Being able to organize data in a clear way is a key business administrative skill. Implemented BISQLProvider & LDAP authentication in OBIEE 11g. Analyzed departmental data in order to maximize operating fund usage as well as resource allocation. Migrated the CMS Repository Database to a Separate SQL Server database Instance. Continued management, oversight, and approval of all business-related activity while training University business administrator to assume responsibility of oversight. It also includes sublists of related administrative skills. Assisted with budget planning, financial management and reporting with regards to numerous Federal and State Grants. Recovered more than $500K in collections by monitoring accounts receivables. Coordinated daily meeting schedules, travel arrangements and expense reports for three executives. Craeted the Users and groups in QlikView with LDAP setup. Promoted universes and web intelligence reports to the production with the help of import wizard. Recruited to provide leadership expertise in the daily financial operation of a juvenile correctional facility. Designed Security Skeleton for SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 Deployments based on business requirements. Assisted large construction firms in reaching their sub-contracting plans in developing their goals to achieve small business requirements in government contracts. Managed the day-to-day business office operations of a large church organization. An organized, multi-tasking office administrator is invaluable to any workplace — and many businesses would fall apart without one. A first business degree or an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) can really help you to develop these key skills. Maintained paperwork required for the daily operations of the center. Prepared all billing and posted accounts receivables for Sanitation 3. Prepared financial statements, budgets, statement of cash flows, and financial projections. Answered calls providing disaster victims with excellent customer service. Completed purchase orders according to inventory reports. budgets. Honored Program ) Coordinated special events and space scheduling. Managed financial transactions and recorded all entries into same. Experienced and proficient with Windows, Word, Excel, and Outlook. Processed all payroll and quarterly reports and assisted in overseeing daily financial operations. Managed all administrative functions and communications. If you’re acing all the administrative challenges that come your way, you may end up first in line for a promotion, which can mean more money, more responsibility and less actual admin on your plate. Entered financial data of expenses in QuickBooks. Processed approximately 3,000 new business requests annually to provide municipal bond insurance policies. Created purchase orders for third party vendors and coordinated delivery with equipment installations. Prepared monthly financial statements and worked with the Budget and Finance Committee to prepare and manage the annual church budget. Consulted with business owner on special projects and on legal requirements. Assisted with calendar management, domestic/international travel, ordered office supplies, recorded minutes, and screened patient calls and requests. Can you give feedback to employees and co-workers in a tone that is both constructive and non-accusatory, however poorly they may have completed the task? Reviewed HomeAdvisor Technologies Corporate Services processes, updating existing procedures/policies for improvement in employee satisfaction. Assisted Finance Director with handling of finances and organizations business Processed Payroll, Managed Office. Developed Web Intelligence reports making use of several Queries (Union, Intersection, Minus). Here are the problem-solving and critical thinking skills needed: Here are additional administrative skills for resumes, cover letters, job applications, and interviews. Contacted customers to re-assure tax and purchase orders were in compliance with term and condition of contracts. Administrative assistants needs skills in standard written English and, in some organizations, business English. Orchestrated travel arrangements for multiple managers. Assisted in the annual budget process to include budget preparation for the immediate department as well as oversight of college departments.


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