Tampa Bay Buccaneers - White jersey/uniform for the Panthers and Chargers. The Jaguars also wore teal against the Steelers last time they played in Jacksonville. Week 15 If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. They wear them any time in the month of October or November. There are ongoing discussions for a potential change for the 2021 season, but no decisions have been made." Miami Dolphins - White for the Bills, Seahawks, Chargers, and Rams. Give it a year. One of those will be worn twice, and the other once. They wore color rush against the Saints in 2018, which was a home game at night late in the season. × They'll have the orange jerseys and perhaps the return of the Monsters of the Midway uniforms. So that's why the white uniforms only appear at home twice or once now, compared to years past. I'm new to this thread in general but look forward to what is to come. The white one could be worn vs. BUF in Week 2 once again and maybe vs. LAC in Week 7 for a nice Throwback style pairing. On 5/29/2020 at 7:08 AM, gothedistance said: 2020 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos: From HOF Game to Super Bowl LV, Minnesota Wild | Hartford Whalers | Toronto Blue Jays, Probably because they weren't lucky the last two times they wore them? Washington Redskins - Likes to force Dallas in their blue jerseys. Unfortunately for Lurie, and for Eagles fans obsessed with the uniforms, 2020 isn't the year. Also wouldn't be surprised to see the Ravens wear all-black against the Steelers, as they have had a tendency to so. And now this. I predict the Tennessee Titans game for the color rush, especially since they lost to them in purple in the recent playoff game. No idea about the throwback jersey. It has to be a home game somewhere. Paul Lukas, best known as the proprietor of the Uni Watch blog, reported Wednesday that the NFL will not be changing its one-helmet shell rule for the 2020 season - though there is hope for the 2021 season: UPDATE: NFL spox @NFLprguy tells me: "There will be no change [to the one-shell rule] for the 2020 season. Paste as plain text instead, × That was around this time last year, with seemingly plenty of time for the NFL to amend its uniform rules. Maybe?   Your previous content has been restored. Really curious to see how the Falcons break up their alternate jersey games, especially with no home primetime games. Week 13 Could we see NO wear Color Rush in Week 3 vs. GB or would that be dumb to let them march into town in their green and gold? Kansas City - Usually wears the all red combination for night games. I hope Pitt wears an alternate vs. the Eagles in Week 5, especially if we're stuck with Philly in all white. Wondering if the Bengals go white at home Week 1 in the late window or go black like the home opener last season. All white against the Cardinals? These are my guesses for the teams in 2020. I'm guessing the white color rush for the prime-time game on at Cleveland. The Eagles, of course, have been fighting this fight for years. The Dolphins would be a good candidate too. Buffalo Bills - White, the regular one, for the Jets game. The Birds most recently wore a kelly green throwback in 2010, in a Week 1 showdown against the Packers.   You cannot paste images directly. I think the Ravens will go for 3 games wearing black. People are using lots of cool renderings and templates in the Concept forum. Wildcard Round I think they do it to take advantage of the fairly warm conditions assuming it's sunny that day. The texans usually wear red around either early December or their 7th game, so my guess is either the Colts week 13 or the Bengals week 16, I'm predicting the Bengals. Atlanta Falcons - Since moving to Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Falcons use up their allotment for the black throwbacks before December comes. They avoided wearing them against Kansas City last year, and lost to them wearing those jerseys/uniforms the year before. Arizona Cardinals - They wear the black color rush, the one with red coloring, for Thursday night games. On the flipside, I think Pittsburgh will unleash their throwbacks vs the Ravens on Thanksgiving, the Giants will wear color rush in Philly (all their CR games have come vs Philly or Dallas...maybe one vs the Skins, but I can't remember). Yes, the Kelly green uniforms of the late 1980s and early ’90s look best on the Eagles. The Eagles threads landed them a top-10 ranking, coming in at No. I don't like seeing teams wear white at home vs. opponents that rarely come to town. Hoping they don't wear it against MIN in Week 5 for the third season in a row. Las Vegas Raiders - Wears the color rush uniform with silver