This time, we are judging a book by its cover. Jim Beam- Devil’s Cut 90 Proof . Just 2888 uniquely shaped bottles resembling a mooring buoy, hand-blown and employing some part of the sand found on the island’s beaches, the Inish Turk Beg Maiden Voyage is one of the best looking whiskey bottles in the world. It may not be “good” whiskey, but the arrogant label slapped on a plastic bottle of $15 juice is worth celebrating. Excelsior, New York-based Copper Sea Spirits’ gorgeous combo of color, type and illustration stands out on any shelf. There’s great whiskey, then there’s great-looking whiskey. Commemorating the 160th birth anniversary of one of the most important and influential men who shaped the whiskey world, Jack Daniels Distillery introduced this classy variation of the iconic Jack Daniels bottle wrapped in black. The Best Bourbons You Can Buy for $50 or Less, The Best Bourbon Whiskeys You Can Buy for $100 and Up, The 15 Best Rye Whiskeys You Can Buy in 2020, The 13 Best Bottles of Rums You Can Buy in 2020, 5 New Bottles of Whiskey You Have to Try in 2020. We would be glad to answer you any questions related to the design field! Filled from two casks filled way back in 1964, opened and blended in 2010 to create this excellent vintage blend of aged Scotch whisky that yielded only 274 rare and scarcely available expressions. Bell’s Scotch Whisky . For the uninitiated, Maker's Mark is an American… Here's Your Chance, The Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Start Under $35K. Four Roses It’s squat, minimal and sports a screwtop, despite being a fairly premium spirit. Let the booze do the talking. Whisky has come a long way from being just a gentleman’s drink. This Japanese whisky from Nikka is contained within a small whisky bottle that is decorated with an intricately designed Samurai helmet and armor making it one of the most desirable collector’s items all over the world. Already laying the claim to some of the most distinctly packed bottled of whiskey, Maker’s Mark introduced the Maker’s 46 in 2016, created using their wood stave finishing process in addition to adding virgin French oak staves. Should You Buy Hoka's Strange New Hiking Boot? Black Friday 2020: Your Guide to the Best Deals. Priced at a steep rate, this magnificent whisky bottle contains a blend of whiskies from years significant for the band over their 50 year history. Basically, it’s the Dr. Bronner’s of scotch bottles. The bottles are packaged and sent to the buyers with a customized plaque, making them a truly cherish worthy addition to any whisky bottle collection. Willett’s bottles do a brilliant job signalling the age of the company, and the no-nonsense approach of its Master Distiller Drew Kulsveen. This is a designer’s whiskey bottle. You can buy Old Tub at Jim Beam Distillery and no place else. 20cL Whiskey Bottles . Today, simplicity is the key word, although here simplicity shouldn’t be identified with common, but rather with perfection and beauty. Created by the late bourbon hero Booker Noe in the ’80s, the bottle is credited with kickstarting the premium American whiskey revolution, and its idiosyncratic look (a sample bottle from the era) played no small part. Harper bottles drop the typical look of nice bourbon in favor of what looks like an Art Deco cologne bottle. Jefferson’s Reserve says a lot with a little. Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Every bottle of Pinhook is embellished with the image of a prominent race horse, alluding to bourbon’s connection to the Kentucky Derby and mint juleps. One of the first premium bourbons to adopt the wine bottle shape, Booker’s does the handwritten look the right way by going all the way with it. Maker’s 46. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. The best bottles to look at might imply what a distillery is all about in way that pleases the eye; they could stand out from shelves full of script types and black-and-white illustrations of long-dead tycoons, like Nikka’s From the Barrel; or they just make a home bar back look damn good, like Blanton’s Gold or the Irish whiskey Powers Gold. Is This a Sneak Peek of the New Toyota Tundra? Furthermore, I’m sure that only a few of you saw these bottles in stores and I assure you that it is because most of them are special editions or rare whiskies. This rare and vintage whisky bottle carries within, a breathtaking golden amber Speyside scotch with a cask strength of 45.95%. The tiny bottle was a favorite of Booker Noe (likely the only reason it’s still around) and the label is a time capsule to whiskey days of yore. This Le Creuset Dutch Oven Alternative Is on Sale, Essential Motorcycle Gear for Cold