Full Name Add the first question. NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Turtle from the Arrowverse. Theft Cisco then realizes that Turtle's wife was an archivist and the archives she worked at shut down three months after the accelerator exploded. Meanwhile at the Turtle's hideout, Patty is tied to a chair. Wells warns him not to as Zoom will use her against him. T.O. Mirror Master | Speed Demon | Captain Cold | Lady Flash | Season 5: Cicada (Orlin Dwyer & Grace Gibbons) | Reverse-Flash | Vanessa Ambres | Jones | Icicle | Weather Wizard | Killer Frost | Rag Doll | Monitor | Zoom | Savitar | The Thinker | Clyde Mardon | John Deegan | A.M.A.Z.O. ??? Season 3: Savitar | Dr. Alchemy | Killer Frost | Captain Cold | The Rival | Black Flash | King Shark | Mirror Master | Top | Plunder | Gorilla Grodd | Solovar | Reverse-Flash | Magenta | Shade | Dominators | Trickster (Earth-3) |Clive Yorkin | Time Wraiths | Music Meister | Abra Kadabra | Heat Monger https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/The_Turtle_(Arrowverse)?oldid=3707899. His reasoning is that he saw how The Flash saved her but Patty says that's what he does. Renegades | Type of Villain Royal Flush Gang | League of Assassins | A.S.A. because Eva’s own hand had gotten shaky inside the mirror realm, after she overtaxed her powers. Selena | Reign | Agent Liberty | Lex Luthor | Gamemnae | Alice | Dominators | Black Arrow | John Deegan | Anti-Monitor | Tobias Whale | Martin Proctor | Percy Odell | Gravedigger, Secondary Antagonists Turtle is also seen in the bar where Flash's Rogues Gallery hang out. As Will Smith joins the cast of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" for a reunion on HBO Max, we take a look at his rise to fame. Russell Glosson, nicknamed The Turtle by Cisco, is an antagonist in the second season of The Flash. Two different Turtles appear in The Flash: The first Turtle appears in the 10th episode of the second season, portrayed by Aaron Douglas. Barry shrugged it off, but after a chat with “Iris” (who alluded to a problem Bar had with the Speed Force some months ago), Wally confronted his mentor and proceeded to drop a bomb: the Speed Force is in fact dying. Supernatural's Misha Collins Refutes Spanish Dub of Castiel's Confession to Dean, Confirms 'There Never Was an Alternate Ending' to Episode 18 Season 4: The Thinker | Marlize DeVoe | Samuroid | Kilg%re | Gregory Wolfe | Amunet Black | Matthew Norvock | Killer Frost | Black Bison | Dwarfstar | King Shark | Anthony Bellows | Peek-a-Boo | Black Arrow | Overgirl | Reverse-Flash | Prometheus (Earth-X) | Quentin Lance (Earth-X) | Trickster II | Prank | Jones | Crucifer | Siren-X (19 Jan 2016). to turn the mirror into an eavesdropping device), she gets shaky/starts madly rambling. Turtle yells as the door closes on his capsule. The STAR Labs party got doubly meaningful when Cisco, though reeking of Atlantean fish, returned from his fact-finding mission across the globe. Ragdoll | | H.I.V.E | Suicide Squad | Shadowspire | Demolition Team | Rogue Anti-Vigilante Task Force | Jackals | Ninth Circle | Longbow Hunters | Deathstroke Gang | Stillwater Gang | Legion of Doom | Project Cadmus | Children of Liberty | Wonderland Gang | Leviathan | Black Hole | Mirror Clones | The 100 | Shadow Board | Masters of Disaster | Markovian Insurgents, Comics Doctor Polaris | Meanwhile everyone at S.T.A.R labs are trying to figure out where Turtle went as he is currently off the grid. Deadshot | Criminal * Before embarking for his next Peace Corps mission, Wally, Buddha bless him, gave Joe a heads-up that Iris is acting strangely/not like herself. 90210 Cast Laughs About Behind-the-Scenes Drama in New Reunion Special: 'I Wanted to Strangle That Little Chick', This week on The Flash, Wally West resurfaced to tell fellow speedster Barry a thing or two, while Mirror-Iris struggled to cover her tracks and Nash asked Cisco to help bust a “ghost.”