Ethylene oxide can last in the air for weeks and can be transported with prevailing winds. There is no single cause of, or risk factor for, breast cancer. Commercial Sterilizers: EPA is also conducting an RTR for the Ethylene Oxide Emissions Standards for Sterilization Facilities NESHAP. According to the report, the levels of ethylene oxide measured in the air while the plant was closed hovered anywhere from around .01 to .3 micrograms per cubic meters in some areas. EPA's regulatory work under the Clean Air Act guarantees that every citizen has opportunities to provide comments on any air pollution rule proposed by EPA. Other states acted. The concentration of ethylene oxide associated with a 1-in-a-million cancer risk, for a lifetime of continuous exposure, is 0.0002 ug/m3. This is a form of medical testing available to some researchers, but not currently available to the medical community broadly. The mid-term estimated levels (two weeks to one year) and the long-term estimated levels in the air are also below levels that may cause noncancer health effects. Ethylene oxide is a volatile compound, meaning that it does not persist for a long time in the environment. NATA is not considered a full risk assessment, and cannot tell any one person if they are going to get cancer or the cause of cancer that they did get. Test results of air samples taken at about two dozen locations around a plant that uses ethylene oxide to sterilize medical equipment show levels of the carcinogenic gas increased after it reopened earlier this year. 6 Georgia residents suing Sterigenics, BD over ethylene oxide exposure. EPA considers any exposure, however small, to a carcinogen to create some cancer risk. Ethylene oxide … Also, every eight years after setting the MACT standards, the Clean Air Act requires that the EPA review and revise the MACT standards, if necessary, to account for improvements in air pollution controls and/or pollution prevention. It also will help us determine whether more immediate emission reduction steps are necessary in any particular locations. You can also check at for updated information at Illinois EPA information on Ethylene Oxide Exit. Medline has developed a plan to enhance its control of emissions from both controlled emissions stacks and from fugitive emissions sources. EPA has begun reviewing its air toxics emissions standards for miscellaneous organic chemical manufacturing facilities, some of which emit ethylene oxide. 2. Like all air pollutants, ethylene oxide disperses in the air, with the speed of dispersal depending on the strength of winds. “I think that any poison in the air is too much, and I’ll keep doing everything I can to keep everyone safe," he said. We are not aware of data suggesting that ethylene oxide is associated with effects such as birth defects or autism. 5.1. Its estimated half-life in the atmosphere is 69 days (during summer months) to 149 days (during winter months). EPA has existing rules for industries that emit ethylene oxide, and we have begun to review those. Georgia EPD doubted ethylene oxide cancer risks. EPA does not set air quality standards for these pollutants, but rather develops emission standards specifically for those industrial facilities that emit them in two phases. A Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Environmental Protection Division truck arrives at Sterigenics in Smyrna on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2019. “That in it of itself shows there’s a greater amount of ethylene oxide in the air within our community when Sterigenics reopened,” she said. Evidence in humans indicates that long-term exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of cancers of the white blood cells, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, and lymphocytic leukemia. We are taking a two-pronged approach to finding opportunities to reduce ethylene oxide emissions: EPA is reviewing Clean Air Act regulations for facilities that emit ethylene oxide: EPA is also getting additional information on ethylene oxide emissions: EPA has existing National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs) for industries that emit ethylene oxide, and we have begun to review and update those.


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