Learn how to second ferment your kombucha with a juicy, ripe watermelon! Then, use that SCOBY to brew a gallon of kombucha; once that brew is ready to bottle, you’ll second ferment with the watermelon. If you keep them too long at room temperature, you risk a large build up of pressure in the bottles. ( I just finished a batch with nectarine and roses ). Place that watermelon (and optional mint) in the blender with a tiny (1/8 C of less) … Glass is always preferable when working with strong alcohol. Place that watermelon (and optional mint) in the blender with a tiny (1/8 C of less) amount of water to get it started. Combined all your ingredients into your bottle and close make sure to leave a little space. We also spotted cases at Costco (which meant at least 2-3 boxes crammed into my fridge..). After two days, move the bottles to the fridge and enjoy within a week. If you are using a standard kombucha bottle that you washed & reused from the store, then fill 1/4 – 1/3 with watermelon juice and then top off with your brewed kombucha. (I say this from experience – once, my husband opened his right before an interview and it fizzed up all over his pants!). Your email address will not be published. I’m certain that, over the next few years, we probably spent a small fortune on kombucha. Prepare your kombucha bottles – divide the watermelon juice equally. We currently only ship online orders within California. Ingredients: Raw Kombucha, Mint, Watermelon, Yeast . Fresh mint leaves and cold-pressed watermelon juices pop in this clean, effervescent kombucha. *Remember: Over the period of two days, any added sugar will get eaten by the natural sugars in the kombucha - be careful when opening your bottles. Use organic ingredients to avoid pesticide residues. One of those rare things where health, balance, and goodness meet. Talk about a taste explosion! I bottle it after the second ferment. Terebelo.com Expand Your Cash Account With Our Daily Tidbits! If you allow them to second ferrment for too long, those gasses in the jar can create quite an explosion. Scoop out the flesh and cut it into smaller chunks or pieces, and place in your blender. We're Nova Easy Kombucha, a group of like-minded brewmasters with backgrounds in innovative beverages. I experimented with flavors galore – strawberry, to ginger apple, to apple cinnamon, pineapple peach, to finally… watermelon. Watermelon Kombucha is the most recent awesome brew that I have tried yet. Ingredients 2 cups of kombucha 1 cup of watermelon chunks 2-3 mint tea leaves 1 tsp lemon juice 1/4 tsp of sugar Next comes in the chili, … Then I ordered new caps from online (1 dozen are $13 from Kombucha Kamp). It didn’t take me long to grow my own SCOBY from scratch, before brewing not one but two gallons a week. https://www.rebootedmom.com/how-to-make-watermelon-kombucha/. Before you know it, we were five kids in and they loved it just as much, if not more, than we did. If you don’t have a brew of kombucha ready to bottle, you will want to see our DIY on growing your own SCOBY from scratch. I’ll admit, that my first swig of kombucha wasn’t all too pleasant…  I’m fairly  certain the Mr. had picked up Gingerberrry, which was his ultimate favorite. Once pureed, push the contents through a fine sieve and store in a quart canning jar. Adding chunks of fresh ginger to any fruit, especially … Repeat with the remaining bottles, making sure to allow a few inches of headspace in the bottle for expansion during the second ferment. Watermelon is largely water, and so it shouldn’t take too long for the pieces to “catch” on the blade. When I first started making kombucha, I kept the kombucha bottles from store bought kombucha. Do.you switch the kombucha to the plastic containers after the second fermentation? I looooove watermelon! Binyomin Terebelo, Master Distiller and Drinkologist. Get ready for a great drink! If the watermelon is sweet, there should be no need for extra sugar. In Southern California, we have found the perfect environment and climate to create a unique kind of kombucha - probiotic, easy-to-drink, and naturally fermented. Feel free to add some variety to your watermelon kombucha by adding mint, fresh lime or lemon, or even cilantro. All Rights Reserved. Success! Repeat with all bottles. Kombucha is so easy to make at home and the cost savings is quite advantageous. The small, personal size watermelons seem to work best for making this kombucha as it yields just the right amount of juice to suit a batch (6 