Your email address will not be published. The way I like to use it is by adding just a little, an almost unnoticeable amount. On the side of the device, toggle and hold the PLAY switch to the up position. But we are talking about recording guitar plus some vocals. This will get you the best sound quality possible. How to record VOCALS and GUITAR using only the ZOOM H2n. So, you’ve been wondering how to get the most out of your Zoom H2n right? The Zoom H2n can record both in WAV and MP3 formats. Do not make the mistake of facing the LCD screen toward the narrator! I would definitely consider a wired lav or shotgun mic plugged into the H2N. You’ll have the options of OFF, CONCERT, SOLO, and MEETING. One important thing to note is that, when recording Guitar and Vocals on the Zoom H2n, you want your voice to be the main feature of the song, not the guitar. If there’s a physical gain switch on the body, that setting will affect where you set the levels. The accessory kit also includes a handle that threads onto the bottom of the H2n and slides into a standard microphone stand clip. This means, since the microphones inside the H2n have a 90-degree pattern, one will face towards the body of the guitar, while the other one will be facing the neck, effectively picking up every possible sound. Setting the gain basically means, how sensitive you want the microphones to be…the higher the gain, the more sound they will pick up. You don’t want the gain too high, otherwise you will get digital distortion, also known as clipping, which believe me…you don’t want. Try different level settings on the recorder and see the bars of the recorder while it’s kept still. This configuration helps the recording have clear sound that is focused on the narrators voice. Within REC, set REC FORMAT to one of the following formats: Set COMP/LIMITER to “COMP2(VOCAL)”. Zoom H2n Settings Beer Tent. To learn more about the overall design and operation of the Zoom H2n, please visit the Zoom website or download the user manual. This is something I really enjoy doing. Bruce. One huge issue I have with this plugin, is not the plugin itself, but all the hoops they make you jump through to be able to use it. If positioned correctly, the arrow on the top dial and the red LED by MS will be pointing toward the narrator. Not every voice is the same and not every song requires the same power. The reverb I use Is one that came with Cubase. If the extra microphones are not turned off, sounds from all directions will be captured with equal strength. No one wants to see a video where the microphone is covering up what you are doing! The whole point of this Website is to help you and others learn more about how to produce music, especially from home. I only use WAV, since it will give me the best sound quality. Ok, so now you have chosen the polar pattern, set the gain properly and decided which file format you are going to use. So now the question is, how do we angle the Zoom H2n to emulate this as closely as possible, just like they do for studio recordings. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I would worry more about setting the gain properly. Discuss: Zoom H2n Sign in to comment. 1; 2; 3 ; Advertisement. Either way, when you press record the first time and the light blinks you can set the levels with the left and right buttons, then press record again to start recording. It makes good recordings, but I haven't used it in a long time. Be careful here. why don’t you mention Linux as an alternative? See you on the next one! I placed it about 50cm away from the guitar. The Zoom H2n is an excellent portable recording device for field and studio recording applications. Play around with them and see which one feels the best to you. Doesn’t matter how well you record your songs / tracks, there are always some extra steps that you can take in the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to improve its sound quality. The 4-channel surround: This configuration also combines all five microphones but creates two separate stereo tracks, one with the two front mics (the XY ones) and another track with the back ones (MS). Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. I have an OG Zoom H2. For years now I've been interested in music production. It’s not as simple as just downloading and installing it like the Klanghelm Compressor. You could hear a little distortion or whatever the correct term for it is so I did some googling and tried changing a few settings and now recordings sound a bit dead. All the best products . The second way, which I normally don’t use but which can sound really nice is, placing the microphone parallel to the fretboard, basically on its side and again it should be at the same height as with the first example, facing the 12th fret and about two feet away from the guitar! We will be going over which pattern you should be using, as also the placement of the microphone, since both of these are the most important part. Now that you have recorded your songs perfectly, there’s still a couple of steps I can teach you to make them sound better… I promise these steps are easy and don’t take up much time and they will make a big difference. The enemy is background noise. Let’s face it, in todays music standards, we tend to listen to incredibly loud music. It should be pointing towards your mouth, even if you lowered it a bit. I just used the out of the box settings as I was only recording for myself. Next Page. Well, what you need to do is place the microphone a bit lower and to the side, mid-way down the neck of the guitar and facing towards your right shoulder (if you are playing right handed guitar, if you are a lefty… just face it towards the left shoulder). That’s why I love both of these plugins. AFTER that, I know… super annoying, you download the gobbler app and install the plugin, now you can finally use it! I feel like I’m not getting good audio when recording vocals with my H2n. © 2020 Platform 127 is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Using a pop filter or wind screen is a good idea because it protects the microphone from strong blasts of air that can make bad sounds in the recording. Hi Facundo, your posts are extremely helpfull, thanks! WAV 48kHz/16bit (best quality for recording and editing audio; larger file size), MP3 128kbps (acceptable quality for recording audio; standard for audio distribution; smaller file size). I've had one of these for a while. This will help avoid too much bass in the recording. I’m trying to figure out whether I should make changes to my hardware, my recording technique and/or the way I process them. This means that you want your voice to be heard just a bit more and usually, especially while strumming, the guitar will tend to be a bit louder. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, Simple Recording Kit for Laptop Computers. Sometimes EQ is not really needed, but it’s not the usual case. I used an H2 for a while and now use H4n Pro, not sure which the current H2n is more similar to. Just don’t go overboard with the saturation, if it starts sounding distorted, dial it back down a bit. The MS position: The microphone elements are stacked on top of each other, one facing to the back on the H2N and the other two to the sides. In regard to quality, versatility and affordability of recording devices, the Zoom H2n is perhaps the best value available today. Basically, try and get the gain as high as possible, without ever clipping it! First and foremost, this microphone is great for recording acoustic guitars, since the XY pattern configuration is basically the same pattern that recording engineers use in the studio, but with two pencil condenser microphones. I think I’ve set my levels on the lower side. The 1 microphone that remains on will detect sound from one direction in the same way as a high quality, voice narration studio microphone. Of course, it all depends on how loud you plan on singing. Note: The Zoom H2n has 5 small microphones inside that can be used in 4 possible configurations for sensing sound. You can switch between these configurations through rotating the knob on the top. It is simple to use and designed to work as a stand alone recorder or as an audio interface for direct recording to a computer. It is …, Many media creators are interested the benefits of having a simple recording kit. This type of application is the subject of this guide sheet. It has four positions: The XY position; Which only records from the front, using two microphones that are in an XY configuration. So, the best thing we can do is try and emulate that, by using certain plugins. You shouldn’t be able to hear it unless you are really focusing on it. Try them both out and see which one you like the most. Hey Richard, thanks for commenting. An accessory kit is available that includes many useful items for audio or video projects. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The general discussion forum, and the place to start a new "beer-tent-like", Send a private message to JeremyKingsbury, Send a private message to William McKenzie, My Piping Blog (recordings, articles, reviews, etc. It has a wide pickup range.


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