numbers for Thursday night games. But their Thursday night game is on the road this year. Also don't really know what to predict with the Browns, especially since they have their new uniforms. Cowboys @ Steelers Cancelled. No idea about the throwback jersey. They'll wear teal against the Dolphins and Lions for sure. New York Jets - Last two years wore white, did a white out, for the third home game. Dallas Cowboys - Blue jerseys, with white pants, for the home game against Arizona. Kevin Kolb started the game, then got hurt, and Michael Vick nearly brought the Eagles back for a win. My prediction for the Falcons black throwbacks is the Raiders game. They tried to do this for SNF in 2018, but it got flexed out. Other than that, I'd guess at least 9-10 of these will be spot-on. The Steelers usually wear their Color Rush uniforms for prime-time games, so I agree that Thanksgiving vs. the Ravens is probably the optimal date for them. I'm guessing the other black jersey appearance will be either Chicago or Carolina. Did that change under Zac Taylor? I predict the Chiefs game and maybe the Cowboys game. No idea about the aqua throwbacks. The other one for a selected opponent. A lot of us seem to think the all white will be worn vs. ATL, but I think the Thursday nighter in San Fran is another possibility, especially since they annihilated us twice last season in white over gold. They've done it the last two seasons. These actually look really nice as long as players stick with team colors and designs. Maybe at San Francisco for better luck? That game in Tampa is gonna be gorgeous. I also predict they'll wear them for a road game. Also curious to see if the Bucs wear white at home early in the season. Baltimore will wear their white jerseys for their home opener against the Browns. I think the biggest question marks for jersey color would be CIN and LAR, and several teams' pant colors are a toss-up - MIA, PHI, BAL, TEN. Dallas wore blue over white for night games against the Titans (2018) and Vikings (2019) in the middle of the season. Will the Cincinnati Bengals be one of those teams? Click here to download the MyTeams App by NBC Sports! I'm hoping the Cowboys wear their blue jerseys at home vs. the Steelers, since the last 16 meetings between the two have been white vs. black. Powered by Invision Community. Hi there, PIT, but maybe light blue pants with white tops is a more realistic wish. Jersey color/ pant color/ standard socks unless otherwise stated, Blue/blue vs. white/blue (I think pats will wear white pants in this game if they add them). The Pittsburgh game is also a night game, but it would be too soon to bust out the color rush uniform. × Last couple of years they have. You have to go back to 1969 when the Steelers wore white at home vs. the Cowboys to find that particular matchup. All blue color rush in the middle of the season, October or November, like the last two years. Was that a Marvin Lewis thing? Please give me at least 24 hours from the completion of the game to make any corrections as I am normally not at a computer to make changes during the game itself. Also don't really know what to predict with the Browns, especially since they have their new uniforms. San Fran has several primetime home games, one of which they will likely wear the throwback for. The normal black alternate, the one with white coloring, is usually worn in the middle or beginning of October. Minnesota Vikings - Brought back their color rush last year. New Orleans Saints - Maybe the white color rush against the Chargers? Like Baltimore, Cincinnati is the other AFC team who has Dallas on their schedule, and has worn white at home. The other navy blue game is in October. Or maybe Week 5 like the post above suggests. Would love to see Seattle wear neon green vs. NE on SNF Week 2. No idea about the black uniforms. Philadelphia Eagles - All black for two of the Giants, Cowboys, and Seahawks games. Pittsburgh Steelers - Color rush against the Ravens. The last time we checked in on the Eagles' quest to wear kelly green throwback uniforms in the modern NFL, team owner Jeffrey Lurie said he had "hopes" for the 2020 season. Pittsburgh Steelers - Color rush against the Ravens. Week 1 is usually easier to predict since there are often limited alternate jerseys and certain teams tend to wear white at home. Carolina Panthers - White for the Raiders and Cardinals. We see that exact pairing every preseason already. Remember any combos posted during the course of this thread prior to game taking place or posted prior to any announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed.


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