Focuses on macro-econometrics. Theories of consumer behavior, demand, production, costs, the firm in various market contexts, factor employment, factor incomes, elementary general equilibrium, and welfare. endobj <> Generally, the syllabus contains the topics you have covered from JSS1 to JSS3. So, keeping that in mind, provide the latest and updated syllabus structure to our IGNOU BPP students so they must also remain updated with time. Applications of econometrics to the field of program evaluation will also be studied. 3 0 obj About Us Learn about our history and our story. <> The regular BEPP 250 course does not count as a substitute for ECON 101. Estimation and Inference is conducted using least squares and likelihood based techniques. Some of these courses are compulsory while some of them are optional courses. There will be a strong focus on emphasizing the microeconomic foundations of models, and using the language of mathematics to express the underlying assumptions and assess their implications for policy. Also Check- IGNOU Syllabus 2020-21 (Updated). This course is about strategically interdependent decisions. Department of Economics Prerequisite: The LPS 200-level evening course (Section 601), when offered, WILL NOT count for Economics Majors unless you are officially registered as a LPS student. This article shall focus on how to get Junior Waec syllabus and subjects you should register. HTML tags allowed in your comment:
. Therefore, students are required to take ECON 102. Such students must take an additional 200-level course to satisfy requirements of the major. endobj In addition, I shall list out the top 6 BECE Subjects to focus on for this year’s exam. Many courses are available at the same time for the selection of BPP course. endobj Thus, a fair amount of econometrics will be required. endobj An introduction to game theory and its applications to economic analysis. Another common question JSS3 students preparing for junior Waec ask is how to get BECE syllabus and the hot topics to focus on. <> Prerequisite: Incoming freshman wih AP or transfer credit. Estimation and inference procedures are formally analyzed for simple econometric models and illustrated by empirical case studies using real-life data. 8 0 obj Required of all honors majors. Students prepare an honors thesis in economics over the academic year, supervised by a faculty member of their choice. The course will provide a theoretical overview of modern game theory, emphasizing common themes in the analysis of strategic behavior in different social science contexts. Structure of the world economy; theory of international trade; economic growth and international trade; international trade policy: developed countries; developing countries. %)��M�\n��Č��F�Q��4�n�)���X���(�G�eP�s�=�,�JR��Od�H����57�`R��%�~�#-�~Rn�A�fJ��T�yW r#ڴ%��� \��*YP%eA�N�rOJ_L��������x\�|}�+)��7�U�ޅVg�?DauV�{���E��J/��k�?�DR��U�S���-�0 BEPP 280 Applied Data Analysis. Have a look! 17 0 obj After every few years the university updates its old syllabus in order to be updated with the time. Below are all the current and previous syllabi. "���"������� �uX�6��M0� Prerequisite: Meeting the Department's minimal mathematical requirements; ECON 700, 701, 703, 897 Summer Math Program. A – Distinction B – Upper Credit C – Lower Credit P – Pass F – Fail. Direct investment, technology transfers, and the multinational firm. Overlapping generations. 2 0 obj <>>> 18 0 obj 22 0 obj If you prefer using your own personal computers (either in MS Windows or Mac OS systems) for the assignments, it is your responsibilities to find the software needed to complete the assignments. <> Prerequisite: This course course may not be taken concurrently with or after ECON 212. Undergraduate Program. endobj The primary goal is to use these tools to develop a critical analysis of the functioning of the health care system as well as of the policies aimed at improving it. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! However, general numeracy (facility interpreting and doing numerical graphs, tables, and arithmetic calculations) is very important. endobj In both semesters students present their work in progress to the class. You must understand that BECE is also referred to as Junior Waec. Yet underlying the technological surface of many AI-oriented applications are fundamental economic and econometric principles which are central to their design and implementation. x��ks�6�g����NL A�Ng��1�i���7���d��XK�BRvs��v����2�f&�H���b߻��˦+g�IǾ���e׍'�b�~�|Uw]�����Ӫ�|;�)�qW�����u��~��h������5�x~�� �3\��e�`Mq~��+V����:?���3��$eW��3�ƙLd,S"N3x��q?��즅9� ]�����_#1��]����{������@�q�wAD�=���"NDʤ � ���k�.�ⶾy��w,y�^I�S�:�b�[4c��,��|&B*����oZ��zt!�u3�Q[. I was able to answer her. A graduate level introduction to decision making under uncertainty, applied game theory, and information economics. In addition, I shall list out the top 6 BECE Subjects to focus on for this year’s exam. This course is designed to introduce students to econometric techniques and their applications in economic analysis and decision-making. Syllabus_Spring2020.pdf 165.15 KB: ECON 242-001 : Topics: Macroeconomics : Jeremy Greenwood: MCNB 285: MW 02:00 PM-03:30 PM: This course covers topics of interest in macroeconomics. endobj The economic applications will be drawn from different areas including trade, corporate strategy and public policy. The main objective of the course is to train the student in (i) handling economic data; (ii) quantitative analyses of economic models with probabilistic tools; (iii) econometric techniques, their application as well as their statistical and practical interpretation; (iv) implementing these techniques on a computer. Please note that there is a brief edition of this book, edition. Now, getting BECE 2020 syllabus is very easy. Theories of various industrial organizational structures and problems are developed, including monopoly, oligopoly, nonlinear pricing and price discrimination. Market design is broadly about designing interventions in economic systems so as to enhance their performance. The course provides an application of economic models to demand, supply, and their interaction in the medical economy. Introducing Textbook Solutions. This course will study some of the numerical methods that are used in modern macroeconomics. Numerical Methods for Macroeconmists. The Wharton School Prerequisite: ECON 103 is recommended. Welcome To Flashlearners: I'm Flash Isaac; Students Advocate, SEO Expert And A Blogger From The Future. This course examines the effects of strategic behavior on political outcomes and government policies. #����K�]7sU*œ���֭��Y���@�2J�iI�w;(�X��T� <> endobj Suite 150 21 0 obj Lab 216 (and Lab 280 if it is available) to complete your course work. The syllabus of IGNOU BPP is changed on the basis of future goals for students, that’s why the IGNOU removes the old syllabus with the new one or get that updated according to the level. 4 0 obj (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Read Also: Junior waec registration and examination date. 11 0 obj When making your choice, you have to think what the others will choose, who in turn are thinking what you will be choosing, and so on. The syllabus structure of BPP can also be checked before you take admission for this course who all are confused. The main technical tool will be search theory, but a liberal amount of calculus and other mathematics will be used. endobj This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 4 pages. Econ 1 deals primarily with microeconomics. During the time of seeking admission, candidates are required to choose their respective credit courses. We will build theoretical models that can be used to answer these questions. BEPP 233: Consumers, Firms & Markets in Developing Countries BEPP 236: International Housing Comparisons BEPP 261: Risk Analysis and Environmental Management BEPP 263: Environmental and Energy Economics and Policy BEPP 280: Applied Data Analysis BEPP 289: Nations, Politics and Markets BEPP 322: Business Insurance and Estate Planning


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