The acting is fairly solid, all things considered. DAYLIGHT'S END would be the second time that lead actor Johnny Strong (who is probably best known to the movie public for his role as real-life CAG Sniper "Shughart" in BLACK HAWK DOWN [2001]) has worked with William Kaufman; their first collaboration being the … for the zombie/vampire/apocalypse enthusiast. Read Common Sense Media's End of Days review, age rating, and parents guide. Daylight's End movie reviews & Metacritic score: Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on … Post-apocalyptic horror thriller Daylight's End doesn’t score high points for storytelling originality, but the action has a pulpy shoot-’em-up vigour. I guess I found out where he's been hiding all these years? If you love the zombie apocalypse movie (and the subgenre of vampire apocalypse movie) then you will love this thing. Wow! I see a lot of inflated reviews here, so I registered to say that the movie is actually pretty good, but not as great as early reviews here led me to believe. If you’re wondering what Lance Henriksen has been up to recently, you’ll probably be interested in his latest movie, Daylight’s End, which is set for a limited release tomorrow. And just to make things a bit more complicated, there's an Alpha zombie-vampire-thing that can direct the other zombie things. These actors truly delivered. Enjoy this Monday with Mildred! Daylight’s End (2016) is a 1h 45-min American science-fiction action horror movie that was shot in Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas, USA and Dallas Municipal Building - 106 South Harwood, Dallas, Texas, USA. Vampire-Zombie-Like Creatures vs. I think this is worth the "price of admission," but only on a slow night. This content requires the base application Daylight's End VR Edition on Steam in order to run. Daylight’s End I heard someone say the other day that they couldn’t tell the difference between vampires and zombies. Director: William Kaufman Release date: 2016 Contains spoilers This is most definitely a zompire movie. Vampires have to sleep in the day, yet some of these are always awake. A drifter reluctantly agrees to help a small group unaffected by the plague which has turned most humans into bloodthirsty monsters. No well-deserved vacation on a sunny beach. Will they succeed in their intent? Well done Mr. Strong. Everyone else is fairly solid all things considered. REVIEW: Daylight’s End is a post-apocalyptic film set sometime in the not too distant future, probably sometime after the day after tomorrow, but before the end of days, whenever that is. This films uses it's effects very well and doesn't try to be more than what it is. In this experience on PC you get to see text chat from the other players at the end of a 'round'. review of another edition What a wonderful introduction to David Baldacci's books. When a group that is rescuing a girl is killed by pillagers, a young woman called Samantha "Sam" Sheridan is spared to be raped by the criminals. But who knew that a show about zombies could be successful. It has some good elements, for sure, but the story isn't really that interesting, the characters lack real depth and, quite frankly, it can be really fucking boring to watch. Awards CrypticRock … In this age where superheros and CGI talking animals are crowding the movie theater screens, Daylight’s End is a welcome old school, kick ass throwback to the gritty, violent action movies of days gone by. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. And, yes, it's an action movie that tries to masquerade as a horror movie. Sunlight and bullets will kill them. "If only I could find a real man." The story, the … I hope many get to see Will Kaufman's latest action thriller Daylight's End. They don't even bother to change their clothes, so you'll be seeing a lot of the same people playing as various different zombies. But the camerawork is excellent and editing even better. Dallas 2016 Review: DAYLIGHT'S END, An Action-Packed Post-Apocalyptic Thriller. Initial release: 16 April 2016. REVIEW: Daylight’s End (2016) By The_Night_Rider on August 25, 2016 @manlymovie. I guess since he was a producer and maybe did the music for free, they gave him the biggest role. This zombie-vampire combo flick had plenty of action - lots of gunfire, blood-spurts, gore, screams and knife-play! I think I was one of the many people genuinely surprised at the success that The Walking Dead achieved when it first came out. All Games > Daylight's End VR Edition > Downloadable Content > Daylight's End VR Edition - Chapter 1. There's nothing extraordinary about the plot here.


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