That said, you will need to be more precise with your measurements as the Robert Larson dovetail saw does feature one of the thickest kerfs we reviewed– though it is still only 0.11”. The Japanese-style of dovetail saw, on the other hand, is also called a pull saw and cuts with a pulling motion. While the type does not necessarily determine how well the dovetail saw performs in a vacuum, it can definitely determine how well the saw performs for you. It's not that big of a piece, but it packs in a…, Chris Gochnour's sideboard combines usefulness, strength, and beauty in a contemporary case piece. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. Just like the more common types of hand saws, the European dovetail saw is a push saw, meaning that it cuts on the push stroke. David Fisher explains how to choose, maintain, and use an adze to quickly hog away green wood and form pleasing curves, whether you are carving the inside of a bowl or shaping the crook of a spoon. Use these to compile your tool kit, and you won't go wrong. This is likely the type of dovetail saw most people are familiar with and does not look too different than most hand saws. Chris Schwarz has worked out of his tool chests for decades, and finds them to be the perfect combination of protection, access, and flexibility. After using the saws to do a number of traditional woodworking jobs, he found a few that stood out from the rest of the pack. Ryoba 9-1/2inch Double Edge Razor Saw for Hardwoods from Japan Woodworker 1.7mm Teeth Pitch, Two Cherries 520-6020 10-Inch Brass Back Dovetail Saw. Synopsis: Coping saws are great for quickly getting rid of the waste between dovetails, sawing curves on any project, or coping moldings. My only complaint with the saw is that the handle tended to come loose after a few cuts. This size allows the Suizan saw to expertly cut dovetail joints but also serve for making larger cuts on bigger workpieces too. Adored it. Plus tips, advice, and special offers from Fine Woodworking. In terms of broad design, the Zetsaw dovetail saw also features a number of qualities to improve the overall ease of use. I wrote in 2006 that it was a bit slow. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you can navigate this more obscure type of saw. At $15 you can’t go wrong. However, if you use the Suizan Ryoba dovetail saw as intended, you will find that the blade practically glides through rip ruts and offers an incredibly smooth finish for crosscuts. The Okada Hardware Mfg Co, the owner of the Zetsaw brand, takes a slightly different approach with this model though. Veritas saws. While the Two Cherries dovetail saw offers a more traditional approach, it does have a tendency to lag behind some of the better-rated options in longevity. The Stanley 15-106 is a high-quality coping saw that is excellent for making intricate cuts. It is also worth noting that the kerf of the blade is not always the thickness of the blade, though this is not as much of an issue for most dovetail saws. Of course, dovetail joints need to be accurate and precise, not necessarily quick, so this should not be an issue. Zetsaw makes another appearance on our list with this option coming from the parent company directly. Of course, this means that you need to exact with your technique in order to avoid damaging the blade or teeth. Chris is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. We think tha… Z-Saw, also known as the Zetsaw company, is not quite as old as our most experienced company but still has a history that stretches back over three-quarters of a century. However, this does not impact our recommendations. On top of that, the brass back spine keeps the blade firmly in place, so you do not have to worry about flexing issues. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. In terms of techniques, the mini dovetail saw can often be used as either a push saw or a pull saw giving it some versatility. The standard dovetail saw plus the small crosscut saw are thought for dovetails plus other small joinery and fine tasks. Basically, the thinner the kerf of a dovetail saw’s blade, the less you have to account for the lost material. In this instance, the push stroke cuts into the wood by pushing the blade which generates more cutting force but it also a little bit less precise. This also enables Japanese dovetail saws to be made much thinner than European dovetail saws without sacrificing the precision of cut. Instead of providing a dovetail saw designed to work on tough hardwoods or cut larger workpieces, this dovetail saw is actually mean to cut smaller, thinner workpieces. Even though the different types of dovetail saws use different cutting techniques, they all utilize similar qualities to keep their cuts precise. Even better, the design of the Z-Saw dovetail saw makes it incredibly easy to change out the blade without sacrificing any of the tang stability like with some of the other options we found. That said, you still will want to cut the workpiece on the inside of the measurement so that your joints are not too loose. Specifically, this is one of the only dovetail saws we encountered where the tang of the frame can come loose from the handle.


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