Behaviour Based Safety Programs, at the beginning, can look attractive to workplaces (and workers) because the people introducing the program • Talk directly to workers – in language that is less technical than risk assessment c. Behavior-based safety is a method for avoiding human error, preventing acci-dents, and improving workplace safety. This article features: 1) best practices for behavior-based safety in the workplace; 2) powerful mobile inspection app to easily reco… safety) approach will fade away -- just another “safety program of the month.” Maybe the answer is to learn how to manage safety and health first, then implement these behavior-based approaches.” There is no universal agreement Management Systems (Procedures, risk assessment, incident investigation training, etc.) 2.b. Utilizing digital behavior-based safety checklists can help organizations eliminate root causes of at-risk behavior and inspire employees to be self-accountable. False. Behaviour Based Safety Guide What is a Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) approach? 1 Behavior Based Safety (BBS) in Construction Trevor Atherton, CSP, CHST, CRIS Safety Manager Gribbins Insulation 1 Overview of BBS Program Barriers Communication 2 BBS - It’s the science of people’s behaviors associated Expectations from supervisors/managers for safe behavior and practices will lead to BBS can significantly lower risk and help eliminate workplace incidents . But, like with any other kind of HSE program, unlocking the full benefits depends upon a … Title: Behavior Based Safety Program Date: May 2014 Rationale: Safe and positive attitudes and culture lead to fewer accidents and injuries. Behavior-based safety focuses only on observable behavior (what you can see and hear) not on 3. A behavior-based safety checklist is used by safety managers to systematically apply positive reinforcement of safe acts in the workplace. 4 When we examine an incident report and ask questions around why a person behaved in a certain way, we tend to look at antecedents, or what Behavior Based Safety Operating Environment and Culture Facilities (Pumps, control systems, panels, valves, cranes, etc.) Behavior Based Safety • Behavior based safety (BBS) is a process that helps you and your coworkers identify and choose a safe behavior over an unsafe one • For BBS to work, all levels of company workers and management must Even though behavior based safety has a bad rap in some safety circles, when it’s done well, the results are undeniable.


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