This course will introduce the basic concepts of communication networks, including the OSI model and different types of communication protocols, including the Internet Protocol TCP/IP protocol). Students in the B.S. h�bbd```b``f��A$�A��f��� ��(�d���`�,0;���mfo�R�� ���!DZ��e��"! This course is primarily intended for students majoring in Computer Science. In addition to the program requirements listed on this page, students must also satisfy requirements outlined in more detail in the Minimum Requirements for Graduation section of this catalog, including: @̬���K���f��3H������K������T���Eu��tm����vi���B�!���p�?MU��*�N����[cj���W��m��ͳ��x8�l�Vh��QPM�Uo��`��=�Q��Ay���wQh��}T�3���իx$(���ǏQ���/t�&*����H�����Y����QȪ��ඊ��5��`~��W�4��I��4�O6�9$}�$Rv���ʊ���՛H2�$~����.ߍ��44��r���w�D>��/I ��nQ���B��1 It is intended or intermediate students who have basic programming skills. Students interested in taking a course not listed should contact the director of undergraduate studies before registering for courses at the school. Finally, the topic of systems of linear equations is covered. degree, students then enroll as a graduate student to continue work towards the master of science degree. For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog. This course provides a solid grounding in algebra, trigonometry, and analytic geometry in preparation for further mathematical studies. Tuition and Financial Aid COMP 393, COMP 495 and COMP 691H can also be used to satisfy the experiential education requirement. ", "By studying at UoPeople, I have more control over my schedule. Computer Science Major, B.S. 2. Availability of these programs may vary and additional programs may be available. �Nl�m�j,;�p�-F���d'C�xPb��0 ��>�Z��"hg�GpS�}�v�~R��DB+�z�i0�3�d"25�W��. Minimum Grades. h�b``�d``Z� $�2�F fa�h@��b�PF!��,-,B,m,�,��_�7�3��be`���p� ���%FM���N ���O�MfJI����)7����� b/�@� R�2 This course introduces the fundamental concepts necessary for designing, using and implementing database systems. If ‘Minor’ requirements are shown, discuss careful course selection with the academic advising contact listed. majors in computer science must fulfill all Foundations, Foreign language level 2 and 3 (Foundations), quantitative reasoning Foundations course, Quantitative intensive Connections course, The second science course (see requirement course list), Three courses numbered COMP 420 or greater, General Education Curriculum and Degree Requirements, degree requirements section of the catalog, UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media, The Friday Center for Continuing Education, Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, AFRICAN, AFRICAN-​AMERICAN, DIASPORA STUDIES (AAAD), BIOINFORMATICS AND COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY (BCB), BIOLOGICAL AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES (BBSP), CHEMICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY (CBMC), CLINICAL REHABILITATION AND MENTAL HEALTH COUNSEL (CRMH), GERMANIC AND SLAVIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES (GSLL), PHARMACOENGINEERING AND MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS (DPMP), PHARMACY PRACTICE AND EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION (DPPE), PRACTICE ADVANCEMENT AND CLINICAL EDUCATION (PACE), STATISTICS AND OPERATIONS RESEARCH (STOR), General Education Approved Course Substitution Lists, Download PDF of the 2020-21 Graduate Catalog, Download PDF of the 2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog, Calculus of Functions of Several Variables, Introductory Calculus-based Mechanics and Relativity, Introduction to Astronomy: The Solar System, General Physics II: For Students of the Life Sciences, Introductory Calculus-based Electromagnetism and Quanta, Calculus of Functions of One Variable I (, Calculus of Functions of One Variable II (, Understand major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in the core of computer science, Gain technical employment in computing or related fields, or gain admission to high-quality graduate programs, either in computing or related professions, Use critical and creative thinking skills in their approach to analyzing and solving computational problems, Apply their knowledge, research skills, and critical thinking in the completion of a significant research project, attain a final cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, complete a minimum of 45 academic credit hours earned from UNC–Chapel Hill courses, take at least half of their major course requirements (courses and credit hours) at UNC–Chapel Hill.


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