United States Senate. While Yuma County collects a median of 0.50% of a property's each year as property tax, the actual amount of property tax collected is lower compared to the rest of Colorado. Washington-Yuma County Combined Communications Center, Yuma County Office of Emergency Management. Yuma County Historical Societies, Genealogical Societies, Libraries, Museums Yuma Area Genealogical Society , PO Box 454, Yuma, CO 80759 Wray Library, 621 Blake St., Wray, CO … At the death of one co-owner, the surviving co-owner becomes sole owner of the property. Transfer of ownership requires documents appointing a personal representative for the decedent. Valid foreign passport with I-94 or valid Processed For I551 stamps; No: B1,B2, WT,WB, CP, or NC status. Elected to Congress in 2014, Ken Buck currently represents Colorado's 4th Congressional District. For some properties, you can easily find the most recent tax assessment by looking up the property address with our property records search. If there is a lien – need current registration and lien holder name and address. Here's how Yuma County's property tax compares to the 3,142 other counties nationwide: To see how Colorado as a whole compares to the rest of the states, check our our interactive state-by-state property tax map. Now accepting check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. Sales tax receipt – if vehicle was not purchased in Yuma County, county and city sales tax will be collected, if applicable. If transferring plates, need to have them and the registration. Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship (DR2460), Any Colorado Driver License or Colorado Identification Card expired less than 1 year, Out of state issued photo driver license or photo identification card expired less than 1 year. 970-848-2336 970-848-2338 (fax) The Yuma County Motor Vehicle Department is responsible for vehicle registration, titling and issuing of license plates. Jerry Sonnenberg is a Farmer/Rancher by trade and currently represents Colorado's 1st State Senate District. At the death of one co-owner, the deceased share of the property goes to his/her estate and is to be divided according to his/her will of the law in the absence of a will. To compare county tax rates with an interactive color-coded map, see our Colorado property tax map. If you need to pay your property tax bill, ask about a property tax assessment, look up the Yuma County property tax due date, or find property tax records, visit the Yuma County Tax Assessor's page. If the named person or persons is unable to come into the office a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required for the person coming into the office to be able to complete the transaction. Abolish ICE and the other associated groups are the same organizations responsible for unlawfully desecrating an American flag and raising a Mexican flag outside the Aurora ICE facility... Elected to the US Senate in 2014, Cory Gardner hails from Yuma County & has been serving Colorado since 2011. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,369 square miles (6,140 km 2), of which 2,364 square miles (6,120 km 2) is land and 4.3 square miles (11 km 2) (0.2%) is water.. In State Purchase from Dealer with Lien Paperwork might be in ‘hold’ box or on computer. The median property tax (also known as real estate tax) in Yuma County is $584.00 per year, based on a median home value of $116,200.00 and a median effective property tax rate of 0.50% of property value. We have real estate tax tax information for a total of sixty-four Colorado counties in addition to Yuma County. OFFICE LINE 970.332.4805 EMERGENCY Dial 911 OFFICE HOURS 8:00am - 4:00pm Phone: 970-332-5809 Fax: 970-332-5919 Motor Vehicle: 970-332-5897 yumacountyclerk@co.yuma.co.us Like us on Facebook Joint Tenancy with rights of Survivorship is defined as: A form of legal co-ownership of property (also known as survivorship). Beginning June 1st, 2006 Secure and Verifiable Identification is required to obtain a new Colorado title, transfer of a title, a new handicap placard, a new registration, or a temporary permit. If not, you need the following: Secure odometer disclosure if not signed on the title/MSO and a written and hand printed signature from the seller and the buyer on the Colorado dealer bill of sale or the title/MSO, Need to collect state, city (if applies) and county taxes, If title is from out of state, a VIN inspection will be required. Located on the Northeastern Colorado Plains with Nebraska and Kansas at its border, Yuma County has an area of approximately 2,379 square miles. GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Recently Abolish ICE Denver, Denver Communists, and Denver Action Network announced they were planning a protest near the home of the Aurora ICE Processing Center’s Warden, Johnny Choate. (Example: If your plates expire in February, you have until the last working day in March to renew your plates.). Yuma is a beautiful, growing community of over 3,500 residents, located in the northeast corner of Colorado, about 40 miles from both the Nebraska and Kansas borders. Of the sixty-four counties in Colorado, Yuma County is ranked 51st by median property taxes, and 29th by median tax as percentage of home value.


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