Is it a passing fad (like the other equipment you just sold off at the last carpet cleaners swap meet…) – or do you want to truly be a Textile Pro? A few of you have contacted me asking about the metal slide in replacements for the brushes on the Sanitaire vacuums, and that you have had problems finding these parts. ): Rug is sun bathing out flat. The rug cleaning business is a growing opportunity – but it is not “easy” money. Naples Rug Washing offers free rug pick-up and delivery within Naples. I will tell you what we actually use, but that does NOT mean this is the *best* choice – it’s just what we use and like. Web Design & Internet Marketing provided by Local Search Essentials, Centri-Maxx 14' Dual Port (Stainless Steel finish), Fringe Plus Fringe & Pile Cleaning Agent - Paste (1 Pail = 5 Gallons), Fringe Plus Fringe & Pile Cleaning Agent - Gel/Paste (1 Barrel = 55 Gallons), Secret Sauce Additive for Dye Bleed (1 Pail = 5 Gallons), Web Design & Internet Marketing provided by, "The perfect duster for smaller shops like ours! Medium bucks => The rug instructors pits-ready-for-you packages. It shakes loose any dry, heavy, damaging soil & sediments trapped both in the foundation and in between the rug fibres themselves. **, (**My disclaimer** – I am listing options for your information, this is NOT an endorsement by me of any item in particular. Please email them to me at Rugs can be scary if you don’t understand them. How to Clean a Wool Rug – Essential Guide, 6 Easy Methods on How to Clean A Braided Rug. After washing, the rinsing begins, and this can also be done by an assortment of tools, from running clean water underneath a rug and using a squeegee – or a linoleum roller – to help rinse away the suds and soil. I also came across another company building mini-dusters in Greece. Yes, the RugBadger Pro is totally over-built and for good reason. Large automated dusters, where you feed in a rug to be beaten as it is rolled through a system of straps, also are available. I highly recommend him and his teams professional service! Whether your rug has suffered vacuum cleaner damage, excessive wear, or damage caused by a pet, we are here to help. For stains and spots consider spraying each one with a specialized solution an allow it to set, you can also use vinegar and baking soda solution and scrubbing the sport with a toothbrush. (Business owners are not afraid of hard work…as long as it’s something they really enjoy.) We began our washing process in the back sloped cement driveway of our antique rug gallery in sunny La Jolla, California. We even sell new and used rugs … With a RugBadger on your team, you'll dramatically increase profits in your area rug care business because... All RugBadgers come with an industry leading 5 year warranty. What that meant was if I ever dropped a "cleaned" rug on the floor, dirt and grit would fly out the ends and create a little cloud of debris. Website design by. So my advice to those getting into the business is start low-tech, and move up as you grow. We fully guarantee pet urine odor removal when our suggested protocols are followed. It’ll take anything you can throw at it and still keep running like the first day you got it. I found this car wash mat for $538 on Amazon (they sell EVERYTHING!) This should also help work out any wax or soap that may have been in the nozzle of the sprayer from the previous user and you do not want that getting on your rug. Even on rugs with pet urine. You can also lay the area rug upside down, allowing it to get compressed at the. 445 Beta St Victoria, BC, Canada Like an automated car wash…you can end up still with dirt on the side doors or caked on the windshield. Here is his “speed dry” system for drying his rug out flat (warmer weather helps! Take your rug outside and give it a good shake to get as much dirt and hair off as possible. Luv-A-Rug Services Inc. I've performed the six second challenge on rugs cleaned with every type of cleaning system imaginable and found they all have left behind the heavy, gritty sediments that damage the rug fibers and shorten the life of a rug. I have to say…not only did this take much longer to write than planned…but I did not realize I had so many options to share with you all until I started writing. Or you may hire a local company to custom build you a system to fit your needs. After you’ve treated the stains, place the rug in the washer. There are very large automated rug cleaning plants in Los Angeles, couple hours north of us. It’s the same reason you are reading this blog post. We use commercial Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaners, with the brushes in the bar replaced with metal slide in plates, because the “bristles” are not needed.


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