Original Paint. Because it is missing some minor suspension components and the front aluminum body pieces have been removed (but are included) it simply looks like less of a vehicle. Feel free to donate. Photo is dated 5-20-1953.”. This is an original press photo. Produced by AMC This one has been converted to Volkswagen power. Trucks – United States (Mighty Mite – Jeep type). The M422 is almost 100% complete and would be an easy enough restoration on its own, but paired with the A1 you’d probably only need a passenger seat, rear seats, (and if you so chose) top bows and canvas to complete it.”, “1961 mighty mite,Viet Nam American motor serial #1730, 4108 miles, 3000 made, body great condition, aluminum body. RESTORATION HAS ALL NEW OR REFURBISHED PARTS. (function() { possibly one of the first 10. Looking for parts and not sure where to go? Originally Posted September 2018: Cool, but odd photo, given the roadway behind it. Steve spotted this one. Lots of pics. serial number 1356. Front grill piece. I don’t see any others added to the auction list. “Very rare 1961 mighty mite its the short one and that’s the hard one to find its a military jeep made mostly of aluminum very light has a AMC motor but I only have the block and corisponding parts trany drive train all good just bad motor” 2 Comments so far • Add to favorites To Top 1960 M-422 Mighty Mite Atkins, AR **SOLD** February 24, 2018 • CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites. These quick searches can help you find things on eBay. “American Motors, #2518. The blue Mite is an M422. The windshield is technically incorrect, as it is the M38 style. Did these come in orange originally? Airy, NC **Status Unknown**, Year? Copyright © 2008-2017 eWillys. INSPECTION Dates & Location: Thursday Oct. 19 & Friday Oct. 20, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. It’s hood number (179849) is 3 numbers away from another Mighty Mite (179846) that appeared in the press video at the bottom of this post. It will fly faster than 150 miles an hour. “Engine runs, needs transmission work (has replacement just install) Has several additional parts as well as additional rolling chassis available. Even though it has been repainted, this 1961 M422 Mighty Mite manufactured by AMC was formerly a Marine vehicle and it was originally olive drab. The mighty mite weighs 1,300 pounds less than the jeep and is 43 inches shorter. Over the past decades, our founder collected the cream of what came by our doors, and stored them away in his personal collection. -VERY RARE This is one of the first M422a1 Mighty Mites... very early serial number, just after the 422 series. Continue reading →. AND ANTENNA. There are plenty of interesting, unusual, historic and surprising stories related to Jeeps and their owners. serial number 1356. is the earliest known A1 model in existence. Volvo Laplander 1967 4X4, wench, fire truck with water pump. this would be number 7. Seller believes there are only 12 Mighty Mites in driving condition in the US, but that seems like a low number based on what I’ve seen. “1954 Press Photo Jeep being loaded into Sikorsky XHR25 helicopter, Connecticut. I am not willing to part these out. m422 mighty mite for sale In Oregon Helping to sale 1961 m422 mighty mite m422 mighty mite - Antiques & Collectibles - Cedarburg, Wisconsin | Facebook Marketplace If you have any concerns about buying a vintage jeep, or run across a scam, feel free to contact me for help, comments or concerns . Lance is selling this Mighty Mite. It is missing the front right wheel and suspension parts. We will not be selling these jeeps individually.”, The “LIST” A driver’s seat and pintle hook are on the other Mite, so those could easily be swapped over. The terrain suggests these are in eastern Oregon. This link will display all featured stories starting from the latest. Seller has an additional rolling chassis (sounds like it is not included in the price though). Looking for 3900 obo.”. 11/7/19 1961 AMC Mighty Mite M422a1 Serial Number 1354 Located in Idaho, USA. The front-end body aluminum panels are complete and included. Included is a correct windshield, a voltage regulator, and a generator. Will need to be picked up or shipped.”. The seller is asking $15,000 for this tough Marine. The internal condition of all three engines is unknown. Some of these jeeps are for sale and others have been sold. That’s a pretty friendly looking face for being such a rugged little 4×4. -This jeep needs total restoration, has not run in years These two photos show various aspects of Mighty Mite testing. I’ll do my best to answer your questions, but I’m not a Mite guy, so my knowledge is very limited. You can contact him via phone at 7606939285 or via email at Lancehicks @ ymail.com (remove spaces around the @). UPDATE: I’ve been informed that there may be twenty-one jeeps for sale. Dave spotted this former Ranch vehicle that may have been driven by recording stars. The correct Mite ws has the wipers protrude inboard of the bumpers.) Continue reading →. INCLUDES A NEW It has an all aluminum body.”. Three loaded jeeps or 26 men can be carried by a new giant helicopter demonstrated at Bridgeport, Connecticut, Monday. “Not yet sure of the year. po.src = 'https://apis.google.com/js/platform.js'; And new windshield. Military Novelty: 1961 AMC Mighty Mite. I update this website nearly every day with jeep deals, jeep history, interesting reader projects, jeep related info, and more. Mark spotted this auction. (03/08/2018) I’m thinking there’s a lot of project left on this. Find parts for sale. On the M38 ws they are centered within each bumper. New set of tires not mounted.”. 1961 M422A1 Mighty Mite. Lifetime Collection of Restored WWII Military Vehicles. Photo is dated 12-05-1954”. Up for sale is a unique collection of the span of the military jeep generations. This is an original press photo. Aluminum body, These were marine Corp only and are smaller then a willys jeep. Jeff Lavery . Originally Posted May of 2018: The hood and windshield on this jeep are different from the standard Mighty Mite.


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