What is a metaphor? The 1998 VFR800 that I’ve ridden handles more like a sport bike should and I was very pleased. Honda successfully created the VFR as the bike that would gracefully satisfy each of the customer’s needs, a machine so remarkably well tuned that it feels just as comfortable and confident flying up and down mountain passes as it does cruising the motorways in style between different destinations. Power: 109.6 hp (81.7 KW) @ 10500 rpm Initially, the transition created a jolt which could be very unsetting if it happened mid-corner but the problem was later solved and now the transition is smoother. With this drive-train, the Honda VFR 800 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of . In 2007 the VFR800 is known under the name of Interceptor, a motorcycle offered for a MSRP of $10,599, but if you are willing to pay $1000 more you will receive the Interceptor ABS which obviously features Antilock Brake System. After its debut in 1986 as the advanced, aluminum-framed VFR750F Super Sport, it derived in1989 into Honda VFR750R (RC30) which was the successful racing version, replaced later by the RC54. The Honda is simply better in all points of view by being produced and improved for more than 20 years: it handles like a dream, it is sharp looking and it delivers a great amount of power for its class. Overall length: 2120 mm (83.5 inches) In 2002 Honda released the VTEC version, which dropped the gear driven cams. This is a genuine Honda F-7 HANDLE PIPE & TOP BRIDGE for a VFR800 2004 Motorcycles. Anyone who owns a Honda VFR 800 VTEC really should read the following. damper, 7-step preload and stepless rebound damping adjustment, 120 mm travel 2002 is also the year when the first VFR ABS entered the scene. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. Thankfully, the VFR’s Pivotless twin-spar aluminum frame together with the responsive suspension system provide the excellent handling, control and comfort much needed for such a motorcycle. Honda keeps improving this model until this day and it is now called simply Interceptor which reminds us how it all began. Capacity: 781.7 cc / 47.4 cu-in: Bore x Stroke. Regarding the chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride confort, the Honda VFR 800 have a frame with front suspension being and in the rear suspension it is equiped with . Please try again later. … This feature is not available right now. its stock !!!!! Aluminium frame with single sided swingarm, Dual 296 mm discs up front with Nissin three piston calipers, 256 mm disc at the rear with Nissin three piston caliper, 43 mm fork with pre-load adjustment and 109 mm travel, Honda VFR800 VTEC VFR / 05 - ONLY 7054 MILES ON THE CLOCK TRADE SALE, HONDA VFR 800 V-TEC GIVI TOP BOX LUGGAGE 12 MONTH MOT 05. Make Model: Honda VFR 800F V-Tec: Year: 2004: Engine: Four stroke, 90°V-four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder. Bore x Stroke: 72 mm x 48 mm The Honda VFR800 is a popular premium sports tourer and is powered by a liquid cooled 781 cc V4 VTEC engine, producing 100 bhp at 9,000 rpm and maximum torque at 6,750 rpm. My VFR on an happy moment!! Type: 781 cc, liquid-cooled, 90-degree V4, 4-stroke Valves: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder Proudly exhibiting an unmistakably European orientation in its every curve, corner and undulation, the VFR’ sharply angular form fuses the most advanced aerodynamic design with an exhilarating sense of modern style and high quality to provide dynamic foretaste of the power, performance and excitement that highlights every ride. Top Speed: 150 mph / 241 km/h (very high) Economy: 38 mpg / 7.4 L/100km (poor) ... HONDA VFR 800 V-TEC GIVI TOP BOX LUGGAGE 12 MONTH MOT 05; More details ... 04 HONDA VFR800F 781CC VFR 800 A-2; More details £2,200 ebay. Overall height: 1195 mm (47 inches) May 31, 2013 … meet the honda vfr800 – a modern samurai built for those who love speed and adrenaline. Compression Ratio: 11.6:1 Fuel System: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection On a continuously growing and developing market, producers have to keep updating the motorcycle’s aerodynamics and appearance in order to stay competitive from this point of view. Dry weight: 213 kg (469.6 pounds) Top Speed: 150 mph / 241 km/h (very high), Fuel Capacity: 22.0 litres / 4.8 gallons (very high), Seat Height: 805 mm / 31.7 inches (average), Power to Weight: 0.407 bhp/kg / 0.303 kW/kg. We offer bikes for sale, reviews, a free price guide and more. Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance … This feature is not available right now. Rear brakes: single256 mm disc with 3-piston calipers. Honda was to revert to chain-driven cams for 2002 and later VFR engine designs, as the problem was forgotten. As you expected, the problem was fixed later on but the cam chain was later dropped from the VFR in favor of gear driven cams, to help distance the VFR from the reputation of VF engines for premature cam wear. Please try again later. There are 24 parts belonging to this particular F-7 HANDLE PIPE & TOP BRIDGE component, all of which are detailed in the parts list including the latest prices. Having all the necessary qualities for a guaranteed success, great looks, excellent power with minimal vibration and relaxed riding position, Honda decided to start producing the VF, a very important root of the VFR. Also characteristic for this year is the PGM-FI fuel injection system based on the RVF/RC45 Superbike and the side-mounted radiators which easily distinguishes a VFR from other motorcycles. ADP can convert to ATP during what transition? In 1983 the engine was revised to correct the problems from the previous model year, and saw the introduction of the V65 and the Interceptor. The use of the hand leaver doesn’t involve much rear braking, and the threat of the bike swapping ends when braking hard for tight turns eventually became nonexistent. Back tyre: 180/55-17 Options include hard panniers, 45 litre top box, tall screen and ABS (£700). If it comes on at any other time, reduce speed and take the motorcycle to your Honda dealer as soon as possible. The VFR Is one the best Motorbikes especially the VFR 750R. The broad, smooth power delivery has enough range to please everyone, be bike not being a peaky sport bike power curve but rather a friendly rush from one end of the range to the other. What are the important facts about the Battle of. Improvements over the 1998-2001 model include the addition of a VTEC system to the engine; one pair of valves per cylinder operates below 6,800 rpm for fuel efficiency and two pairs above for peak performance. The suspension offers adjustability to allow the rider to stiffen it up for hard riding (exactly what I did) yet it is soft enough for lumbering around town over speed bumps all day.


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