Dastardly diggers lurk in the garden and strike under cover of soil. [4] Females become pregnant again soon after parturition. Voles eat plants, and are far more destructive in the landscape than moles. Voles are rodents, with front teeth designed for gnawing. Voles eat plants, and are far more destructive in the landscape than moles. The weight is 20 to 50 grams (0.71 to 1.76 oz). If you’d rather use smaller fences around your vegetation, you can take the same materials to wrap a small perimeter around what you’d like to protect. This is why preventing an indoor intrusion is an important step that shouldn’t be neglected. A burrow hole created by a vole will never be greater than three inches. This makes it especially important to keep a safe distance from them in your yard. However, predators do little to control vole populations due to vole breeding capacity and annual breeding cycles. On the other hand, you’ll want to release a vole from a live trap as soon as possible before it dehydrates and dies. The field vole or short-tailed vole (Microtus agrestis) is a grey-brown vole,[2] around 10 cm in length, with a short tail. Mission | It occasionally eats invertebrates such as insect larvae. Store-bought repellents either come in granule or spray form and usually contain castor oil with a mixture of other ingredients that repel voles with their odor and taste. Female field voles sometimes spontaneously move in the time gap between weaning one litter and producing the next, a phenomenon typical of this species. Rodent poisons work well on voles (not moles; moles aren't tempted by the grain in rodent bait.) Especially when it comes to spring-loaded traps, these can be dangerous if you accidentally snap it onto your fingers. Traps are effective for moles and voles. Voles might be deterred from digging into a plant which is installed with a hefty dose of stone around the planting hole. You can buy screen or covers specifically made for these entrances that fit over the tops and keep out pests while maintaining the original purpose of the opening (i.e. Although they make shallow burrows, they usually build nests above ground. Both male and female voles will stay with their mother and father for only a short period of time. Field voles breed prolifically, mainly in summer, but often all year round, even under snow. They are an important food source for owls and some other predators and their population size tends to peak and trough cyclically. Your first step in treating a vole infestation is remediating the problem at hand. Prefer living among shorter, drier grasses, Active daily and year-round like most other vole species, but vary their amount of activity in winter and summer, Adults can reach up to 10”, including their tail, Tail encompasses almost 30% of their length and can make them difficult to distinguish from mice, Dark hair, usually ranging from gray to black, Found throughout the western U.S. and Canada, Less particular with their habitat than their cousin species and have been found in grassy areas, meadows, forests, and banks against bodies of water, Active year-round, but are mainly nocturnal, Not known to construct underground tunnels, unlike other voles, therefore less of a property damage issue. Media Kit | All parts of plants can be vole food. Similar to trapping voles, you can use vole poison or those designed for either rats or mice. Nature's Mace Mole Repellent 100% Castor Oil-32oz Concentrate, Victor M7002-2 Mole & Gopher Repellent, Yellow. Like mice, voles are also small with hairy tails and similar coloring that usually ranges from brown to grey or black. Like mice, voles are also small with hairy tails and similar coloring that usually ranges from brown to grey or black. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use, Rules, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Press fresh mole tunnels down. [9], The field vole is common over most of its very wide range, although thinning out towards the peripheries and may be locally scarce where conditions are less suitable. A previously unseen tunnel leads right to the stricken plant. Barriers can protect your best specimens and force the foes to find a meal somewhere else. Back to the top Rabbits will cause uniform, larger marks and can even clip off entire branches.


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