. Murmur | Alas, “Yeah, I’m Not Iris” just then showed up at the Citizen wielding the mirror gun, which she used to zap Kamila — killing her, or transporting her to the mirror realm, perhaps? Cadre | Barry and Wally did just that, carefully calculating the shortest distance to run/phase when a new meta, Turtle 2.0, took Joe hostage at the CCPD. Walker | Derek Sampson | Scimitar | Laura Washington | Hideo Yamane | Sean Sonus | James Edlund | Justin Claybourne | Kimberly Hill | Sam Armand | Sheck | Alex Faust | Nylander | Athena | Virgil | Beatrice | Red Dart | Kodiak | Kimiyo Hoshi | Silencer | Turtle then starts attacking Flash giving him no chance to make a move. Later that night when Barry is prepared to confess to Patty, Barry notices The Turtle in an isolated part of the museum. Penguin | Bloodwork | Wally got trapped in one of the meta’s rapid-aging bubbles, but Joe jabbed Turtle 2.0 with Velocity X just in time to offset her powers. Barry faces a choice on whether or not he should reveal his secret identity to Patty. He then uses his power to catch Patty off guard and kidnaps her stating that he wants to take the thing most precious to The Flash. Wally got trapped in one of the meta’s rapid-aging bubbles, but Joe jabbed Turtle 2.0 with Velocity X just in time to offset her powers. Season 2: Zoom | Reverse-Flash | Captain Cold | Killer Frost (Earth-2) | Caitlin Snow | King Shark | Dr. Light | Geomancer | The Turtle | Time Wraiths | Tokamak | Heat Wave | Atom-Smasher | Anthony Bellows | Sand Demon | Lewis Snart | Gorilla Grodd | Vandal Savage | Dark Archer | Weather Wizard | The Trickster | Tar Pit | Reverb | Trajectory | Pied Piper | James Zolomon | Griffin Grey | Rupture | Girder | Black Siren Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Tobias Whale | Supernatural's Misha Collins Refutes Spanish Dub of Castiel's…, Animal Kingdom Season 5 Casts Young Version of Denis Leary's Billy, The Expanse Renewed for Sixth and Final Season — Who's Not…, Supernatural's Misha Collins Refutes Spanish Dub of Castiel's Confession to Dean, Confirms 'There Never Was an Alternate Ending' to Episode 18, 90210 Cast Laughs About Behind-the-Scenes Drama in New Reunion Special: 'I Wanted to Strangle That Little Chick'. Lewis Snart | Tar Pit | Reverb | Trajectory | James Zolomon | Griffin Grey | Rupture | The Rival | Mirror Master | Top | Plunger | Magenta | Shade | Clive Yorkin | Abra Kadabra | Heat Monger | Samuroid | Kilg%re | Gregory Wolfe | Matthew Norvock | Nergal | Black Bison | Dwarfstar | Prank | Crucifer | Laurel Lance (Earth-X) | Rag Doll | Jones | Goldface | Godspeed | Ultraviolet | Sunshine | Mr. Blake | The Colonel | Jon Valor | Hawk-Beasts | Sheriff Bud Ellison | Per Degaton | The Hunters | The Pilgrim | Cassandra Savage | The Leviathan | Baron Krieger | Shogun | Lead Samurai | Quentin Turnbull | Henry Stein | Tabitha | First of the Fallen | Vartox | Hellgrammite | Maxima | Reactron | Ethan Knox | Red Tornado | T.O. Malcolm Merlyn | Edward Fyers | Deathstroke | Anthony Ivo | Ra's al Ghul | Matthew Shrieve | Damien Darhk | Baron Reiter | Prometheus | Konstantin Kovar | Ricardo Diaz | Emiko Queen | Keven Dale | Reverse-Flash | Zoom | Savitar | The Thinker | Cicada (Orlin Dwyer & Grace Gibbons) | Bloodwork | Eva McCulloch | Vandal Savage | Mallus | Neron | Lachesis | Kuasa | Benatu Eshu | Astra | Non | Lillian Luthor | Rhea | Potential Energy Nash had asked Cisco to help him deal with what he dubbed doppelganger “survivors” from other Earths, but Cisco was too caught up in whipping up some Velocity X (to deal with the Turtle 2.0 problem). Magenta | Kobra | Icicle | Wells realizes that Turtle keeps the things he stole like a serial killer keeps trophies. Barbatos | Patty remarks that he may be as fast as The Flash when The Flash appears and says that he is much slower. Killer Frost (Earth-1) | Heatwave | King Shark | Rogues | Later, when Kamila regarded the un-deleted pic, we saw that it displayed the faux Iris as an “undetected signature” (above). 2 of 5 people found this review helpful. Wally managed to bring Barry into the Speed Force, which again is represented by Nora Allen, now dying in her son’s childhood bed. But the episode doesn't seem to know what to do with Turtle (Battlestar Galactica's Chief Galen Tyrol's Aaron Douglas, doing a good job; it's nice that the show keeps bringing popular actors to play the meta-humans) and his powers are not well developed (or maybe not so interesting).But it's not only that.


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