if you're cutting a finished piece the jig saws plate should be on the side of the stock that won't show. You can never go wrong with the build quality of this jigsaw. We look at these units in detail below to help you pick the right one for your needs. The Power . a big benifit of barrel grips is cutting upside down which is where you hold the saw under the workpiece and that let's you only see the blade coming through the workpiece.. this cuts down on dust on you cut line and increases visibility. Maybe look for upside down cutting on youtube.. never really heard anything about upside down cutting with a jigsaw. By i really dont like top handle jigsaws. ill have to give it a try next time i use my jigsaw, Yeah I just searched for it too and didn't find much. Clear editor. Another thing that will appeal to many users should be the low vibration mechanism of the unit. Having the precision machined plunging mechanism will improve the accuracy and the overall operation of the model. Bosch Jigsaw...Top handle or barrel grip? Upload or insert images from URL. In general I prefer a barrel grip. The first product on our list is a Bosch corded jigsaw. Regardless, the only thing stopping me … As much as it is more expensive, it sure makes up for it with the features and performance. D Handle vs. Barrel Grip Jigsaw - Comparison Overview. D-handle vs. Barrel-Grip jigsaws. The handle design often determines just how good the unit is to work on a project. Until today, I’d never cut with a barrel grip jigsaw. There does seem to be a consensus that once you get used to it you’ll like it better – hopefully I’ll have a new jigsaw before too long and will test out that theory. I believe I would enjoy using the barrel grip better (no stores near by to tell) due to handling thanks to lower center of gravity and natural placement of hand. As much as there is a slight difference in the amount of power that you get with the two models, they are still both powerful. Sometimes just the inside of my fingers as my palm rarely touches the barrel. Grips are intended to keep the blade straight along the cutting line, and both generally do a good job at it. The manufacturer made this unit to have a tool-less blade change system. I went with the top handle because that’s what I have always had. By Tim Malyszko in forum General Woodworking and Power Tools, By John Shuk in forum General Woodworking and Power Tools, By T.J. Mahaffey in forum Neanderthal Haven, By Perry Marshall in forum General Woodworking and Power Tools. Regardless, the only thing stopping me is a $50 price difference between the two. you have way more control of a barrel grip when you do curved cuts. × Looking at either the Bosch JS470EB (7amp) or the Bosch JS365 (6amp). I am considering owning a Jigsaw for around the house, weekend warrior type work (no woodworking, yet) and want a good Jigsaw that will not only last but be smooth to operate (easy to handle after practice). Mostly straight lines, possibly curves. Tool Review - Makita LXT Brushless Jigsaws - 18V Cordless. It is also good for working on light-duty projects. The large die-cast aluminum footplate will provide you with the best performance and durability to work on various projects. The semi-professionals and DIYers can also find it useful. Below are some additional features to consider. Also, the speed can go up to 3,100 SPM, which is good enough for any cutting application you might have in mind. A good jigsaw needs to be versatile, durable, quality, easy to use, and many other features. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Ya just have to keep your eye on the goal. Re: Jigsaw - Barrel vs Top Handle ? The JS470EB is a barrel grip while the JS365 is a top handle model. This makes it good for making any angled cuts you might have in mind. you pay what you get for - dont go cheap. 6,512. At 6.5-amp motor rating, this is a top consideration for anyone who needs to work on multiple projects.


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