Bend your fingers at the first and middle joints only. Men's Health, Sexual Dysfunction, Blood and Urine Tests. From here, curl your fingers into a fist before straightening your knuckles while keeping the middle and end joints of your fingers bent. Severe weakness results in limited AROM. Differential tendon gliding in the hand. differentiate between poor tendon glide due to adhesions, and true muscle weakness. 164-7. 1984; 9:596. Therefore, nerve gliding exercises are often used post-surgery or as part of a rehabilitation program from an injury. FLEXOR TENDON GLIDING EXERCISES Hand Therapy Service For further information please contact: Physiotherapy Department 01935 384358 Occupational Therapy Department 01935 384215 Leaflet No: 13075010 11/10 Review Date … 6-8 wks: tendon gliding, differential tendon gliding, scar management, and light purposeful ax 8 … The program incorporates thumb range of motion and three basic fist positions: hook, fist, and straight fist. Many therapists recommend tendon gliding exercis-es as developed by Wehbe (2,3) but one should real-ize these are intended for maximal differential glide of … Adhesions also can occur in nonsynovial regions, such as the flexor mass of the forearm, and restrict the muscle’s gliding and lengthening properties. maximum differential excursion of the FDP and the FDS within zone 2 occurs in the active hook position. Common areas for exercising include the … 1992; 17:1012–1016. Bend your … Bend your knuckles, keeping the middle and end joints of your fingers straight. and tendon gliding exercises. • isolated active tendon differential gliding of the injured tendon begins by at least 4 to 6 weeks and active, assisted, complete fist and passive range of motion. The tendon gliding exercises were described by Wehbe´ and Hunter20 and are identical to the exercises frequently prescribed in hand therapy to prevent adhesions and to promote tendon healing following tendon surgery (Fig. The median nerve gliding exercises that have been usedinclinicaltrialsforCTS21,22 wereproposedby With the wrist in neutral, the superficialis tendon achieved an excursion of 24 mm and the profundus tendon 32 mm. Fingers to Palm Position. ... stretching, differential fl exor gliding, extensor strength- Ulnar nerve gliding exercises. capable of recreating all six therapy exercises, which are beneficial for post-operative hand injury and stroke patients. Nerve gliding exercises may help decrease pain associated with cubital tunnel syndrome. 6-8 weeks. Risk Factors for Stroke. Flexor tendon gliding was studied in vivo in 48 hands. mindful that after surgery for contracture, the patient . TENDON-GLIDING EXERCISES Tendon adhesions may result after trauma or surgery. Many therapists recommend tendon gliding exercises as developed by Wehbe 2,3 but one should realize these are intended for maximal differential glide of all flexor tendons across all joints. 2) Bend the elbow toward you, palm side facing you. The tips of your … Wehbe MA. From this position, bend the middle joints of your fingers, keeping the tips of your fingers straight. Instructions and videos guide you through Achilles tendon stretches and exercises that you can use to speed your recovery from injury, improve mobility, and prevent future injuries. A series of videos illustrating different hand therapy exercises. Differential Tendon Gliding. J Hand Surg Am. An exercise program for tendon gliding is introduced for use in hand treatment and rehabilitation. References [1] Wehbe, M.A., 1987, "Tendon gliding exercises," Am J Occup Ther, 41(3), pp. These muscles are located on the dorsal side of the forearm and go to the lateral side of the thumb through a fibrous-osseous tunnel made of the processus styloideus radii and the extensor retinaculum. 37 Differential tendon gliding and active finger flexion are necessary to restore range of motion. Credit to Maital Falkovitz for the videography and editing. Repeat these exercises once a day, three to five times per week, or as tolerated. If resistance/adherence is present in zone 2, these exercises may not remediate the zone 2 adherence. õ•TðáKC@;>NRUÖ-]ž}²É¬üwٓa)T,Ù? Tendon and nerve displacement at the wrist during finger movements. Excursion problems due to tendon adhesions will also limit AROM, but the tendon will be able to take significant resistance at its end range. Nerve gliding exercises encourage the nerves to glide normally as you move your joints. 1: 1–5). There are five annular pulleys (A1-A5) and three cruciform pulleys (C1-C3). Besides advice, splinting and nerve and tendon gliding exercises are the most frequently performed non‐invasive treatment modalities for CTS. Three finger motions—straight-fist, hook, and fist—were found to provide maximum differential gliding for superficialis and profundus tendons in respect to each other, as well as in respect to the flexor sheath and bone.


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