Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Porcelain is a delicate, hand-lettered sans serif font featuring condensed letter spacing, and a subtle dip-pen texture for an authentic hand-made look. Ace Sans is a complete family of sans-serif fonts. The tall and narrow design of this font makes it one of the best fonts you can use to craft bold titles and headings for all kinds of print and digital designs. Historically, however, the brand has managed to embrace the best of both worlds by employing its slick serif ‘cK’ monogram alongside the main sans-serif logotype, so it doesn't have to be a binary choice. Another elegant minimalist option, the Quick sans serif font, features four different stylistic variations, upper and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and various multilingual characters. It also pairs well with other handwritten or script inspired fonts. There was a problem. rebrand in 2013 – which removed the slab-serifs that had defined the brand since 1995, and had a 30-day build-up to ‘the big reveal’ - was widely criticised for putting style (or lack of it) over substance. © Required fields are marked *. Looking for more fonts? And it’s ideal for designing titles and headings for modern posters, flyers, and book or CD covers. Up to 70% discount on Domain, Hosting, & other useful tools. Serif and Sans Serif fonts are tremendously popular by almost everyone in the web world or even broader. Save 75%. The beautifully crafted lines give it a classic yet modern feel. Were Canon to have blindly followed the trend for shaving off serifs in favour of clean minimalism, it would have sacrificed all that heritage – and the flourishes also set its logo apart from closest rival Nikon's italicised sans-serif mark. It’s great for DIY themed projects, such as wedding invitations or name cards, magazine layouts, and product branding, and comes with upper and lowercase characters, multilingual accents, numerals and symbols, as well as an italic version. Over the last 15 years or so, sans-serif typefaces have dominated many sectors of branding, providing a bold, no-nonsense, clean and minimalist style. The combination of clean lines, irregular shapes, and elegant retro-inspired curves gives it a unique and eye-catching edge, and it includes a wide range of glyphs for ultimate functionality. It includes a web font version, and a subtle, hand-brushed quality makes it an authentic and effective option for a creative project. Read on for a list of the best sans serif fonts that are available for download instantly! Delicate, simple, and fun to use, Nickollas is a quirky handwritten sans serif font featuring a range of ligatures, foreign language accents, and optional swashes, making it brilliant for use as a logo or branding typeface. Find out more at This is a modern font you can use to design unique logos and website headers for creative businesses. How To Make A Website - Step by Step Beginner's Guide, 9 Best WordPress Hosting Options Compared for 2020. And for certain brands, the heritage and confidence of a serif is becoming increasingly inviting. Then be sure to check out our best fonts for logo designs and best tattoo fonts collections. With its clean, thick lines, sharp edges, and elegant curves, the Apolline is a beautiful sans serif font that can be used for a variety of purposes, some of the most popular being wedding invitations, magazine headings, and fashion boutique branding. It’s a great font for marketing and promotional designs, as well as general logos, headlines, and poster text. The font design also makes it a great choice for crafting logos as well. It includes 8 different font weights ranging from thin to extra bold. One of the best sans serif fonts for a graphic design project, the Tawakkal typeface, is a funky, modern font with classical elements. That’s because it features an elegant look commonly seen in modern designs. Receive news and offers from our other brands? 50 Best Corporate Business Flyer Templates It’s clean, versatile, and – taken in the context of the wider identity scheme – feels like a typographical reflection of the very real back-end evolution of the global tech giant. It comes in four different weight variations, as well as two outlines and six italics, all designed to work well together as a complete typography solution for your next project. It includes multi-language support, as well as numbers and symbols. Here we have Noma, a strong yet playful all-caps sans serif font that comes with three different weight options, as well as a range of numerals, punctuation marks, and accented characters.


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