Summary; Full Description; Title: Letter to Dr. William R. Maples Discussing Czar Nicholas II Head Injury. Russia wasn't any different. Nicholas II (May 18, 1868–July 17, 1918) was the last czar of Russia. As to Pontus, there was a taboo in international relations against conquering ethnic territories of established powers. by wm » 23 Jan 2020, 02:44, Post In these circumstances, the tsar didn’t have time to drink discreetly. They needed the Bosporus, and that was impossible, the European powers wouldn't allow that. A make or break decision; Tsar Nick was now personally responsible for any further Russian defeats, so the security of the royal family relied on the success of the army. Even today, Israel doesn't allow any non-Jewish immigrants - and Christian, Buddist Jews aren't accepted. This also meant that the Tsarina, Alexandra was in charge back in St. Petersburg Petrograd. In this case that Zaitsev was quite lucky it could have been much worse. Hitler was perfectly sane to the end although he suffered from effects of the severe and long stress he was subjected to. by wm » 24 Jan 2020, 00:38, Post 29 April] 1891, while Nicholas was returning to Kyoto after a day trip to Lake Biwa in Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture. Well, they had lots of Armenians already, they didn't need more of them. Tsar Nicholas II took personal charge of the army, possibly on the advice of Rasputin and dismissed the Duma. At the turn of the century acquiring at the expense of established powers wasn't that safe or profitable. This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by the Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. Russia acquired some territories and then the British arrived and humiliated her front of the whole world. Creator Maples, William R. Identifier fgcu_wm_0007 Format Image (JPEG2000) ... Letter to Dr. William R. Maples Discussing Czar Nicholas II Head Injury. A head-injured Tsar Nicholas II would rather become an Old Believer than a fascist after all Russia had lots of Lebensraum and didn't need more. Opponents called Nicholas II “Bloody Nicholas,” for suppression of the 1905 revolution, the murder of countless political opponents, Bloody Sunday and his actions during the Russo-Japanese […] Villages, khutors were there. This dog - Joy - was familiar to the Russian people in the final years of the country's monarchy. by wm » 09 Jan 2020, 03:19, Post Discussions on alternate history, including events up to 20 years before today. It really doesn't matter. Founded in 1999. The Death of the entire ruling Romanov Family in 1917. The emerging Gentile middle class in the Pale of Settlement (i.e. And I think if we have spare compassion to spend we should spend it on Russian peasants, they lived in hell. 2) Sergey Alexandrovich saying “He stinks!” is impossible Under no circumstances co… It's like the difference between the Amish and the Nazis. in Poland) was in conflict with the Jews but the Jews had the upper hand, the Russians trusted them more than the rebellious "natives.". His condition was a constant concern for his parents. by Futurist » 08 May 2020, 23:57, Post According to the July 1891 newspaper eyewitness account, Sanzo “drew his sword, and struck at the Prince’s neck. You were expected to gain them somewhere else, in Asia/Africa. But in Russia, non-Russians, non-Orthodox Christianians simply had fewer or different rights. Better good enough than nothing. Discussions on alternate history, including events up to 20 years before today. by Futurist » 13 Sep 2020, 05:27, Post Well, the Tsar wasn't anti-Semitic either, he merely represented Russian interests. Although a brave move by Nicholas he did not have sufficient military experience to turn the war to Russia’s favour and moreover made him appear wholly … I merely can read Russian books (with some difficulty. Nikolai II Aleksandrovich; 18 May [O.S. Anyway, wm, I have a question for you: Nicholas II received a blow to the head with a sword in 1890 during a assassination attempt in Japan. Nicholas II or Nikolai II (Russian: Николай II Алекса́ндрович, tr. by wm » 23 Jan 2020, 00:15, Post


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