Weather Rides, This Defender Look-Alike Could Get Hydrogen Power, Want to Win a Civic Type R? The label looks like one you might find on “dusties,” with plenty of hard-to-read script type and phrases like “Asleep Many Years in the Wood” scrawled on it. The Highland Park 50 bottle is encased in an artistic expression of jewelry designer Maeve Gillies, containing a metal casing of sterling silver and is a delight to look at. Owing to the fact that it comes from a single barrel, this straight Bourbon whiskey is bottled in a beautiful bottle embossed with the Four Roses logo and a cork, producing a truly sublime result, making it a wonderful addition to any whiskey collection. Created in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation back in 1953, Royal Salute 21 Years Old from Chivas Regal is an… Cheers! Four Roses’ American line of bourbons are loved by the whiskey cognoscenti, but the packaging (save the Al Young 50th Anniversary bottle) isn’t too special. Bottles that are popular with at-home infinity bottlers are a good bet to show up on this list, and Hibiki’s decanter-style bottle may be at the top of that pile. A combination of raised lettering on the glass, type overlap on the label, small graphic detail, wicked color use and a unique bottle shape come together to make one good-looking bottle of Irish brown. It’s a valiant, neigh, successful attempt to bring horseracing to the forefront of our minds and evokes the southern charm of the liquor inside the bottle. Created in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation back in 1953, Royal Salute 21 Years Old from Chivas Regal is an exceptional whisky, packaged in one of the most sought after antique whisky bottles. In place of gold-trimmed type and oval-shaped labels with little information on them, the distillery, which makes some of the best scotch you can buy, opts for blocky-modern type and huge amounts of bottle information (especially on the gift tube). Glenfiddich 30 Years . The others are only for connoisseurs and people who make a hobby out of collecting whisky. Alberta Premium . Mr. Burglar Whiskey . With its uber-minimal label and simple shape, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking Chicago craft whiskey stalwart Koval is a Japanese whisky. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Peep this Huge Adidas Ultraboost Black Friday Sale, Blundstone Boots Are up to 45% off Right Now, These 5 Brands Have the Most Reliable New Cars, Yeti Is Selling off a Hoard of Discontinued Gear. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. One of the most enduring Kentucky Bourbon brands in the United States, the Four Roses Single Barrel was a significant improvement on all its predecessors when it first came out. Or just enjoy the how nice the bottle looks on your shelf. Its website calls it an “AMERICAN ICON” and its label places a crown on the top of an enormous red 7. Jameson Limited Reserve. Either way, sometimes you can judge a whiskey by its cover. Gear Patrol participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. After some really appreciated articles on vodka and beer, we have gathered an impressive collection of 35 Brilliant Whisky Bottle Designs and I’m sure that you’ll simply love them! Therefore,  enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Delivering top inspirational design related content each day. The result is sick, and makes for a great base for your own infinity bottle. The contrast of the matte canvas label and metallic gloss of the seal are satisfying, too. Google the people behind Wolves Whiskey and the inspiration for its gold-lettered, sheepskin leather label becomes clear. The Best Apple Watch Bands You Can Buy Right Now, The 18 Best Bourbon Whiskeys You Can Buy in 2020, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The most Japanese whisky bottle of all Japanese whiskies. Join our fast growing community! Nevertheless, there are all extraordinary bottles! P.S. 20 of the Best-Looking Bottles of Whiskey You Can Buy Willett Family Estate Rye. It was followed by more expressions of the Royal Salute to commemorate different milestones of the Queen’s reign such as the 50 Year Old, the 38 Year Old Stone of Destiny and the 62 Gun Salute. A crisp and beautiful design accentuated further by the color, this is one of the simplest yet worthy inclusion in whisky bottle collectibles over the world. Cheers! The one and only James Bond often breaks his routine and drinks whiskey on the rocks, instead of his customary ‘martini-shaken not stirred.’007 is often seen indulging in a hearty pour of Talisker and Jack Daniels,on the rocks.


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