able to stop since. Are the tentacles separate entities from the kraken? Reviews Below: Just not sure what it really does for us. Multiplayer: 3/5 This site is unaffiliated. Ratings: That makes it an easy and interesting card to build with. When deciding between these two decks ill say one is more comboy which means itll feel the same each game basically this one is mostly synergy so it'll feel different playing it each time. We tend to hold a full hand of cards most of the time with all our extra drawing, and Windfall gets the best value after you've played out your hand and can capitalize on discarding maybe 1 or 2 cards to draw 6 or 7 off an opponent. Constructed: 3/5 Casual: 4/5 You can certainly include group draw cards in that style of deck to get extra triggers and draw your opponents through their decks even faster too, but I don't think they go in the friendlier soft-control style we're going for here. Pay 1, put a +1/+1 counter on Nadir Kraken and make a 1/1 Blue Tentacle Creature Token. Repeat for unlimited draw and a very large Nadir Kraken. Is someone in R&D a fan of Futurama‘s “Beast with a Billion Backs”? He’s like a bomb-swarm in one and definitely worth first picking in a pack. Date Reviewed: February 11, 2020. and immediately want to blow it up so that you don't even become a problem. Maybe bring back Goblinslide or Nadir Kraken, which require paying a cost but can be done as many times as I want. . As for Windfall, I think its value is somewhat diminished for us in our deck. I think this guy is going to do well in Cube though, oddly enough a high powered environment is a perfect place for this guy in 1v1 formats. Cards like Keep Safe fit into the theme because they counter a spell and also allow you to draw a card, thereby causing your opponent to mill. 5 is great. Unlike the Skulker, you do have to pay for it, but the payoff is pretty powerful: 1 mana gets you a 1/1 Tentacle token and an additional +1/+1 counter on Nadir Kraken. Tevesh And Kydele Sitting In A Tree, D-R-A-W-I-N-G Psychosis triggers, dealing 1 damage, pay 1 with the Saproling Tentacle to create another Saproling Tentacle etc... Samut just provides haste so any card works there, although Samut keeps it 2 colors. Day's Undoing definitely works with Ominous Seas, and it also allows any extra mana to pump up Nadir Kraken (I think the +1/+1 triggers would resolve before the end-of-turn trigger). We’d be happy to link back to your blog / YouTube Channel / etc. It’s rare that you’ll be able to use this guy to his full potential in that format. Trigger Mentor of the Meek, sacrifice the Tentacle to Ashnod’s Altar for 2 mana and use 1 to pay for Mentor of the Meeks trigger and draw a card. Limited:  Constructed: 3.75 I also play a experience counter atraxa similar to yours. by Lord_Cypher, Knowledge is Power However, when everyone has full hands, its usually not card advantage anymore, its basically just a one-time Teferi's Puzzle Box except we have to discard everything in our hand, some things we might have prefered to keep, and instead draw a whole new hand blind. Yes, you need a bit of control so that your opponent doesn't roll you over too quickly, but your main focus must be mill. This one is pretty convoluted... Nadir Kraken + Sage of the Falls + Arcane Adaptation + Life and Limb + Samut, Tyrant Smasher + Psychosis Crawler. Commander [EDH]: I’m not quite sure I get this card. No threats, no worries! Kinda hard to play innocent after that.


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