Our physicians are united by the mission of providing better, more coordinated care for their patients. If we can each help spread Dr. B's concepts to a few people, who can then change their lives for the better, it's all worth it. Other questions have come up after listening to our interview. Patients are discovering a more convenient doctor’s appointment. Our Care Center is conveniently located in Annapolis, MD. When I finally met the patient, I admit that I was a bit disappointed. To learn more about Privia Medical Group and find other Privia doctors, please visit our website. I thought that before this experience, but I have been completely reassured. He also got the patient started on the diet and medication doses that would facilitate normal blood glucose levels. His book has literally changed my life and how I look at food. On the second day, he went over a thoroughly detailed management of diabetes. See your provider's openings and schedule appointments. Diabetes Health Type 2 & Type 1: Science Catches Up to Our Experiences. Please discuss any change in diet or medication with your doctor. The thought HAD crossed my mind!) . In addition to treating disease, we are committed to providing our patients with lifestyle strategies that have been documented to improve health and prevent disease. Keep up Good post & wish the best for your career. We've personally seen the benefits of a low carb/intensive insulin regimen. Anyone else had a problem? Usually the ones who pick this option are people either who have diabetes or have relatives with diabetes. I'd love to spend a year or two with Dr. Bernstein and honestly, I have the flexibility to do it but I'm not a physician (although my husband asked me after this interview if I now want to become go to med school in my 40's like Dr. B. So, anyway, that's one thing. He performs more than a dozen tests for neuropathies and other diabetic complications. Get office & appointment info for Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, family doctor in Mamaroneck, NY. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in New York, Maryland, and New Jersey. Since there's so much information regarding the technical aspects of his program (links included at the end of this post), my goal was to get to know Dr. Richard K. Bernstein as a person. As I waited for Dr. Bernstein, a few interesting things jumped out at me. This CLIA certificate is issued to Dr. Richard K Bernstein Md to perform only waived tests. We only recommend products that we've personally used, like, and support our goal of expanding the awareness and knowledge base of the low-carb way of eating for the treatment of diabetes. Temporary technical problem or what? Be there when that person is ready with questions. Now he maintains an A1C in the 4s, as do his patients. It was a wonderful experience and he was very personable, funny and incredibly willing to talk. Dr. Bernstein is not currently accepting new primary care patients, but is still available for pulmonology and allergy consults. Now 80, he developed type 1 diabetes when he was just 12 and spent the next 20 years following the standard regimen of high-carb meals, roller coaster blood sugars, and inevitable health consequences. He's fought mainstream rejection since he first discovered the 'why and how of normalizing blood sugar levels'. Well into adulthood and already suffering many complications from the disease, he eventually managed to acquire a blood sugar monitor (at the time, in the 1960s, blood sugar could only otherwise be tested by doctors in hospital laboratories). The thing is, most of us aren't physicians (or other medical profesionals and even fewer people can spend a year in an unpaid apprenticeship, but we all have doctors, friends and family. Read more about A1c, Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, insulin, low-carb diet, neuropathy. All rights reserved. Thank you for your support!For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions. He also has an oscillometer, which resembles a blood pressure cuff, but measures oscillations in the blood vessels. Dr.  Bernstein: I was planning to live forever but some statisticians tell me that there's at least a 50% probability that I'm wrong. We all want your knowledge to live on and to spread even further than it already has. So, Samantha (Dr. B's Executive Director) and my son sort of jointly sparked an idea in my head.


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