That's what it's for. Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2019. My only complaint is that the plastic case the recorder comes in doesn’t stay snapped shut. Even the lowliest of its ‘H’ range delivers high-quality audio recordings with the ability to raise bit-rates far above CD quality – up to 24 bits per sample compared with CD’s 16, and sampling rates of 96kHz, compared with CD’s 44.1kHz. Before the H5 arrived, I had already downloaded the manual and had been studying the functions so that I would be familiar with the buttons and recording process upon arrival and - combined with the information from the many online reviews and instructions - was prepared when the H5 showed up on my doorstep. Previously Zoom has mentioned a limit of 99 versions of any one track but even that generous limit seems to have been removed here. Music, nature, podcasts, film work, and anything your imagination can think of. This recorder is awesome. This function could save a career with an important recording! Four track recording will add real atmosphere to your productions. I'm really pleased. He was thrilled!! No magazine I‘ve ever written for would allow me to put this much information in a review. I upgraded to the Zoom H5 from my h4n which is a great upgrade and well worth it. Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2019, Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2018. The biggest difference is that the H5 adopts the H6’s system of swappable microphone capsules. We found that recordings gained from a better depth of ambience and, it seemed, a slightly lower noise floor. I love the design of the Zoom H5. The attached XY stereo mics are surprisingly good! Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Or I can work out the details of an idea and record multiple parts using my studio mics. Great unit. If you’re recording a live band simply set the Zoom to start recording automatically at a certain level threshold. But I also wouldn't hesitate to share a recording if I thought my playing was good enough. Easy to use and very compact. The gain dials are also easily accessible – the mike capsules have their own controls (the X-Y pair has a single stereo volume dial for the L-R channels), while the separate little gain dials for channels 1 and 2 sit below the display. The basic quality is also dramatically degraded. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Zoom really took their time to design the recorder. Sweetwater Sound (If in doubt as to who those are, use the ‘Find a Dealer’ resource on Dynamic Music’s website.) Bath This unit supports the SSH-6 stereo shotgun mic and that's what I love about it. If they have to do it with such fine equipment, so will you with the Zoom, or any other mobile recorder. I have a long history of recording, and have had the honor of recording in a high end studio as a newly signed artists long ago. There was a problem. I have developed a habit of researching my musical purchases prior to spending my hard-earned money. If you leave it in standby there are various ways to be even quicker. Plug in earphones, and hear everything being recorded real time, or play back. Thank you for your request. Gets the job done stereo is sick crystal clear to a pin drop. This is a useful bonus, given a four-channel USB interface might set you back most of this price on its own. There is also a new ‘mix-down’ function, where balance and level can be applied to each of the four tracks and a new stereo mix created inside the player itself. Most importantly, it sounds really great. There’s a range of audio input settings that can be applied – a compressor/limiter handy for voiceovers, a low-cut filter, phantom/plug-in power for microphones that need it. And hitherto the model numbering has been marvelously self-explanatory. When I first took the Zoom H5 out of the included hard shell case all I could say is "WOW" this thing feel fantastic in your hand. The batteries last a long time for me, but I don't have it running for long bouts. Haven't downloaded anything yet just plug it into amp and play to tracks I've recorded. This page works best with JavaScript. I was looking for a high quality stereo field recorder (for live programs that I present) as well as a secondary audio recorder as a backup for recording audio for a podcast that I'm preparing to produce. Don't let naysayers who record ants walking on the ground at three feet away discourage you. I also tried just turning up the gain without any mics plugged in and had the same noise results. Is it a match for much more expensive gear... probably not, but in the hands of anyone willing to work with it properly it will give you what you want. The Zoom H5 was a highly, favorably reviewed item and it seems to be all it was touted to be. The H5 fits my bill perfectly; I can be up and running and ready to record a fresh idea in basically under a minute. My experience was typical for me, I just had to take a day or two to find the sweet spots for this recorder, understand it a bit, and then do good work with it. The mics work well had to lower levels while recording. The menu navigation button is not nearly as hard to press in as some reviews on YouTube would have you believe. So, if you're in the market for a Zoom H5 or Zoom H6 for podcasting, I hope I've given you enough info to make the decision. Setup is simple and easy, menu is detailed and easy to follow. From power off you can be actively recording within five seconds. They gave it a slight curve to improve ergonomics compared to the standard square shape of most recorders. The included XY microphone has a great pickup of left and right interdependently. Does everything it's suppose to do without being a pain to use. When I write, so often I will do something that I am so glad I recorded as I just forgot what I did a second later. The recordings I get thus far are of very fine quality, quiet, and totally usable in any kind of work you can muster up. I use Rode NTG-3 shotguns, Sennheiser ew100 wireless lapel and also use the xy or shotgun attachment for kind of a pseudo backup (if the h5 goes down you have nothing which happened recently due to some faulty batteries that were brand new so I now run with rode on camera shotguns as another back up and my h4n sometimes. I also liked the H5 because of the other capsules that you can interchange. One highly recommendable option is that you can set the Zoom to make a ‘back-up’ copy of every recording, which will be made at a level 12dB lower than your main recording. In the case you get that magic take you want to use for a record you will have it in CD quality. I don't do anything complicated, but this was super easy to use right out of the box. I"ll be purchasing additional microphone module options as well. These are fine for microphones or line-level inputs (mixers, keyboards etc. We will often set it up to record our weekly practice sessions, especially when adding something new. Just started exploring the H5. HIGHLY recommended!! There's just not enough space available. Clever stuff! As with the H6 you can play back recordings while overdubbing onto any unused tracks, and you can keep on overdubbing. Lots of flexibility. I plug my guitar in one channel and a dynamic mic in the other. The quality of the mics along with the high SPL handling made it a must in my use. I"m not talking about the xy mics on the h5. I've also started experimenting with it as an audio interface for my Zoom Q4 camera and it works superbly there as well. And you can couple this with its ‘pre-recording’ function, where it will constantly capture the input signal while in standby, so your recording will start two seconds before you press the record button (or before it automatically triggers). Otherwise, it's a great unit that will meet my needs for some time. I was surprised there is no AC adapter. BA1 1UA. I"m using it for film-making as well. We tried it with ProTools, which is now much friendlier to non-Digidesign interfaces than of old, and the H5 appeared in its Playback Engine and offered its four inputs separately or as stereo pairs straight into the program. Best audio recorders for filmmaking and video production It SW has the ability to do the dividing of a long file into individual files of one song and then rendering it as an MP3 so I was going to do it that way. I needed a quality, mobile recorder that offered XLR connections. Sturdy. Questions about the Zoom H5 4-channel Handy Recorder. you can use USB port and connect it with to computer or notebook instead of putting battery, so.... though it's good recorder in general, you gotta know the battery life isn't good. You can change the speed or pitch of recordings in the Zoom itself; there’s a metronome and even a built-in guitar/bass tuner. I didn"t expect much from them and they"re pretty good for what they are. Ok, so we have the Zoom H5 which was made for the purpose of mobility allowing fine recordings of just about anything you want to record. The quality is close to my recordings with my condenser microphones. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. But as small and compact and 'handy' as this is you get a lot of bang for the buck, for sure. Live and learn. It only took a few minutes to unpack and begin using the H5 and I have not been disappointed! In our experience with Zoom’s recorders, we’ve always previously taken out the SD card and transferred files over to the computer.


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