bottles) of kombucha. If the melon is sufficiently sweet, there is no need to add more sugar. Gather your clean, empty kombucha bottles (5-6) and divide your watermelon juice equally - 25-30% juice in each jar, topped off with kombucha. Ingredients. Place back in to fridge to prevent farther fermentation and of course served chilled. Then, I keep it out for a day on the counter in those bottles — that helps with the fizz factor. When you are going to use multiple bottles, pour kombucha-Scoby from. George, you are welcome! Pour the watermelon juice through a fine strainer into a large quart canning jar or measuring cup. I remember the first time I tried Kombucha – I was in the truck waiting for my husband to emerge from getting a few things in the grocery store. Nathalie – those are actually glass bottles. Cherry Ginger. https://julieharringtonrd.com/watermelon-mojito-kombucha-mocktail Cap each bottle tight and allow to sit at room temperature for 2-3 days to second ferment. *Organic • Certified by Québec Vrai. BUT, if it looks good, people will rave about it! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Yeah it was really trial and error for me.. We would pick up every time we hit up the store for random items. Required fields are marked *. I, on the other hand, wasn’t loving that flavor…  It wasn’t but a few days later that he picked up GT’s Guava Goodness and I fell head over heels. Watermelon Kombucha is the most recent awesome brew that I have tried. It’s fun to test out different flavors but when each of my 5 kids wants something different… well, then that gets a little much! After 2-3 days, move the bottles to the fridge. The taste of this Booch mirrors that of the aroma: the watermelon is out front with flavors of fresh watermelon juice, followed with notes of other melons and then a vegetal cucumber component that adds to the refreshing experience. Click The Pick! Well, anything and ginger really. There was an error submitting your subscription. Well you now have no reason to look any farther. Learn how your comment data is processed. Filtered water, watermelon juice*, active kombucha culture*, pineapple*, oolong tea*, mint*, red apple, watermelon natural flavour*, beet juice*, hibiscus flower*, lime juice*, green tea*, blue potato juice, xanthan gum, Reb A (stevia leaf extract)*, carbon dioxide. Allow that kombucha at least 2 days at room temperature to second ferment. … I was amused to hear that you did not like hubby’s brew and that you finally came across the “Guava” brew. But as time went on, I ended up getting swing top bottles on Amazon which I like better. Just a reminder you need a bottle and a label which are cool enough to compliment your hard work. Allow several inches of headspace for the kombucha to second ferment. If you feel that your melon lacks in sweetness, add a small amount (1/8 C) of organic cane sugar. I have seen a kombucha explosion and it’s not fun to clean up! Though we live in Phoenix, we were actually visiting Flagstaff at the time. It was early fall, and we were up there to see the change of leaves – hoping that we would catch them at the right time. Copyright ©2020, Rebooted Mom. Just don’t let those set out too long or they will explode. And does it keep gazzy enough ?? Avoid plastic as much as possible. Divide the kombucha coolers between 4 glasses and garnish with cilantro or mint sprigs and a slice … I have tasted them all (it seems like) and what I love, my kids don’t. Thank you for posting the recipe. Hi! A day or so should be sufficient. Binyomin Terebelo is a Alcohol lover who loves all things alcohol! Are you looking for an awesome Watermelon Mint Kombucha Recipe? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Checkout my recipes or visit my Distillery at Yellovodka.com, All images and symbols all rights reserved 2020. I am wondering, in your pictures I see that you keep the kombucha in A plastic container. A light twist of strawberry lifts the bright, fruity flavours in our most refreshing kombucha. Slice the ends off of your personal size watermelon, and then slice again the long way. When you get ready to drink your kombucha, I suggest opening it over the sink – or other area that you aren’t at risk. That is the one which I really enjoyed in the beginning, until I tasted “Watermelon”. Top each bottle with your cap, tighten, and push to the rear of the counter. Cut the ends off the watermelon and slice it in half the long way.


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