Zoom H2n. vs. vs. 24 facts in comparison. It has 5 built-in microphones and so it has 4 recording modes. 76 points. Simply put, the H2N is about $100 cheaper than the H4N ($179.99 and $269.99 respectively, after rebate). The Zoom H2n adds in extra features that makes it better than the H1 for recording music performances and even sound for video. 14.22% less body volume 72 points. Home > Voice recorder comparison > Zoom H2n vs Zoom H4n. Why is Zoom H2n better than Zoom H4n? 00 $ 229. The Price. Zoom H2n. Zoom H4n $ 169. Comparison winner. These include X/Y like the H1, as well as mid-side, 2-channel surround sound, and 4 … 99. Zoom H2n vs Zoom H4n. Zoom H4n. If there had to be a winner, well, clearly, less means more in this case, but if we’re speaking in terms of what you get for the price, read on because the choice isn’t as clear cut as the cheaper option.


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